Sinful Colors Desert Divas: My Picks Swatch & Review

Sinful Colors Desert Divas

Earlier this year, Tipped Off Nails showed her beautiful swatches of the Barry M Frosted Cupcakes collection and I was so enamored with them! And slightly jealous because Barry M still has not decided to grace the US with their presence. Sinful Colors had my back though because, shortly after reading that post and moping about, I saw that as part of their MASSIVE spring collection release they would be giving us their selection of crelly bases packed with pearly flakies: the Desert Divas collection. Score. I have managed to find all the polishes I want from the nine-piece collection except one, Super Cooper. It is a gorgeous sage green and it is KILLING me to not have it! Perhaps Sinful Colors does not have my back after all… Nevertheless, I want to show you what I have because these polishes are darn pretty and almost make up for the absence of Barry M here. Almost. (Warning: I go on a mini tangent about soccer at some time during the post. It’s all in parenthesis so you can ignore it, but I want to prepare you!)

The Desert Divas collection all have the same finish, what Sinful Colors is calling “Stoned/Crystal Shimmer.” I suppose they do bear a resemblance to rocks like granite that have those flecks of translucent crystals in them. Like I said earlier, all the polishes are crelly bases chock full of pearly, translucent white flakes. I am happy to report that what you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail, the flakies did not hide on me in any of the shades! All of my swatches below are over Zoya Get Even and, when noted, topped with Seche Vite.

Sinful Color Therapewter

Sinful Colors Thera-Pewter, 3 coats plus top coat

The first of my picks was Thera-Pewter, a “shimmering slate grey shade.” I would call this a very light, greyed-out lavender. It is too purple toned to be a straight-up grey to my eyes, though I would not get in a shouting match with anyone over whether this is grey or purple because it really toes the line.

Therapewter 1

Sinful Colors Thera-Pewter, 1 coat

As you can see, Thera-Pewter is quite sheer on the first coat and you can barely see the base color. There are, however, an excellent amount of flakies already with the first coat! The formula was really easy to use. I found across the board that these polishes were a bit thinner than you might expect, given the amount of flakes stuffed in them, but they were not a runny-thin or anything like that. I had no issues with them!

Therapewter 2

Sinful Colors Thera-Pewter, 2 coats

I was impressed with how much the base built up after the second coat! There is still some nail line showing and a few lighter patches, but not bad considering that first coat. I found that Thera-Pewter self-leveled nicely, always something I appreciate in any formula.

Therapewter 3

Sinful Colors Thera-Pewter, 3 coats

If you do really thick coats or are not picky at all, a third coat of Thera-Pewter might not be necessary but it was for me. It looks a lot more opaque and even here than it did at two coats. For a lighter color, this gets a huge thumbs up from me. Thera-Pewter’s formula was better than the other light color I have, Better Sedona-ed. More on that later.

Sinful Colors Tealing Power

Sinful Colors Tealing Power, 2 coats plus top coat

Next up we have the “shimmering teal shade,” Tealing Power! I thought I was going to like the lighter colors in this collection better because they look so delicate and icy with the flakes, but WOW. The darker bases also look amazing with the flakes, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just that I pretty much worship teal polishes, but this is absolutely delicious and possibly my favorite. I’m probably going to say that about most of the polishes in this collection, though, I just love this finish!

Tealing 1

Sinful Colors Tealing Power, 1 coat

Tealing Power is a bit more sheer on the first coat than I was expecting. However, if the base was not sheer, those flakes would go into hiding and then what would be the point? Even though it looks streaky and uneven, it was quite easy to work with. I generally really suck at applying crelly polishes evenly. Throwing a bunch of pretty stuff into the base usually helps distract from my complete lack of skills :]

Tealing 2

Sinful Colors Tealing Power, 2 coats

This beauty builds up really well to opacity at two coats. If you do super thin coats or have a lot of free edge, you might want to use a third but I was happy with two. In the photo you can see some nail line, but I have to say, I did not notice it in person. Then again, I was probably a bit distracted by soccer at the time soooo… (and don’t even pretend like Edinson Cavani’s magnificent body or Marco Verratti’s beautiful blue eyes wouldn’t distract you too. The game was crazy enough [Barça vs PSG], add in the hot dudes factor and how am I supposed to be swatching and watching? Maybe I need to re-think this strategy).

Sinful Colors Namaste the Night

Sinful Colors Namaste The Night, 2 coats plus top coat

Moving right along, here we have Namaste The Night! Sinful Colors calls it a “shimmering deep plum hue.” That is exactly what I am seeing here, it is indeed a delicious, rich plum packed full of flakies. An interesting color for a spring collection, but you are not going to hear me complaining!

Namaste the Night 1

Sinful Colors Namaste The Night, 1 coat

Namaste The Night covers fairly well on the first coat and more evenly than Tealing Power. The color is way too light to match the bottle though, so you are going to want at least one more coat. Broken record time, the formula was super smooth and easy to control. I guess it is not surprising that the formulas are all so similar given that the only difference among them is the tint of the base.

