Spring Has Sprung: Deborah Lippmann I Like It Like That


I always look forward to Deborah Lippmann’s new collections; they are one of the few higher-end brands that consistently releases polishes that are actually interesting. They do not shy away from crellies, cool glitter mixes, duochromes, contrasting shimmers, etc. The spring collection this year was a little lackluster for me, but I think that made today’s polish, I Like It Like That, stand out even more. It is a teal/purple duochrome shimmery metallic. It fits in with some of the other dreamy, ethereal shimmery polishes that have been found in other collections this spring (Essie’s Tiers of Joy comes to mind). I had a lot of fun wearing it and, yes, it is a compliment grabber. People notice it on your nails!

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OPI Tokyo Collection VoxBox

**All polishes, base coat, and top coat were sent to me complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own.**


Everyone makes mistakes. I think Influenster certainly did when they sent me this VoxBox! I remember taking a survey related to OPI and being super excited, hoping I would finally get something nail polish related (none of my VoxBoxes since my first one have had anything nail). When I got the box, I excitedly tore it open to find… gels? I have never used or even worn a gel polish in my life! I did not even have a light! And, apparently, OPI gels are not super readily available. OPI won’t even sell them to you on their website unless you have a pro account. I do not know what I did to make Influenster think I was the target audience for this, but I’m actually glad it happened. I have had a fear of gel polish and I hope this is the first tiny baby step towards conquering that fear.

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Spring has Sprung: China Glaze Hydrangea Dangea


China Glaze Hydrangea Dangea, 3 coats plus Seche Vite

Me and this polish got off on the wrong foot. I am the kind of person that likes to use thin coats, but not all polishes work like that. Polishes are like people; you need to get to know them first so you can see what makes them tick. When you’ve got such a gorgeous baby blue with a dash of periwinkle and a speckle of shimmer, I think there’s a lot of incentive there to make this relationship work. This is a blog post more about my own failure than about a bad polish; I wore it at three streaky coats and was surprised, after watching swatch videos where people were easily getting it perfect in two or three coats (their three coats look better than mine). This was going to be a lighthearted, typical Ashley post about a new spring polish, but instead is a story of how not to use China Glaze’s Hydrangea Dangea. Take warning from me, kids.

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First Impressions: Lime Crime


I have been, over the past week as I have prepared this post, a bit hesitant to put it out in the world for a couple reasons. Reason #1 is that Lime Crime does not actually sell polish anymore so you cannot get it easily. That made me feel a little bad until I stumbled upon Reason #2 which makes Reason #1 seem stupid. Reason #2 is that Lime Crime is a SERIOUSLY controversial brand. I really wish I had known that throughout all these years that I have lusted after their bright polishes in the cute unicorn bottles. Just Google it. I don’t even know where to begin with it, but just know that Lime Crime is not a great company and the point of this blog post is not to suggest here that you support them in any way. I just want to review an obsolete nail polish. Knowing what I know now, I don’t even feel bad that Lime Crime did not directly profit from this polish ending up in my hands (it was a gift and I am 99% sure the person who got it for me had to search a little far and wide to find it). If you like fun colors and looking at stuff that’s hard to find, read on! If you feel that Lime Crime should not be talked about in anything but a 100% negative light, then I get you. Go ahead and get yourself out of this blog post. There are plenty more you can feast your eyes on :] I chose, of the two Lime Crime polishes I own, to take Peaches & Cream for a test drive first.

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New at Target: tenoverten nail color


I cannot speak for all Targets, but my local Target has spruced up their nail section! A couple months ago, I was browsing and saw they now carry a selection of Ella + Mila, more shades of Piggy Paint, and a new Defy & Inspire line called Vita Fit. The new additions that jumped out at me the most, however, were the tenoverten polishes with their simple and elegant square bottles with a clean label. These are polishes I would love to see sitting on my non-existent vanity! I thought they were a bit spendy at $12 a piece, but I was drawn to some of the earthier colors and had never heard a single thing about this brand, so I decided to take a chance! I ended up with the shades cliff, liberty, and austin (yes, everything is lower case on the bottle, I’m not trying to be annoying). After doing some research, I learned that tenoverten was started by a salon in NYC and that you should definitely buy the polishes from Target because they retail for $18 on their website! The polishes are 8-free, intended to “promote stronger, healthier nails,” and are all named after streets in NYC. Cute! The color selection is not the most unique, but even I managed to find some shades that I probably don’t have exact dupes for. Probably.

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Hand & Nail Empties: January-March 2019

It’s already empties time for the first quarter of the year! Between being late on my last empties post and switching up the frequency of posting, this one really snuck up on me. I used a decent amount of products up in this time period. I think these posts are going to be a lot more digestible going forward – as much fun as it is to write about 20 products at once, I know that can be exhausting to read. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this short and sweet journey through the hand and nail care I was enjoying!

