Simple Winter Layered Glitter Mani


Essie Virgin Snow, 2 coats; China Glaze Fairy Dust, 1 coat; Boots No7 Snow Wash, 1 coat plus top coat

I love nail art in theory, but I rarely have the patience for it. Around the holidays, I want to wear fun manis but I also want to put out as little effort in achieving those as possible. For Halloween, I came up with a layered glitter look that, upon looking through my nail polish stash, I found would translate well for Christmas too! The formula is simple: a cream base + a holographic silver glitter + a chunkier matte glitter. You can use this formula for any time of the year; I find that sandwiching a holographic glitter such as China Glaze Fairy Dust in between a chunkier glitter and your base adds an extra touch of magic that really elevates your mani without going too over the top and glitter crazy (not that there’s anything wrong with going glitter crazy).


Essie Virgin Snow, 2 coats

For my winter mani, I started with Virgin Snow from Essie’s winter collection last year. It has a super easy formula and looks perfect at two coats. I also think that any shade of blue or grey would work for a winter look. A red or green would also work for a more festive, Christmas sweater look!


China Glaze Fairy Dust, 1 coat, over Essie Virgin Snow, 2 coats

Fairy Dust is my secret weapon; one coat of it adds sparkle but because it is not dense, it sits prettily in the background. I love that it does not call attention to itself and enhances the other polishes you wear it with! Any silver holographic microglitter should do for this step, Fairy Dust just happens to be the one I have.


Boots No7 Snow Wash, 1 coat, over Essie Virgin Snow, 2 coats, plus China Glaze Fairy Dust, 1 coat

This matte white glitter I found on clearance at Boots over the summer just screams winter to me! It makes your nails look like a shaken up snow globe with just one swipe. It really looks amazing over Fairy Dust, I cannot imagine wearing it any other way now.

Let me know what you guys think, do you have any glitters that you love to layer with other glitters? If you recreate this simple look, I would love to see it! It’s easy and very pretty; I got a lot of compliments on my nails over the few days I wore this mani :]

xx, Ashley



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