a-england To Emily Brontë: Swatch & Review


If you have been following this blog from quite early on, you will remember that I fell in love with a-england polish via the gorgeous Saint George. You want to know something? Before I had even slapped that beauty on my nails and marveled at its depth and complexity, I had already made my second a-england purchase: the To Emily Brontë collection. I had a feeling that I was going to love a-england and Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books of all time; I had a yearning in my soul for this collection. It was meant for me. It came out some time in 2015, but since you can still get the entire collection (I love that about a-england, none of this limited edition stuff), and since I actually have the entire collection, I thought I would show it off to you. Because if you like Wuthering Heights, brilliant, complex, moody colors, or just good nail polish in general, you need it. I hate saying that you “need” a collection, but really. They are so spectacular and wonderful that I would feel guilty if I did not tell you these polishes deserve to be in your collection and on your nails. Do yourself a favor and read on.

All of today’s swatches are shown over Zoya Get Even. My top coat of choice is Seche Vite, as always.


a-england Heathcliff, 2 coats plus top coat

We start the collection off with this interesting polish, Heathcliff. It is chock full of silver, gold, red, and blue microglitters in a black base. The base is sheer enough that those glitters really stand out! If you are familiar with a-england polishes, this one is a bit of an odd duck for them. They do not have a ton of microglitters (in fact, do they have any others besides this one?). I love that they branched out and am not surprised at all that they nailed it.


a-england Heathcliff, 1 coat

This polish has the thickest, or perhaps slowest, formula of the bunch. All the glitters packed in there adds a bit of body to the formula. It was still easy to apply; it did not go gloopy or clumpy on me. The base is necessarily sheer so those glitters do not get drowned out, so you are definitely going to need more than one coat. It dries slightly matte and textured, not a shocker for a microglitter.


a-england Heathcliff, 2 coats

Heathcliff is opaque in two coats, which is good because the application of that second coat gets quite thick. It is not difficult, but all that glitter and texture does not make the application feel as smooth. I love how vibrant the glitters are. This might be one of the most accurate night-sky looking polishes I have seen; after all, there are stars that appear yellow, red, and blue to our eyes!


a-england Cathy, 2 coats plus top coat

Next up we have the beautiful Cathy, a polish that I have failed fantastically to capture. It is a slightly lavender and grey-tinged white base with an icy blue shimmer. The shimmer is not blindingly strong, but it is visible. But it is not visible in this photo and I stupidly forgot to take a flash photo of it for you. But trust me, it is there and it is so pretty.


a-england Cathy, 1 coat

I was very surprised at the opacity of this polish at one coat. You cannot expect that from all lighter colors, especially lighters colors that lean very white. The formula is on the thin side of a medium consistency. It is not runny but is thinner than the others in this collection.


a-england Cathy, 2 coats

Cathy is easily opaque in two coats. What more can you ask for from a color like this? Well, you can ask for more because it has more to offer: it self-levels wonderously. If you are afraid of getting those streaks from using a bunch of brushstrokes, worry not. It does dry a little flat, so slap some top coat on and enjoy the shimmer that I wish I had been smart enough to capture for you.


a-england Let Me In, 2 coats plus top coat

Let Me In is the only polish of the bunch that I have actually worn before doing these swatches. It is a berry, red-violet with a holographic effect. That holo and shimmer or whatever kind of magical nail polish wizardry a-england has going on in their polishes gives this color such depth and dimension. I spent way too much time just staring at my nails in different lightings and shifting them around when I wore it because it is too pretty.


a-england Let Me In, 1 coat

Let Me In is almost opaque in one coat! It just is not a deep as it looks in the bottle because of some lighter patches. It looks so delicious when you apply it, molten and shimmery and… magical. There is no other word for it. The formula was smooth and perfect, neither runny or gloopy. I have to give credit to the brush too, it fans out easily and works effortlessly with the polish formula. A match made in heaven.


