Post-Holiday Winter Color Palette (Butter London edition)

Winter nail polish collection releases seem to disproportionately focus on the holidays. But the holidays are only a small part of winter, whose chilly weather and overcast skies we still get to enjoy for a few more months (well, enjoy if you’re weird like me). I want to share some of my favorite colors to wear during the winter after the holidays. I decided to pull polishes from my Butter London collection to exemplify the types of polishes I will be rocking in January, February, and for a bit of March. Butter London does not strike me as particularly wintery or anything, I just happen to have a lot of Butter Londons that fit my theme!

All swatches are shown over Zoya Get Even base coat and are topped with Seche Vite.


Butter London Fiver, 3 coats

Fiver represents what I call a winter pastel: it is very white based with just a few drops of color and is cool toned. It looks fresh, like something you would rock in the spring, but for me it has enough white that it almost appears icy. Greens and blues that are very white are my favorite kind of pastels this time of the year.


Butter London Poole, 2 coats

Poole represents another favorite winter pastel shade of mine: greyed out pastels. This slightly green-tinged blue is soft and muted by a touch of grey. It looks cool and neutral, perfect for overcast days but also lending a touch of color.


Butter London Blagger, 2 coats

Colors like Blagger are fun during the winter, because they are more bold without being super bright. I do love slightly muted jewel tones for both fall and winter, especially the darker shades like this.


Butter London Giddy Kipper, 2 coats

Giddy Kipper is along the lines of Blagger, in that it is a more bold color for winter. What I love about shades like this one in particular is the subtle shimmer. You can easily see it on the nail, yet it is not over the top. The silver shimmer lends an icy sheen. The following two polishes also feature this shimmer!


Butter London Marrow, 2 coats

Darker shades like Marrow are really vampy and moody, perfect and classy for cool winter days. What I like about this specific shade is that it is a very cool-toned purple. I prefer more red-toned purples during the fall, winter is about the blue-toned purples for me!


Butter London Sloane Ranger, 1 coat (plus dented top coat, oops!)

This post would not be complete without a grey! It follows that if I’m loving greyed-out colors, I would also love wearing straight-up grey on my nails. I like any shade of grey for winter, from the almost white greys to the dark charcoals. I chose Sloane Ranger for this post because it is right in the middle and has a subtle shimmer that gives it a lovely, cool sheen.

I am super curious, what kinds of colors do you like to wear during the winter? Anything I did not include that you think are winter staples? Let me know in the comments, I feel like this can be a weird time of the year for seasonal polish wearers.

xx, Ashley


7 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Winter Color Palette (Butter London edition)”

  1. Totally agree! I happen to own Giddy Kipper and Marrow and love both. Thanks to your post I think I will dig these up and give them some love soon! 🙂

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    1. Marrow is so amazing, I found it at Marshall’s a month ago and couldn’t believe that I had never seen it before! Such a beautiful, vampy purple. Thanks for reading Vanessa :]


  2. I guess I’m weird like you, because I love gray days too! Maybe it’s because I can use it as an excuse to hang out and snuggle up. And I love your moody choices. They’re all very fitting for winter!

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