My Indie Gift Guide Part 2: Palate Polish


 Today I have part 2 (which is the final part) of my little indie polish gift guide. In case you missed last week’s post, you can catch up here. This week I am sharing Palate Polish with you all. I tried Palate Polish for the first time this year and decided it should appear in my gift guide instead of just a standard review post, because it is that amazing and close to my heart! Three things to love about it: 1) Made in my home state of Oregon! 2) Each polish is inspired by and named after food. 3) The cream formula is INCREDIBLE. Seriously guys. If you buy any of this for your polish friends, buy two of everything so  you do not have to resist keeping the gift for yourself. Read on for my review to see these bottles of goodness in action!

All of my swatches are over Zoya Get Even. Seche Vite is my top coat of choice.


Palate Polish Matcha, 2 coats plus top coat

The first beauty I want to show off is Matcha, a vibrant green somewhere in between seafoam and grass. My room is actually painted a very similar color. This polish is inspired by Matcha, a tea that is very, very green! I did not have any on hand to do a color comparison with, but both are bright and lively greens.


Palate Polish Matcha, 1 coat

This polish is very opaque on the first coat. I just spotted a few streaks (if you can even call them that) that needed to be covered up. Could this be a one-coater? Oh yes, it definitely could! The Palate Polish brushes look quite small, but as I found out there is absolutely no need to load them up with polish. I actually managed to get too much on the brush a few times, so do not be fooled by how small the brush may look. The formula is that perfect, goldilocks formula – buttery without being thick.


Palate Polish Matcha, 2 coats

Matcha is perfectly opaque in two coats. The formula is just so creamy and easy to use. I only had issues getting clean application at the cuticle, but I struggle with that a lot so I will not blame the polish or brush.


Palate Polish Blue Maize, 2 coats plus top coat

The next delicious cream I have for you is Blue Maize, inspired by the blue variety of corn! We grew some this year in our garden and, while it was cool, we tried boiling some to eat and it never got soft enough. Instead, we dried the rest of it and used it for fall decor. Makes me wonder if it is actually supposed to be edible…


Palate Polish Blue Maize, 1 coat

I am just blown away by the opacity, Blue Maize is a one-coater for sure! Of course I will do two coats because I am incapable of leaving anything at one coat, but it is not necessary. The formula is just like Matcha’s, smooth and creamy without being too thick. Absolutely lovely.


Palate Polish Blue Maize, 2 coats

If this polish was not perfect at one coat, it definitely is at two! I cannot heap enough praise on these formulas, they are so impressive and amazing. Palate Polish has made cream polishes that are everything a cream polish should be. The shine these have on their own is great, too. I am in awe. I think I need them all!


Palate Polish Gumball, 1 coat over Blue Maize plus top coat

Finally I have a glitter topper to show you, Gumball! True to its name, this polish bottle looks like the inside of a gumball machine. I am not even going to attempt to name all the colors that are jammed in here! They are all rather large metallic hex glitters, so you know the application is not going to be super easy. I like this polish at one coat over a dark color like Blue Maize and with two coats over lighter colors! The glitter pops more against dark shades so one coat is good enough.


Palate Polish Gumball, 1 coat over Matcha

This is a chunky glitter and I found that the best way to distribute the glitters was to apply it like a normal polish first to get good coverage of the base. Having a lot of base makes it easier to manipulate the glitters around.


Palate Polish Gumball, 2 coats over Matcha

Despite the fact that it is not the easiest to paint with, I still love the look of Gumball! It is kind of festive, like confetti or ornaments on a tree. This would be fun for a variety of occasions. One thing to note about this polish is that it dries very smooth. The base is thick enough that you do not need to glob on top coat for a smooth finish, I was quite surprised!

Honestly, I think everyone who likes nail polish would appreciate these polishes. They would be especially fun for your friends who are foodies and polish junkies, you could pair them with their food inspiration (Matcha with some tea, Gumball with some candy…). Even the beauty people in your life would appreciate a bottle of Palate, they have colors for everyone, whether you like neutrals or brights, and the formulas are a dream to work with. I bought my bottles at Tender Loving Empire in Portland for $11 a bottle. I had a fun time going through different local artisan shops in Portland in search of these polishes, found some cool shops along the way that I will definitely be hitting up again in the future! For the less adventurous and non-Oregon based of you all, the polishes also retail online for $10 a bottle. I do sincerely hope you check these out at some point (maybe a good use of some of that Christmas cash!) because the quality is exceptional. I was not kidding when I said I need all of these, I plan on slowly collecting all their colors!

I hope you got some ideas from this little series, or at least got exposed to some new indies to be on the look out for! I wish you the happiest of holidays and the best of luck getting all your shopping done.

xx, Ashley

You can visit Palate Polish on their website here. I bought my bottles at Tender Loving Empire. To see if there are any stockists of Palate Polish near you, check here.


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