Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic: Swatch & Review

Note: I was sent this polish in exchange for swatches and my honest opinion.


Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic, 2 coats plus top coat

It is always an exciting day when you get to try out a new nail polish, right? I was super pumped (and still am, to be honest, have not gotten over this) to be asked by Tahitian Sun polish to swatch and review one of their polishes! Like, woah!!! I just feel incredibly honored to be asked to do such a thing and I jumped at the chance. They were even kind enough to ask what colors I prefer, and if you have been following me anywhere for a while, you know that blue is one easy way to my heart. Read on to see my experience with this new-to-me polish maker and to find out a little bit more about them!

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a-england To Emily Brontë: Swatch & Review


If you have been following this blog from quite early on, you will remember that I fell in love with a-england polish via the gorgeous Saint George. You want to know something? Before I had even slapped that beauty on my nails and marveled at its depth and complexity, I had already made my second a-england purchase: the To Emily Brontë collection. I had a feeling that I was going to love a-england and Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books of all time; I had a yearning in my soul for this collection. It was meant for me. It came out some time in 2015, but since you can still get the entire collection (I love that about a-england, none of this limited edition stuff), and since I actually have the entire collection, I thought I would show it off to you. Because if you like Wuthering Heights, brilliant, complex, moody colors, or just good nail polish in general, you need it. I hate saying that you “need” a collection, but really. They are so spectacular and wonderful that I would feel guilty if I did not tell you these polishes deserve to be in your collection and on your nails. Do yourself a favor and read on.

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First Impressions: Fair Maiden Polish


Fair Maiden Snake Charmer, 2-3 coats plus top coat

Hello friends, it is once again time for me to share an experience with a new-to-me brand. This week I am talking about Fair Maiden Polish! It has been some slow going getting this post up. I first bought this polish in the spring of 2016, then it sat prettily in my stash itching to get on my nails until fall of the same year. Only now is it seeing the light of day on this blog! Oops.

I have been intrigued by Fair Maiden polish for awhile; the name “Fair Maiden” grabs my attention because it sounds medieval-y (I am a medieval history nut) and they have a really good reputation on a lot of blogs that I read. So I grabbed this beautiful green, Snake Charmer, when I was putting in an order at Color4Nails to see the quality for myself. Read on to see my experience!

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Post-Holiday Winter Color Palette (Butter London edition)

Winter nail polish collection releases seem to disproportionately focus on the holidays. But the holidays are only a small part of winter, whose chilly weather and overcast skies we still get to enjoy for a few more months (well, enjoy if you’re weird like me). I want to share some of my favorite colors to wear during the winter after the holidays. I decided to pull polishes from my Butter London collection to exemplify the types of polishes I will be rocking in January, February, and for a bit of March. Butter London does not strike me as particularly wintery or anything, I just happen to have a lot of Butter Londons that fit my theme!

All swatches are shown over Zoya Get Even base coat and are topped with Seche Vite.


Butter London Fiver, 3 coats

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The Christmas Tag

I saw Hot Flair Balloon do this and thought it would be a good post to have up on Christmas day! I did not want to do any kind of serious polish post because I’m hoping you all are with your families eating a lot of good food. But I also did not want to lose my streak of blogging every Sunday (especially as I missed last week), so here we go!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

The animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas, it always warms my heart and I find the music very fun, too!


(image via IMDb)

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Simple Winter Layered Glitter Mani


Essie Virgin Snow, 2 coats; China Glaze Fairy Dust, 1 coat; Boots No7 Snow Wash, 1 coat plus top coat

I love nail art in theory, but I rarely have the patience for it. Around the holidays, I want to wear fun manis but I also want to put out as little effort in achieving those as possible. For Halloween, I came up with a layered glitter look that, upon looking through my nail polish stash, I found would translate well for Christmas too! The formula is simple: a cream base + a holographic silver glitter + a chunkier matte glitter. You can use this formula for any time of the year; I find that sandwiching a holographic glitter such as China Glaze Fairy Dust in between a chunkier glitter and your base adds an extra touch of magic that really elevates your mani without going too over the top and glitter crazy (not that there’s anything wrong with going glitter crazy).

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My Indie Gift Guide Part 2: Palate Polish


 Today I have part 2 (which is the final part) of my little indie polish gift guide. In case you missed last week’s post, you can catch up here. This week I am sharing Palate Polish with you all. I tried Palate Polish for the first time this year and decided it should appear in my gift guide instead of just a standard review post, because it is that amazing and close to my heart! Three things to love about it: 1) Made in my home state of Oregon! 2) Each polish is inspired by and named after food. 3) The cream formula is INCREDIBLE. Seriously guys. If you buy any of this for your polish friends, buy two of everything so  you do not have to resist keeping the gift for yourself. Read on for my review to see these bottles of goodness in action!

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