Namaste the Night 2

Sinful Colors Namaste The Night, 2 coats

After two coats, it is completely opaque. Those flakies just look amazing against the darker base. I love how easily you can see them! They are tinted but not at all drowned out by Namaste The Night’s deeper base and I love it. Delicious.

Sinful Colors Clay Me

Sinful Colors Clay Me, 2 coats plus top coat

Clay Me is the color that excites me the most in this collection! Sinful Colors calls it a “shimmering copper,” I call it a terra cotta burnt orange. I do not believe I have ever seen a burnt orange combined with flakes like this, not even from indies. If I were a polish maker, it is a combination I would never think of in a million years but I am SO glad someone did! We need more beautiful oranges in the world and I have a lot of love for this one. I know some of you are going to hate it, but for me this is everything!

Clay Me 1

Sinful Colors Clay Me, 1 coat

I was surprised by the opacity of Clay Me on the first coat and the fact that it covered really evenly! There are hardly any streaks or patchy-ness. The color is still a tad sheer and not saturated enough to match the bottle, but that is a very lovely first coat, possibly the best in the collection!

Clay Me 2

Sinful Colors Clay Me, 2 coats

A second coat of Clay Me intensifies the color and covers up that nail line! I actually can still kind of see it in this picture, but in person it looked perfecto. This is another unusual spring color, but Essie did it last year with Taj-ma-haul in their resort collection. I would tend to wear this in the fall, but I love that we are getting more colors like this! Clay Me is my favorite of the collection for the unique factor and the formula. Of course, I do not have Super Cooper yet so perhaps I am being preemptive in my picking of favorites :]

Sinful Colors Better Sedonaed

Sinful Colors Better Sedona-ed, 3 coats plus top coat

Finally, we have the last color I picked up from the collection. Better Sedona-ed is a “peaceful shimmering pastel blue.” This color reminds me of a blue sky filled with puffy cumulus clouds, perhaps because it is the color you would get if you mixed sky blue with some white. It is a lovely, refreshing color, but icy enough to be a winter color as well!

Better Sedonaed 1

Sinful Colors Better Sedona-ed, 1 coat

This color is super sheer on the first coat! Not as sheer as Thera-Pewter, but they are close. Even though it is light on base color, it is not light on flakies; you get a wonderful amount with just one coat. The formula is the same as they all have been; on the thin side but not runny and easy to smooth out over the nail.

Better Sedonaed 3

Sinful Colors Better Sedona-ed, 3 coats

I guess I was so excited about this color that I completely forgot to photograph it after two coats. Or maybe I was distracted by soccer. Woops. My notes say that after two coats, “the base is building up well but there are still some sheer spots, love the flake density.” You can see here that Better Sedona-ed is mostly opaque after 3 coats. If you look for too long you will see a sheer spot or two. I debated whether or not to do fourth coat, but it was the first polish I swatched that day and I was not in the mood to get off to a slow start so I left it at three. You might consider doing a fourth coat or even just a thicker third coat to get it truly opaque. I wish the opacity was slightly better, Sinful Colors did a good job with Thera-Pewter so I know they are capable of it. The formula was still easy to use!

Despite ending on a slightly low note, I’m still pumped about this collection. A nine piece set of polishes with flakies is like a dream come true, even if I only did end up liking six of the colors. I love that we’re seeing polishes like this from Sinful Colors because they are so affordable. It is a wonderful thing that they are upping their game and coming out with such a variety of finishes for the drugstore. Rock on, Sinful Colors!

Did you pick any of these up? How do you feel about this kind of finish? Are there other Sinful Colors spring releases that you are loving? What are your favorite soccer teams? ;]

xx, Ashley

You can visit Sinful Colors on their website here. I bought my bottles from Walgreens. The Desert Divas collection includes four more polishes not included in this post: Super Cooper (sage), Just Deserts (neutral), Gotta Terra Cotta (russet), and Desert Reign (rose).

11 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Desert Divas: My Picks Swatch & Review”

  1. Unnnnfff I need all of these. I can’t wait for my Walgreens to finally get them in, because I know I’m just going to clear the display (like usual). They’re all so beautiful and I love the finish.

    Also, I am not complaining about that soccer rant because bless you for those photos 😉 Maybe I need t start watching soccer…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope they come your way soon, because they are super lovely! I want this collection to be successful so they come out with more colors in this finish :]

      Heehee, all the gorgeous people are definitely a good reason to start watching soccer!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh Thera-Pewter is my jam! ❤ No arguments from me about the colour – it's 50/50 grey lavender.
    You know, at first I was meh about Clay Me but more I look at it, the more I like it. It's unique to have a warm colour with the white flakes. I quite like how it looks with just the one coat.
    I hope you score that missing one, Super Cooper!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clay Me definitely is not a color for everyone, but I think its uniqueness is very appealing. I feel like orange is starting to become more appreciated in the nail polish world with rusty, burnt oranges. They are so much easier to wear!


    1. I had to go to a couple different Walgreens to find the five here, it is super annoying how there are several different displays for each collection! I really debated on whether to get Desert Reign, it looks pretty in the bottle but colors like that never look good on me… I hope you love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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