Breezy VoxBox Review (NOT NAIL RELATED)

Note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes!


Hola friends! I decided to make a post about my most recent VoxBox because it had some interesting products in it and because it does include a foot cream, which is kind of nail-related. All together, I received:

  • Profoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream
  • Origins A Perfect World SPF 40 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea
  • Origins A Perfect World Age-Defense Eye Cream with SPF 20
  • Sour Punch Bites Ragin’ Reds
  • Sour Punch Straws Pineapple Mango Chili
  • Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  • Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect Hair & Scalp Conditioner
  • Nair Wax Ready-Strips

Below I will go into detail about each, but I wanted to let you know what all is involved upfront so you can decide whether you want to read further or not. I tried to be as brief as possible in my reviews without compromising on info. I tend to ramble on a lot, trying to cute back on that a little to improve my writing!

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Hand & Nail Empties: January – June 2017

Nail Empties 2017

I have always loved reading/watching other people’s  empties posts. After finishing a product, especially a full-size product, you really have a sense of how the stuff works and, perhaps more importantly, how it works over time. Since I have not really talked about hand and nail care here before, I decided this would be the way I do it. I know that there are a few things I forgot to save for this post, like empty bottles of my standard nail polish remover, and some things that are missing, like the empty tin of the cuticle balm I make myself, but other than that this is a fairly complete list.

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Chameleon Colour Collection by Rita Ora: My Picks (Part 1)

Rimmel Chameleon Colour

(Yikes, that’s a heck of a title, isn’t it?) I always love writing blog posts and I always love swatching for them, but sometimes I get a little extra excited and giddy about what I have to show you. This is one of those times, because Rimmel’s little polishes occupy a big spot in my heart. To be honest, I do not know exactly why. Their 60 Second line tends to have thinner formulas and colors that are probably dupable. But the bottles and names are so adorable! I seriously regret not picking up Loosey Goosey Dancin when I was in the UK (yes – I even had the bottle IN MY HAND and decided that I didn’t need it. Stupid past me, of course I needed it!). The name alone… anyway, I was randomly browsing a few months ago and saw that Rimmel had dropped a new nail polish collection. Rimmel polishes seem to have disappeared from the US so I paid about £21 for shipping to grab a few of these new colors (and a few older ones, too, but those are for another time).

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First Impressions: Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock Base and Top Coat

Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock

When I first got into nail polish many years ago, I bought myself a bottle of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat. It worked okay for the first couple uses, but eventually it started to really suck as a top coat; the dry time was horrendous and I would often end up ditching a manicure the day after putting it on. That experience pretty much turned me off of two-in-one polish treatments forever. Flash forward to last Christmas, when I received the Deborah Lippmann Her Majesty gift set. It included a little bottle of their Hard Rock Base and Top Coat. I was surprised to see a primo brand like Deborah Lippmann carrying a two-in-one type product, especially for a $20 price tag for the full-size bottle. I have been both skeptical of and intrigued by this treatment that has been sitting on my desk for months. I finally decided I would give it a go and use it as intended, as a base and top coat for one of my manicures, with the hopes that it would change my opinion on two-in-one treatments.

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My Collection: Cruelty-Free


My dog, Annie :]

I wish I had more morals and ethics when it came to nail polish. When buying other beauty products, I obsessively check labels and research ingredients because I like knowing these things. But when it comes to nail polish, I often knowingly buy from brands that are known to animal test and honestly do not care if the label says “5-free.” If it is a pretty color, my money is gone. In an effort to be more aware about where my money is going, I decided to go through my stash and, using Logical Harmony’s cruelty-free brand list, check out which polishes I have that are actually cruelty-free. I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the brands that popped up on the list, so I decided to share it with you! There is nothing wrong with being a more informed consumer, right?

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First Impressions: Miss Sporty Clubbing Color

Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty 160, 2 coats plus Seche Vite

I am still catching up with all the polish I bought last July in the UK! But I’m sure you are okay with that, as it spreads out the first impressions blog posts; I would not want to end up in a situation where I have five of these in a row, especially because I have SO MANY other blog posts planned for you guys! But I will admit, this is my favorite little series here because it gives me an excuse to keep trying out new nail polishes :] Today I am going to talk about a cute little bottle of Miss Sporty Clubbing Color nail polish that I grabbed a Superdrug. These teeny bottles of polishes came in a variety of fun, summery colors and of course I chose the one that was the most green. They claim a high-shine finish and and dry time of less than a minute!

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Know Your Nail Polish: Cadillacquer

Cadillacquer Know Your Nail Polish

An obscenely long time ago (okay, earlier this year, but still several months) the wonderful Stashy asked if I could do a blog post on Cadillacquer. I think I might have gushed about Cadillacquer a bit in my Valentine’s Day polish post and, at every chance I get, I make sure people know that they are my favorite indie polish maker. But, until today, I have never dedicated a blog post to them. To be honest, they deserve more than this mere blog post. Give Cadillacquer all the awards and statues, buildings, and airports named after them. Seriously. Madeleine is one of the hardest workers in the polish world and some of the color combos that come from her brain are so unexpected but jaw-droppingly beautiful. Not to mention the formulas. I dare you to find a Cadillacquer polish that is difficult to work with. I own two full collections and so far, not a dud in any of them! Cadillacquer also somehow manages to make me like polishes and colors I would not normally go for, like taupes and corals.

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