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I saw Hot Flair Balloon do this and thought it would be a good post to have up on Christmas day! I did not want to do any kind of serious polish post because I’m hoping you all are with your families eating a lot of good food. But I also did not want to lose my streak of blogging every Sunday (especially as I missed last week), so here we go!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

The animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas, it always warms my heart and I find the music very fun, too!


(image via IMDb)

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

According to my mother, we had one when I was very young but I do not recall it. I live west of the Cascades in Oregon and when it snows here, it usually is not much anyway. I doubt it was very impressive.


It actually snowed here this December (not Christmas)!

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

I always spend it at home! On Christmas day I am at home in the morning and at my grandma’s in the afternoon with extended family.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

“Step Into Christmas” by Elton John is easily my favorite, hardly any Christmas song makes me cheerier. It is happiness embodied in music.


(image via Wikipedia)

Do you open any presents on Christmas eve?

Yes, usually we spend Christmas eve with my paternal grandparents and we exchange gifts with each other and open them. I basically get two Christmases :]

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Yep, but I have to sing the song to do it! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and of course Rudolph (and Olive, the other reindeer, if you’re my high school calculus teacher [don’t worry if you don’t get it, it’s a stupid joke]).

What holiday traditions are you most looking forward to this year?

I love going to the tree farm to pick out the tree, it’s always FREEZING cold outside but they offer free wassail and hot chocolate to cozy up with after you’ve cut your tree. I also like/hate going to Washington Square mall with my mother. It is fun to see the mall all Christmas-y, but there are always a bajillion people which makes it less fun (I am a textbook introvert).

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

It is real, I cannot make the move to a fake tree, the scent of a real tree is just irreplaceable!

What is your all time favourite holiday food/sweet treat?

My mom’s sugar cookies, they are a PITA to make and frost, but they taste SO good. All of our friends and family always eagerly await them!


An iota of the cookies we made and frosted this year.

Be honest, do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

Honestly, I like both equally. It is fun to feel loved and fun to make other people happy!

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

I always get my Christmas and birthday gifts screwed up because they are so close (my birthday is the 27th), but last year my parents got me an Argentina national team jersey and I’m pretty sure it was for Christmas. Argentina made me REALLY fall in love with soccer, so they are very close to my heart and I have worn that jersey on every game day that Argentina has had since I got it :]

What would be your dream place to visit during the holiday season?

I would never want to be away from home for Christmas day, but I would kill to be in London, York, or Edinburgh for a week during December. They are all beautiful cities anyway, but I imagine they would be even better with festive decor!

Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?

I fail miserably, I use bags for as many things as possible!


Our tree this year with some presents! I did not photograph any of my wrapping jobs 😛

Most memorable Holiday moment?

I don’t really have any especially memorable Christmases, it seems like we always have drama and interesting things happen at Thanksgiving instead!

What made you realise the truth about Santa?

I honestly do not remember, it was not a big moment for me. At some point I must have gotten my suspicions and gradually accepted the truth. I have always been very skeptical of anything that seems “magical” or “miraculous,” if that makes any sense.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you stick to them?

Nope, I never do because I believe if I truly want to make a change in my life, I should start right away instead of putting it off until a specific date. As a serial procrastinator, just making myself do things NOW works out much better for me. I also believe in making small changes over time, it would be impossible for me to actually stick to any list of changes that had more than one thing on it.

What makes the holidays special for you?

I think it is the environment that we all create – the cheery colors, the music, the lights and decorations. Everything gets dressed up and decorated so even your grocery shopping trips feel more fun and exciting. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I like “the Christmas spirit” and the general festive atmosphere. Chilling on the couch while staring at your Christmas tree sparkling with lights and munching on a cookie someone kindly baked for you is pure happiness. Moments like that makes the holidays unique and special.

Have a fun and safe holiday all!

xx, Ashley


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