Part I: Hand & Nail Care


Baroness X Acetone Antidote in Cranberry Orange and Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator

I am continuing to love the Baroness X Acetone Antidotes! Removing my nail polish is doing less of a number on my skin and cuticles, which is especially important for me during the cold, dry winter. Cranberry Orange was a lovely scent, but it did get a little lost in the the scent that my nail polish remover already has.

I am not the kind of person that EVER buffs the surface of my nails, so why and how do I have a nail buffer in my empties? Well, friends, I received this in a little Deborah Lippmann gift set a year ago and I discovered that using #1 on the buffer really helps get rid of those little bits of nail that are sometimes left sticking out from the tip after filing (I pretty much never cut my nails – I continually file them down). I wore it out so much that I ended up getting another one!


Cuter Cuticles Mani Bomb in Cheshire Grin and MDJ Creations Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat

I got this set of two mani bombs by Cuter Cuticles from Polish Pickup last spring because they were a fun berry scent and had cute little Cheshire Cat grins on them. They proceeded to sit in my drawer of nail stuff for almost a year. Soaking my hands does not really appeal to me (they spend too much time in water) so I finally decided to use them for foot soaks instead! They worked perfectly, I enjoyed the sweet and tart fragrance and my feet got clean and soft. Score. I would get some mani bombs again, but not for my hands. It’s not going to happen.

I finished my bottle of MDJ Creations Smooth Finish Fast Dry top coat and the only reason I have not started another bottle yet is that I am testing out another top coat. This MDJ top coat is the best out there – way better than Seche Vite and that’s coming from a Seche Vite worshipper. It dries faster and does not require nearly as much thinner to keep it going as Seche Vite does. I want a life-time supply of this stuff!


Emz Blendz Jojoba & Avocado Body Lotion in Vanilla Chai and Baroness X Acetone Antidote in Pistachio Macaron

For a couple years now I have been carrying around a locally made lotion in my purse for dry hand emergencies. I find that a lot of small batch-type lotions have a thicker texture and work well as a hand cream substitute all year round. This Vanilla Chai lotion from Emz Blendz smells absolutely divine. I already have another bottle of it in my purse!

I used up another Baroness X Acetone Antidote, this time in Pistachio Macaron. It is a lovely gourmand scent, not to sweet but smells exactly like the pistachio macaron I ate a few weeks ago! It is the type of scent that goes well with nail polish remover, if that makes any sense.

Part II: Hand Soaps


Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Soap in Spiced Gingerbread Swirl and Gentle Exfoliating Hand Soap in Toasted Vanilla Chai

During the winter I cannot use foaming hand soaps; they dry my hands out too much! Spiced Gingerbread Swirl was a nice scent, not super sweet or overly spicy, but definitely smelled like the holidays. Toasted Vanilla Chai is one of my favorites, I reviewed the foaming version last post and found I still loved the scent this time around! Clearly I have a Vanilla Chai problem.


Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Clementine & Chamomile

I started this soap around the beginning of March when my hands finally went back semi-normal. It had a lovely sweet citrus smell. The chamomile note did not take center stage, which is good because the smell of chamomile by itself makes me feel nauseous. This was not Bath & Body Works’s most creative scent, but it was very pleasant.

I hope that was easier for you all to take! I will have my first ever skincare/bath & body/hair care empties post coming up, so watch for that. There will definitely be some more nail content before then, so be on the lookout! I have so many photos, just not enough time to edit and write posts.

Hope you all have been doing well! What’s the best product you have finished recently?

xx, Ashley

Indie Rock Meets Indie Polish: Pahlish The River Bride


You know when you see something and then have to read it about 12 times before you actually believe it? That is how I felt when I first saw the announcement of Pahlish’s River Bride collection. It is inspired by The Decemberists, an indie rock band formed in my own state of Oregon, which was my first WOAH WHAT?! moment. And not only that, it is specifically inspired by a song from their latest album called “Rusalka, Rusalka/Wild Rushes” which can best be described as an 8 minute psychedelic folk-rock inspired song with lyrics based on Russian mythology. That is seriously digging deep. The Decemberists have been in my life for a long time and not only do I find them musically appealing, but I love the story-telling quality most of their songs have. Their music feels old and new at the same time. The same can be said about this Pahlish collection. The base colors are muted classics with a twist: copious amounts of gold flakies! I sure love me some gold flakies and these polishes really deliver. Swatching this almost full collection (I did not buy the pink one) was my first experience with Pahlish and I hope not my last.

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