a-england Let Me In, 2 coats

The second coat goes on just as easily as the first and the color deepens a tad. It is just gorgeous to apply. I love it when polishes are pretty when you apply them and when they’re dry, a work of art in many different ways.


a-england Let Me In, 2 coats plus top coat

I have decided to start doing some pictures with flash so you can see more of what is going on in polishes. The flash setting on my camera is always there for me, unlike the sun. Look at that holo, look at that shimmer, just look at it all. How can you not want this on your nails?


a-england Wuthering Heights, 2 coats plus top coat

I cannot imagine any polish more worthy of the name Wuthering Heights than this one. It is a medium greyish purple filled with shimmer and holo. It looks exactly like a moody, stormy sky on the brink of releasing its fury. If you have read Wuthering Heights, I know you’ll be totally feeling this polish. It is perfection.


a-england Wuthering Heights, 1 coat

The application of this beauty was a lot like Let Me In. It borders on being opaque in one coat and has a perfect formula. All that shimmer gives it that magical molten look when you apply it. I cannot even begin to describe my love for this polish, you guys, it is just amazing.


a-england Wuthering Heights, 2 coats

I am in love with this polish. My notes say “majestic and ethereal and moody.” I know I keep using the same adjectives over and over for these polishes, but I do not have other words adequate enough to describe their stunning beauty.


a-england Wuthering Heights, 2 coats plus top coat

The holo in Wuthering Heights is much more subtle and scattered, but I think that really helps give it a stormy feel. A linear holo might ruin that strange balance of delicacy and fury that this polish embodies.


a-england Spirit of the Moors, 2 coats plus top coat

Sadly we have to bring this collection to an end, but what a stunner to end with! Spirit of the Moors is a cobalt blue with shimmer and holo. It is a beautiful, bright, and brazen color; it has more pop than anything else in the collection.


a-england Spirit of the Moors, 1 coat

The formula was super easy to use, but the polish was surprisingly sheer. The base is definitely jelly-like. I presume this is necessary to make the holo and shimmery goodness stand out better against the deep base.


a-england Spirit of the Moors, 2 coats

I was really shocked, but Spirit of the Moors is opaque in two coats. I fully expected it to need three so I did not even try to use a thicker second coat and yet, this is the result! The color builds up fantastically upon itself. Two things to note about this one: it does have that slightly skunky smell some blues have and it does dry a tad flat. Top coat it to experience Spirit of the Moors in all its glory.


a-england Spirit of the Moors, 2 coats plus top coat

I think it is a tie between Let Me In and Spirit of the Moors for prettiest holo of the collection. I love the way the holo melts with Let Me In, but I also love how the holo contrasts with the blue base here. So much pretty. I think we can say they are both winners, right?

All right everyone, that was a lot of pictures and a lot of me rambling. But I hope you can see why this collection was worthy of all that and more. It deserves its own art museum. I cannot get over how perfect these polishes are and am desperate to read Wuthering Heights for the fourth time to remind myself of the beautiful, twisted story these polishes drew inspiration from. Please let me know what you think and please suggest other a-england polishes and collections that I need!

xx, Ashley

You can visit a-england on their website here. I purchased these polishes from Whats Up Nails.


10 thoughts on “a-england To Emily Brontë: Swatch & Review”

  1. Wuthering Heights! I don’t believe that I own a grey holo and now I’m wondering how I have managed this far in life without one!
    The holo effect of Let Me In is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.
    I only own 2 a-england polishes: Fated Prince and Ascalon – both are lovely! I also have a wish list started for other shades: Sleeping Palace, Her Rose Adagio, Lady of the Lake, and Virgin Queen. Honestly, I don’t think one can go wrong with any of their polishes…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a good point, why are grey holos so few and far between? I think this is the only one in my collection…

      I am definitely adding Fated Prince and Ascalon to my wish list, W O W. They look amazing.


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