China Glaze Seas and Greetings: Shell-ebration Time! minis swatch and review


Now that Halloween is officially over, it’s time to start thinking about my favorite time of the year: the holidays! China Glaze has offered up a super interesting collection based around the concept of the holiday season at the beach! I actually really like this concept – I know that all the other mainstream and indie brands are going to be pumping out the traditional holiday shades so it’s cool to sea (hehe) China Glaze doing something a little different, even if it doesn’t come across as particularly holiday-ish. I went ahead and picked up the set of six minis from the collection, which is called Shell-ebration Time! I need more polish like I need more seashells (those above are only an iota of my collection – oops) but these minis don’t take up that much room. Plus, I know you guys want another opinion on the collection and I’m happy to share mine! Let’s dive in, shell we? (Oh yeah, get ready for the puns!)

Today’s swatches are over Zoya Get Even base coat. My top coat of choice is Seche Vite.


China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry; 3 coats plus top coat

First up in this cute little collection we have… a light pink? Okay, China Glaze, the name is clever and all, but this doesn’t really say “holiday” or “beach” to me. But whatever, it’s here so I swatched it. This polish has that coppery, reddish shimmer that we’ve seen before in Pearl Jammin’ and in OPI Oh My Majesty! You cannot tell it’s there from my pictures sadly, but it definitely is. The shimmer here is not nearly as strong as one of the other polishes in the collection (you’ll sea it later – yes, I just made that pun AGAIN).


China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry; 1 coat

This polish goes on quite smoothly, but at one coat it is sheer and looks streaky. My notes say that the “shimmer is very prominent” but my lighting was not feelin’ it. Rude.


China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry; 2 coats

At two coats, this polish is getting somewhere. I was actually surprised how close to opacity it got with the second coat. You can safely use a thicker coat to try to build this one up; I had no issues with running. It is still a tad sheer and there are streaks here and there so it does need another coat.


China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry; 3 coats

Three coats gives you full opacity, though I imagine if you have a lot of free edge this polish might still be sheer enough for your nail line to be noticeable. My shorties were good with three, but I thought I would throw that out there. I’m not a big fan of this polish. Pink just is not my thing and while the shimmer is kind of cool, it’s not enough for me to be impressed.


China Glaze Let’s Shell-ebrate; 3 coats plus top coat (index and middle), 1 coat over Seas and Greetings plus top coat (ring and pinky)

Next up we have this awesome glitter which shares a pun with the mini collection name. Let’s Shell-ebrate is filled with purple and coppery-gold glitters and also has a fine coppery-gold shimmer running throughout it. All of that sparkly goodness is in a clear base. This is a really flexible glitter, you can use it as a topper or build it up on its own. Both ways give you cool, yet different looks.


China Glaze Let’s Shell-ebrate; 1 coat (index and middle), 1 coat over Seas and Greetings (ring and pinky)

At one coat on its own this polish is pretty sheer. It does look amazing as a topper with just one, you get a decent amount of glitter and against a darker base all the finer shimmer in the polish really stands out! The larger glitters just take a teeny bit of manipulation to distribute evenly.


China Glaze Let’s Shell-ebrate; 2 coats (index and middle), 1 coat over Seas and Greetings (ring and pinky)

On its own Let’s Shell-ebrate starts to build up well at two coats. Some people would probably be satisfied with it at just two. There are definitely some sheer spots but it is a very sparkly polish so you won’t notice unless you shove your nails right in your face. I was personally not satisfied as I do not want any of my bare nail showing so I went ahead and added a third coat.


China Glaze Let’s Shell-ebrate; 3 coats (index and middle), 1 coat over Seas and Greetings (ring and pinky)

Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Let’s Shell-ebrate looks blingy and dense on its own at three coats. Look at all that glitter! You will definitely need a top coat to smooth it out, but one coat was enough for me; it’s not super chunky and textured. I really love this one!


China Glaze The More The Berrier, 2 coats plus top coat

The More The Berrier is the most holiday polish in this set! It’s a very red-leaning metallic magenta. It is bright, festive, shimmery goodness. I love these kind of pinks.


China Glaze The More The Berrier, 1 coat

This one looks pretty good at just one coat! The coverage is amazing and the formula was so smooth and perfect. You might get a few brushstrokes but they are hardly noticeable. If you use a thicker coat this one could be a one coater.


China Glaze The More The Berrier, 2 coats

If The More The Berrier was not opaque with the first coat, it definitely is with two! The formula is just so effortless and lovely. The color is not the most unique things in the world but if you do not have a shade like it already, you should consider picking up this polish. Definitely a winner in this collection.


