Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast: My Picks Swatch & Review

Who else is super excited for Beauty and the Beast??? The original animated film actually was not one of my favorite films as a kid (especially the Christmas special – the pipe organ in it terrified me and has left me with a slight fear of pipe organs to this day), but around the time I was in middle school I started to like it a lot more and now would count it as one of my top Disney films. The music is just beautiful, I could not even pick a favorite song, and seeing the musical version of it live was one of the best experiences of my life. As I am sure you are all aware, I really do not need any more nail polish at all. But, after seeing that L’Oreal’s Beauty and the Beast collection is only in Italy (and Amazon Italy will not ship to me, I tried :[[[), there was a gaping, Beauty and the Beast nail polish-shaped hole in my heart. Enter Morgan Taylor, who has saved my life by creating some Beauty and the Beast inspired polishes that are actually available in the US for a reasonable price. I randomly saw that J.C. Penney had Morgan Taylor polishes on sale a few weeks ago and suddenly I was entering my credit card number in and a couple days later some new polishes ended up on my doorstep. Oops. I thought the least I could do was share the few I grabbed with you guys!

All my swatches today are over Zoya Get Even. I did not use any top coat for today’s swatches.

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina, 2 coats

Enchanted Patina is the first polish I had to get because it has the most interesting potential. Morgan Taylor says it can “transform any lacquer to an enchanting antique finish with just one coat.” It is a gold-ish bronze with a pinky, rose gold-ish shift to it. I think it looks lovely on its own, but I did show it over the other colors I grabbed for today’s swatches!

Patina 1 coat

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina, 1 coat

The formula of Enchanted Patina is really easy, a typically thin metallic formula. It is a tad brushstroke-y, so you need to watch that if you are using it as a topper. Because it can be used as a topper, it is definitely sheer on the first coat. I like that even at one coat the shift is really apparent!

I did manage to get Enchanted Patina opaque in two coats, but at certain angles I could see my nail line. If you have longer nails and want to wear it on its own, you will want to use three coats.

Morgan Taylor The Last Petal

Morgan Taylor The Last Petal, 1 coat

The Last Petal is described as “a burgundy creme.” Hmmm. It is definitely not a cream, more of a pearly finish. It is a red base with a lot of pinky-red shimmer and it is opaque in just one coat! It looks a little more pink here than it actually is, probably due to the shimmer freaking out the camera a bit. I was super surprised at the opacity on this one!

The Last Petal plus Enchanted Patina

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina, 1 coat, over The Last Petal, 1 coat

Over The Last Petal, Enchanted Patina has a stronger rose-gold shift. I do like the look of this, but I think if I were to wear this as a full mani I might go for another layer of Enchanted Patina because it did not look like it applied very evenly over The Last Petal. I tried, but there were sheerer spots and that would be something that would bother me over the course of a couple days.

Morgan Taylor Gaston And On And On

Morgan Taylor Gaston And On And On, 2 coats

The next polish I grabbed has a name that just cracks me up! Gaston And On And On is “a icy light blue creme,” (shouldn’t it be AN “icy light blue creme”). This is a very typical spring, pastel blue but I had to have it for the name. The color is nice too, but I think I have 12 billion like it.

Gaston And On And On 1 coat

Morgan Taylor Gaston And On And On, 1 coat

This polish has a really good formula! It is on the thin side of being creamy and buttery, but it is by no means runny or difficult to work with. There are some streaks that definitely will need a second coat to cover, but it has good coverage for a pastel.

Gaston And On And On was completely opaque in two coats! There is no need to go for a thicker coat or anything like that. The formula is very smooth, it applies very well over itself, and self-levels very well.

Gaston And On And On plus Enchanted Patina

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina, 1 coat, over Gaston And On And On, 2 coats

I’m not going to lie, Gaston And On And On looks a little strange topped with Enchanted Patina. It is almost kind of dirty or murky. I went back and forth between thinking that it looked cool and unique and thinking that it looked gross and no one would actually wear this combo. What do you think? The rose gold shift is more visible here.

Enchanted Patina over various colors

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina, 1 coat over various colors

I did not pick up all the shades in this collection, so I decided to show off Enchanted Patina over some colors I have similar to others in the collection, plus what it looks like over a black since I thought some of you might be curious!

On my index finger I have Enchanted Patina over a white, Sally Hansen White On. The bronze base is more obvious if you use it this way, though the pinker flash is still visible. On my middle finger the base color is a light pink, Revlon Café Pink. Not surprisingly, the pink tones of Enchanted Patina are more visible here! On my ring finger a pale yellow is the base, Jenna Hipp Marshmallow Fondant. This is my favorite base color for Enchanted Patina, it really brings out of the gold-y bronze tones and has just a hint of that flash. It is a very cool, subtle effect. Finally, on my pinky Enchanted Patina is over a black, Sally Hansen Black Out. The shift is really intense. Like over The Last Petal, it looks like it applies a little unevenly. Two coats over the black would probably look better.

I will admit, the collection is a tad underwhelming but I have zero regrets picking it up! In the future, I will probably just wear Enchanted Patina on its own or over a yellow. I almost feel like it is too opaque or just not even enough in application to be a really good transformative topper. The formulas on the other two polishes were amazing. This is the first time I have tried Morgan Taylor polishes (though I actually have had a couple in my to-wear stash for months) and am very impressed, I will be watching their releases with a closer eye now!

Does anything here catch your eye? What would you want from a Beauty and the Beast inspired polish collection?

xx, Ashley

You can visit Morgan Taylor on their website here. I bought my bottles from JCPenney.



6 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast: My Picks Swatch & Review”

  1. I like the animated Beauty and the Beast movie but I have absolutely no desire to see the live action version. I just don’t like live action musicals. 😳 This is a blatant money grab! Not only for the movie sales but all those merchandising opportunities! Ahem L’Oreal. 😛

    Enchanted Patina is lovely! I especially like it over black – totally a “me” type of shade. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have felt the same way about all the other live action Disney remakes, haha! Beauty and the Beast is so close to my heart, though, I watched the trailer and cried when I heard the music so I know I have to see it :]

      Enchanted Patina is definitely the most interesting of all the shades. The execution could have been a little better, but it’s still pretty!


  2. I’m the odd ball. I may have watched Beauty and the Beast once or twice when I was younger but don’t remember a thing! Maybe, I need to re-watch.

    I think I mainly like Enchanted Patina on it’s own..but the blue has caught my eye! So bright and spring-y, I can’t wait! The pink is also just as pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not that odd at all, Beauty and the Beast was definitely not a favorite for me as a kid. It only became one when I got more into music/musicals :]

      Enchanted Patina is so beautiful on its own, I wish Morgan Taylor would market it as a duochrome because I think more people would be interested in that instead of using it as a topper.

      Liked by 1 person

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