First Impressions: Lottie London


Lottie London Stand Out, 2 coats plus top coat

Hello everyone! For my first post, I want to discuss my first impression of Lottie London polish, a brand that is new to me. I picked up a bottle at Superdrug while I was in the UK during July. There were so many beautiful colors to choose from and I seriously struggled between a beautiful cerulean blue and this lovely, warm gold-to-green duochrome, Stand Out. Since I absolutely cannot resist gold-to-green polishes (they remind me of Ancient Egypt, one of my obsessions), I had to grab Stand Out. I realize that a metallic duochrome is perhaps not the best kind of polish to try out for an overall first impression of the brand, but this is what I got so this what we’re going to work with!

All of my pictures show Stand Out over Essie’s Ridge-filling base coat. I used Seche Vite as the top coat.


Lottie London Stand Out, 1 coat

This is how Stand Out looked after one coat. Like you would expect from a metallic, it was a bit brushstroke-y. The first coat covered pretty well, but was slightly too sheer to call it good (you may see some lighter patches toward the cuticle area in the photo). I was really impressed with the application of this polish! It was super easy to use and control. The brush is a wider brush (not as wide as OPI’s) and the bristles fan out so easily and perfectly. I am always wary of wider brushes because of my little nails, but I had no application issues at all.


Lottie London Stand Out, 2 coats

The second coat brought Stand Out completely opaque for me. I was more careful with my application this time to minimize brushstrokes and keep the finish looking as good as I could get it. The technique I learned for this (not sure where, I would credit if I could remember!) was to paint the sides of the nails first and then end with a straight, confident stroke down the center of the nail. I think I did okay here :]


Lottie London Stand Out, 2 coats plus top coat in direct sunlight

When I first put this polish on, I thought it was a straight-up metallic. I wandered outside to get a photo that showed off the richness and warmth of the gold and when the sunlight hit it, it sparkled a bit! It has a little foil sparkle in it, just beautiful.

Overall, I really love this polish! I was slightly surprised that it was so easy to work with. It practically applied itself, I felt like I was hardly putting out any effort (except with those brushstrokes, of course). If I ever go back to the UK, or if Lottie London becomes available in the US, I would not hesitate to pick up any color that catches my eye. I am happy to have this polish in my collection!

Have any of you ever tried Lottie London? If not, do you want to now? What do you think about duochromes? I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for spending a little of your time with me today :]

xx, Ashley

You can visit Lottie London’s website here. I found Stand Out at Superdrug.


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