First Impressions: a-england


a-england Saint George, 2 coats plus top coat

I have not tried many indie polish brands and I am on a quest to change that! Earlier this year I picked up a-england Saint George and only now have gotten around to wearing this beauty. Many things about a-england have intrigued me, most importantly their beautiful polishes but also the inspiration behind them. I love literature, classics, history, mythology, art… all things that have inspired various a-england collections! They are very consistently praised about their quality. All of these things lead to my purchase of this particular polish, which seems to be one of “the” a-england colors. I could not be happier with this polish and am already itching to try more. Read on to see why!

All of my swatches show Saint George over Essie’s Ridge-Filling base coat. I used Seche Vite as the top coat.


a-england Saint George, 1 coat

Saint George is a teal holographic. Look at this beauty after just one coat. It looks perfect, does it not? In person, there were still some lighter patches but I believe if you wanted this to be a one-coater, you could do it! The formula was really easy to control and the bristles of the skinny brush fanned out really well, making application a breeze.


a-england Saint George, 2 coats

Although this polish could be a one-coater, I like the look of it more with two! It has a little more depth to it. The teal is deep and rich (but nowhere near looking like black) and the holo not only gives it rainbows, but almost the appearance of having a lighter teal shift to it. It’s a gorgeous and complex color, you’ll want to stare at in in every lighting.


a-england Saint George, 2 coats plus top coat

On the third day of wearing this polish, the sun decided to come out so I could capture the holo better for you! Isn’t it just stunning? You can see what I mean by the holo giving it the appearance of having a lighter teal flash. I was completely mesmerized by it and spent way too much time just staring at my nails when I was outside.

Overall, I cannot recommend this polish enough! Yes, a-england may be a little higher-end priced at $11 a bottle, but if you’re in the US you can probably find a blogger who has a discount code for Color4Nails (plus if you’re in the continental US, you can get free shipping with an order of 4 items [no I’m not sponsored by Color4Nails, I just love them]). Saint George is a true champion and I am dying to try the other a-england polishes in my stash. Look for swatches of the To Emily Brontë collection in the coming months, more a-england love is going to happen here.

Let me know if you’ve tried a-england and what your favorites are (I’m just assuming if you’ve tried them, you’ve liked them)! I also would love to know which ones are on your wishlist :]

xx, Ashley

You can visit a-england on their website here. I purchased my bottle from Color4Nails.


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