First Impressions: Fair Maiden Polish


Fair Maiden Snake Charmer, 2-3 coats plus top coat

Hello friends, it is once again time for me to share an experience with a new-to-me brand. This week I am talking about Fair Maiden Polish! It has been some slow going getting this post up. I first bought this polish in the spring of 2016, then it sat prettily in my stash itching to get on my nails until fall of the same year. Only now is it seeing the light of day on this blog! Oops.

I have been intrigued by Fair Maiden polish for awhile; the name “Fair Maiden” grabs my attention because it sounds medieval-y (I am a medieval history nut) and they have a really good reputation on a lot of blogs that I read. So I grabbed this beautiful green, Snake Charmer, when I was putting in an order at Color4Nails to see the quality for myself. Read on to see my experience!

I wore Fair Maiden Snake Charmer over Zoya Get Even and used Seche Vite as my top coat.


Fair Maiden Snake Charmer, 1 coat

Snake Charmer was originally released as part of Fair Maiden’s fall 2015 collection. It is a green that is somehow a mix of sage and seafoam green. I don’t know how else to describe it, it is so gorgeous! It is a linear holographic and also has a very fine gold shimmer/sheen that gives the color a slightly antique look.

The formula of this polish is thinner, so for the first coat I used a thin-medium coat. On my middle nail I tried a thicker coat and, while that did give better coverage, I also had some pooling at my cuticle. Stick with thinner coats! I really like Fair Maiden’s brush, it looks thin but it fans out super well and gives you really good control. It worked effortlessly with the formula, as long as I did not load it up with too much polish.


Fair Maiden Snake Charmer, 2 coats

Snake Charmer was pretty much opaque for me with two coats. Because of the thinner formula, you could do two every time if you used medium-thick coats but beware of pooling! I had some light spots at two coats, but in person it is so shimmery and has such a noticeable holo effect that in most lightings you would not see the lighter patches.


Fair Maiden Snake Charmer, 2-3 coats

If you have been following me for awhile, you probably will not be surprised to see that I did do a third coat on the nails with lighter patches. I am way too picky, I know. Only my ring finger and pinky got a third coat. In the future I honestly would use three thin coats of this polish for every nail. It is easier to control the thinner coats and I do not mind doing three for a color on the lighter side like this one. Plus, it does apply easily. I could paint 100 coats in a row with it ;]


Fair Maiden Snake Charmer, 2-3 coats plus top coat

I took a picture in natural lighting so you could see all the holo! It was a fun polish to wear, though it did make me pine a bit for more sunny fall days, which were few and far between here in 2016.

Based on my experience with this polish, I would purchase from Fair Maiden again! While I do prefer formulas on the thicker side, I feel like holos from any brand are never thick polishes so I would not hold that against Fair Maiden. The color of this polish really gets me, I love greens and have nothing in a similar shade. Mega heart eyes. I will definitely be following Fair Maiden’s releases with more attention!

What do you think? Have you tried Fair Maiden before? Any polishes that you think are must-haves? Let me know in the comments, your words always brighten my day :]

xx, Ashley

You can visit Fair Maiden on their website here. I bought my bottle from Color4Nails.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Fair Maiden Polish

  1. Haha, 100 coats… nooooo, I’m so over that polish mountain craziness! 🙄
    This looks amazing in the sunlight with the topcoat. I’ve never heard of this brand before… so many brands, so little time! I’ve not ventured much into indie brands but I just bought my first bottles of ILNP so I’m excited to try! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • The polish mountain stuff killed me, what a waste of polish. And I can’t even imagine what removal was like… :O

      There are SO MANY INDIES. I swear I discover a new maker at least once a weak. ILNPs always look way gorgeous, I hope you got some good ones!


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