OPI Mexico City VoxBox

*Influenster sent me all products pictured complimentary for review purposes. Writing a blog post was not a required part or any part of the campaign.*


Most people are putting out more content during these can’t leave your house times, but me? Nah bro, I ain’t about doing what everyone else is doing! Just kidding, the real reason I have not put up a blog post for weeks is that I had to rush to get the bare minimum stuff done for Influenster for this campaign because I got everything I needed only five days before it was all over, yikes. I also am still going to work and working full time (I work a local government job and we JUST got remote access on Thursday so we are still trying to figure out how that will work with us still having to serve the public) and when I get home in the evening after eating and doing whatever cleaning needs to be done, I spend way too much time watching commentary YouTube to distract myself (Kurtis Conner has been my main jam lately). Thankfully, I also have nail polish to distract me through all this craziness too. I do not have to do a blog post for the Influenster Mexico City box, but I thought I might as well because I tested everything they sent me. The box (actually it all came in two boxes) had pretty much everything I use for a full mani minus the cotton rounds and cuticle pusher! We will take a look at the two polishes first, Don’t Tell a Sol and Verde Nice to Meet You, then we’ll move on to the other goodness.

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First Impressions: MUA Nail Polish


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a first impressions post. I mean, my last one was in April 2019, yikes! And I was going to pretend like I had not missed a few weeks of blogging, but on review that seems like a crappy thing to do. I intentionally took the weekend of February 16th off because it was a holiday weekend for me and I wanted to enjoy hanging out with my family! But there is no real excuse for the past couple weekends, my brain just turned off and forgot about the blog, I guess. But all that aside, today we are going to look at the last polish I got from the UK that I have yet to wear: MUA (MakeUp Academy) Plum Noir. To be honest, I finished going through all those polishes ages ago, I do not know how this one kept getting put off. It has been so long that I’m pretty sure MUA does not even sell polish anymore. Oops. I am sharing with y’all anyway since I unexpectedly loved wearing this color, it felt just right in the early days of February when I had it on.

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Cadillacquer Gentleman Of Crime


Remember that series I started last year where I share reviews of individual polishes I wore from my favorite brands? And by series, I mean the one post I did? 😛 Of course you do, because you are super cool and have been eagerly anticipating the next installment, right? Okay, enough with the self-depreciation and sarcasm. Today we are going to add to what will hopefully be a more successful series on my blog this year and take a deep dive look at another Cadillacquer polish. Cadillacquer is not the only favorite brand I have, but damn, they are good! Also, I swear I don’t only wear Cadillacquer’s crellies, it just so happens that this post features another one. Before we get into the review, you need to know that there’s going to be a new hand pose. I bought a mini ring light and honestly cannot figure out any other way to position my hand as of yet when using it, so we’re going to have to muddle through some awkwardness on my new journey as I figure out best how to use the thing!

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MDJ Creations A Quantum World: Swatch & Review


It’s my first normal review post of 2020, replete with more pictures than you’ll ever need, and for me this is a special one. I have worked with Melissa of MDJ Creations before and when she reached out and offered to send me her most recent collection, A Quantum World, I was all over that! MDJ Creations is an indie brand that has been around for quite a while and they are one of the few indies that do not release a million collections a year, which I appreciate! I also love that her collections tend to stick around. Of course, the most important thing is the quality. Melissa is not afraid to play with a variety of finishes and she always nails it. A Quantum World features gold flakies, colorful circle glitters (I love when she uses these, see my recent swatch of the old Music of the Night), and lots of holo!

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Linear & Flakie Holo Taco Comparisons


I’m sure at this point there are about a million swatches of the Holo Taco launch collection out there so I thought I would switch it up. As a fan of Cristine I knew I wanted the launch collection (was really jonesing for the flakie top coat and the one coat black) but I also was curious about how they stack up to the holo toppers I already own! For those of you who don’t know about Holo Taco, it was launched by YouTuber Simply Nailogical in late 2019. The launch collection consisted of 3 different holo tacos (holo top coats): linear, flakie, and scattered, as well as a royal blue and one-coat black polish. The toppers were of course the stars of the show, but are maybe not the most wildly unique concepts. After all, there are plenty of holographic top coats out there. We are specifically going to look at Scattered Holo Taco and compare it to the cult favorite China Glaze Fairy Dust and we’ll compare Linear Holo Taco to Starrily Eclipse, a fairly popular linear holographic top coat.

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Hand & Nail Empties: October-December 2019


I feel like I just did one of these posts… because I did, I posted my last one so late! Thanks for hanging in there with me, this should be the last 2019 wrap-up post I have to share and then we will be on to some more “normal” reviews. I did not use up as many products this time around, but there is some good stuff in here. These are my last empties of 2019.

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19 Favorite Nail Polishes from 2019


Feel free to cringe, all you graphic designers. I threw this together in five minutes like all the professionals do. The background is a picture of a bunch of nail peelies from this year. I did throw them away after this, but you better believe I will be collecting my peelies for 2020, too!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I took about a week and a half off of work to go visit and stay with my family, which was totally awesome! We are going to start the new year by wrapping up last year. Today I am going to share nineteen of my favorite polishes from last year (I was going to do 20, but 19 for 2019 is catchier, right?) and then next week we will look at the last empties of the quarter. After that it’s back to swatches!

I decided to break down my favorites into two categories of polishes I “discovered” in 2019: favorites new to market and favorites new to me. I chose nine new to market polishes as favorites (because I wore less of those) and ten new to me polishes.

Favorite Polishes New to Market:

Favorite Polishes New to Me:

Just for fun, let’s do a color analysis! Of my favorites, I chose:

  • 7 blues
  • 5 greens
  • 2 that are multicolored and I can’t really categorize
  • 2 toppers
  • 1 blue-green
  • 1 glitterbomb
  • 1 white crelly

I’m sure if you’ve been with more for any length of time, those top two colors will not surprise you! I am a blue and green-aholic. No orange made it, which is quite surprising!

In 2020, I will be continuing my personal no buy, untried challenge that I began last year. Every other month, starting January, will be a no-buy month and I can only wear untried polishes. If I am layering, only one of the polishes has to be untried during those months. The no-buy is a strict no-buy; I made exceptions for Polish Pickup last year, but that is not happening this year no matter how much it kills me!

What were some of your favorites this year? Have any sort of polish-related goals?

xx, Ashley