China Glaze Seas and Greetings, 2 coats plus top coat

This purple beauty is the namesake of the collection. It is a molten purple with that reddish coppery shimmer in it. China Glaze is becoming a little obsessed with it, aren’t they? I’m personally hoping they’ll bring out a good orange with that shimmer added, could be fiery and awesome… Anyway, let’s see how this applies!


China Glaze Seas and Greetings, 1 coat

Seas and Greetings is pretty darn sheer on the first coat. It went on smoothly, the formula is nice but it is no one-coater. The shimmer stands out okay.


China Glaze Seas and Greetings, 2 coats

I was super surprised by how much this built up with a second coat. To my eyes, it is totally opaque! I was not expecting this at all and did not even try to use a thicker coat to build it up. The shimmer is definitely more prominent when the base deepens. I am impressed with Seas and Greetings, it’s pretty and has an all-around awesome formula. You would not think that from the first coat, but I am not complaining at all!


China Glaze Seas and Greetings, 2 coats

Look at the shimmer! It is beautiful, love it in this purple. It’s even kind of a holiday color, if you think along the lines of the sugar plum fairy.


China Glaze Good Tide-ings, 2 coats plus top coat

Good Tide-ings is a pretty one, isn’t it? I’m not even sure how to describe the color… a quite lavender-leaning periwinkle? Eh, it does not really matter because it is pretty! I love colors like this, I would go to war and die for them. Anything periwinkle has my heart completely. I would not call this a holiday shade at all, but it is perfect for winter.


China Glaze Good Tide-ings, 1 coat

You should have seen my face when I painted this on. Pretty sure that my jaw actually dropped and I just kind of stared at it for a while. It is incredibly creamy and smooth. One of those formulas that is just pure, unadulterated joy to work with. Yeah, you can see a few lighter patches here but had I used a thicker coat this would have been a one-coater. It’s that good.


China Glaze Good Tide-ings, 2 coats

Look at this. This is two coats of perfection right here. People, you are not going to find a prettier polish anywhere else (just kidding, there are a lot of pretty polishes out there). Can you tell how much I love Good Tide-ings??? Sprint, not run, not walk, but SPRINT to your nearest China Glaze distributor and get yourself a bottle of this goodness. Heaven in a bottle.


China Glaze Partridge in a Palm Tree, 2 coats plus top coat

Now we move to and end on the low point of this set for me. I do love greens, but Partridge in a Palm tree is kind of a piece of work. It is a lovely shade of seafoam green that has a natural matte finish and fine silver shimmer. It is not a fun polish to work with, on par with Turned Up Turquoise. Both of those polishes do not look great without top coat. Prepare yourself for the hideousness that is to come.


China Glaze Partridge in a Pear Tree, 1 coat

The first coat is just bad. When you paint it on, you think it looks okay until it dries. The formula is not very forgiving at all and dries with those weird crack-like spaces. I highly recommend working quickly and trying to use only three swipes to cover your nail. If you can get it to look perfect, you must be a god or something, because this polish is just yikes.


China Glaze Partridge in a Pear Tree, 2 coats

It looks kind of okay after two coats. Just like with the first coat, when I painted it on I thought it looked better. Until it dried. Then NOPE. Even top coat did not totally save this polish for me, I clearly should have done another coat because Seche Vite could not fix this completely. It is a cold day in hell when Seche Vite does not improve the look of your paint job. I wanted to like this polish so badly, the color is so pretty, but is it really worth this? This is the only one I have to really recommend against unless you are polish collector and just have to have them all.

Overall, I am happy I bought these minis. China Glaze minis are great, the stems are stumpy and don’t wobble around when you wipe polish off them and the brush seems the same, perhaps a tad smaller, and fans out really well. Since it is unlikely I will ever make it through a full size bottle of polish I would buy the minis again. My picks are Let’s Shell-ebrate, Seas and Greetings, and Good Tide-ings. None of those picks say “CHRISTMAS!!!!” to me, but they are good polishes and you’ll wear them all year long. Nothing wrong with that.

Are you interested in any of these polishes? What about the others in the collection? I’m thinking about picking up Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish and Joy to the Waves… Have you bought China Glaze’s minis before? Let’s talk in the comments!

xx, Ashley

You can visit China Glaze here. I bought this mini set at Sally Beauty.


6 thoughts on “China Glaze Seas and Greetings: Shell-ebration Time! minis swatch and review

    • Thank you so much Stephanie, I recognize your name and am so happy that you like the blog! I’m having a lot of fun with it :]

      Ooo, I hope you enjoy the collection! Let’s Shell-ebrate is just beautiful, am tempted to get a full-sized bottle of it…


  1. I honestly can’t wait to pick up this collection (well actually I can wait for paydays – hah!) but after seeing so many pictures of it, I want them all. I love their unique direction they went with it!

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