Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic: Swatch & Review

Note: I was sent this polish in exchange for swatches and my honest opinion.


Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic, 2 coats plus top coat

It is always an exciting day when you get to try out a new nail polish, right? I was super pumped (and still am, to be honest, have not gotten over this) to be asked by Tahitian Sun polish to swatch and review one of their polishes! Like, woah!!! I just feel incredibly honored to be asked to do such a thing and I jumped at the chance. They were even kind enough to ask what colors I prefer, and if you have been following me anywhere for a while, you know that blue is one easy way to my heart. Read on to see my experience with this new-to-me polish maker and to find out a little bit more about them!

All swatches in this post are shown over Zoya Get Even base coat. My top coat of choice is Seche Vite.


Before we get started on the actual polish, let’s take a look at the bottle because thought, effort, and creativity has gone into the presentation of these polishes! The bottles are a full 0.5oz, which is nice because a lot of indies tend to be smaller. The cap is round and appears to have sand on it. The “sand” is actually very not sandy or scratchy and the cap is quite comfortable to hold; it feels slightly rubbery and not at all rough. There is also a little starfish on top of the cap, which is quite possibly one of the cutest and most unique things I have ever seen on a bottle of nail polish.


Cute, right? Okay, I know what you really want to see is the polish, so I’ll hop to it.


Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic, 1 coat

 Blue Metallic is a deep blue, somewhere between a royal blue and a cerulean blue. It has a lot of holo in it, so much that I would be more inclined to call it a holo than a metallic, but whatever you want to call the finish, it is pretty! This is the kind of blue that makes me keep casting surreptitious glances at my nails all day because I do not want to look like a weirdo, but I also cannot keep my eyes from the beauty.

The formula was absolutely amazing. It was almost creamy, on the thicker side for a metallic/holo, but not gloopy at all and so smooth and easy to apply. Blue Metallic is pretty much opaque in one coat, I did not see any light spots at all. But you know me, I did a second.


Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic, 2 coats

Can you tell a difference with a second coat? I could not, really. It might be a tad deeper, but that just might be me making stuff up to justify the use of a second coat. The second coat went on just as easily as the first, the formula almost reminds me of a-england polishes. The brush is a bit wider than a-england’s, it is on par with Nine Zero or Frenzy polish if you have ever used those. If not, think the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear brush but a tad wider and thicker.


Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic, 2 coats plus top coat

The holo in this polish stands out very well against the deep base. It’s not a linear holo, more of a scattered holo effect. But a denser scattered holo. Does that make any sense? Hopefully this picture taken using flash shows you what I mean.

Overall, I am really impressed with this polish. I usually do not expect polishes with holo to have such a good formula unless they are from a-england, so huge thumbs up to Tahitian Sun! You may have noticed that their bottle says “Custom Nail Polish” on it. This is because Tahitian Sun polish gives you the option of creating your own polishes! They have a bunch of pretty colors (seriously, if you like blues and greens and greys you’ll be in heaven) to choose from and a ton of different colors of glitter than you can have mixed in. I think I will be celebrating the end of my no-buy in February with a custom purchase (my dad is selling his car and it has a really cool/unique paint that I am going to miss and would love to have forever in nail polish form). Thank you to Tahitian Sun for making such an amazing polish and for giving me the chance to put it on my nails.

What do you guys think? I would love to know if you check them out!

xx, Ashley

Tahitian Sun can be visited on their website here. Blue Metallic was sent to me for review and retails for $6.50.

I was sent this polish in exchange for swatches and my honest opinion.


6 thoughts on “Tahitian Sun Blue Metallic: Swatch & Review

  1. This is such a beautiful color! And oh my gosh, I love that cap. It just instantly takes me to a warm sandy beach on a tropical island (*thinks this as it’s snowing about a foot outside my window* deep sigh).


  2. That’s amazing you were asked to review this! The handle is a bit odd… looks like breaded chicken? 😆 But it fits in with the theme and it’s indeed unique.
    This looks like a OCW (One Coat Wonder) to me!

    Liked by 1 person

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