Butter London + Pantone 2018 Nail Lacquers Swatch & Review


Butter London and Pantone have become the best of friends over the past couple years and I believe we are all the better for it. I love any reason for Butter London to give us a new collection, and when it is a collection consisting entirely of purples, sign me the hell up! I am known to favor blues and greens, but purples (also in the cool-toned family) are also a favorite of mine. Purple used to be my ultimate favorite color. I had a purple backpack, purple TI-84 calculator, a collection of purple pens, numerous purple scarves, and my first favorite nail polish was a purple from Sinful Colors. I think it was called Noel or Noelle. I wish I still had it. No need to dwell over lost purple polishes, though, when we could be looking at the six new purples Butter London has graced our nails with this year. I have them all for you, so sit down, turn on some Prince to get yourself in the mood, and let’s go!

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Hand & Nail Empties: July-December 2017


I hope you all are surviving post-holiday winter! It has gotten a bit wetter here so my hands are finally not cracking open every time I bend a knuckle. I’m not going to lie, I accidentally got blood on many things during December because this kept happening without my noticing. I don’t think any of these things were important. If they were, someone is in for a shock!

Since you all seemed to like my first empties post, I’ve decided to make it a thing! Today’s second installment covers things I used up during the second half of 2017. Weirdly, there are no top or base coats in here. I have a couple that are on the brink of being dead, but as a cheapskate I have to use them until it is truly impossible to get any more out. There is only one repeat from last time, and it is something you will probably be seeing in future installments as well!

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A Year of Polish… Here’s to Another!


Another year… New Year’s does not hold too much significance for me, but I thought that on this New Year’s Eve, I would to take a moment to reflect on my favorite polishes of 2017! First, I’ll start out with my favorite polishes that were released in 2017 and then we’ll look at my favorites that I discovered/wore for the first time in 2017. There are a lot more of those, as I am super behind on wearing all my polishes! The post should not be too wordy today, mostly lists and links.

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Covergirl Peacock VoxBox Review

Note: I received the products in this post complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes!


We are going to take a little break from nail polish to talk about the fourth (possibly fifth?) VoxBox I have ever received: the Covergirl Peacock VoxBox. Once again, no nail polish. Do I need to start restricting myself to only reviewing nail-related things on that site? My first VoxBox got the whole nail-obsession thing down, but not a polish since then. Oh well, because this time around I got to review mascara, the only makeup item besides nail polish that I use on a regular basis!

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Butter London Cashmere Crèmes: Swatch & Review


So, I just discovered something REALLY STUPID. I bought this lovely set of Butter London Patent Shine 10X lacquers earlier this fall and, since it is a beautifully packaged gift set, I decided to sit on swatching it until closer to Christmas. As I was finishing up putting this post together, I went to Butter London’s site to link the set and… nothing! They don’t have it for sale anymore and neither does Nordstrom. What poop! You would think it would stick around a little bit longer, wouldn’t you? The set contains several neutral shades as well as some fun yet very wearable colors. The perfect nail polish gift? I would think so, but clearly Butter London and I are not on the same page. Obviously I am still deciding to post my review anyway, but just wanted you to know upfront that you may not be able to find this set anywhere. Which is a cryin’ shame because this set is Butter London at its best.

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Fall Favorites: Essie Dressed to the Nineties


Essie Dressed to the Nineties, 2 coats plus NYC Shine in a Minute Grand Central Station

This will be my last fall post of the year *waterfall of tears*. Except… I’m not really THAT sad because Christmas is my favorite holiday. Now that US Thanksgiving is over I am in full Christmas mode! Christmas music playing 24/7? Check! Every surface of my living space covered in festive penguins? Checkity check. The most cheerful, happy, warm feeling I am going to ever have this winter? CHECK!!! I’m now going to take a moment to reflect and look back fondly upon fall 2017 (which we are still technically in… the winter solstice isn’t until the 21st of December). This year gave us some awesome new nail polish releases like Essie Dressed to the Nineties. Essie’s fall collection had some interesting shades; I picked up As If! and Girly Grunge too, but I opted to wear Nineties because it is so interesting. It is a deep purple (but NOT black) with a dusting of turquoise, greenish shimmer and I enjoyed having it on my digits.

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First Impressions: Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects


Collection Peacock, 2 coats plus Seche Vite

Hello friends, and welcome to another episode of how in the heckin’ heck do you hold this dadgam bottle. Seriously, do not pay attention to the way I am holding the bottle picture-to-picture because the inconsistency is truly astounding. I am not going to blame Collection for that, though, because this polish is stunning. This is my first (and only) Collection polish and I really wish I had picked up more. Maybe none of the other colors are this amazing. Definitely not true, Cosmic Stars and Touch of Glamour look b-e-a-utiful! I think this is the second blue-green polish called Peacock that I picked up while in the UK and it’s definitely my favorite of the two (no offense to Seventeen, I thoroughly enjoyed wearing that one). Pictures cannot accurately convey the beauty of this polish, but we’re going to look at some anyway.

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