Spring Color Palette (Jenna Hipp edition)

Jenna Hipp spring

This is what happens when I forget to take pictures of all the bottles together… I try out an idea that I think is good but is actually terrible. I’m sorry.

Ah spring… my least favorite season. Everyone else goes ga-ga for it so I think my problem must be due to locale. You see, our spring weather is the exact same as our winter weather (overcast and rainy 95% of the time), with a couple key differences: a) it’s warmer in spring so more humidity, booooo, and b) I have already been through at least three months of grey at this point and by April/May the appeal of moody weather has started to wear me down. Is there such thing as SAD for people who get depressed in spring instead of winter? Because I think I have that… Anyway, it’s not all bad because spring is the time of the year I start to break out my brighter nail polishes and change up my color palette which makes me a very happy person.  I decided to show you some of the colors I like to wear this time of the year. Like my last color palette post, I challenged myself to choose polishes from just one brand. Today it’s Jenna Hipp! I love these little polishes, I wish she would come out with more collections. They were such a good price at Costco! Unlike the post last time, I decided to take some inspiration from the recent spring releases from big names in the polish world. I have noticed over the past few years that spring collections have featured bolder, brighter colors and they are not just all pastels. That is very much reflected in my choices today!

All of today’s swatches are shown over Zoya Get Even base coat. I did not use any top coat because Seche Vite weirdly discolors some Jenna Hipp polishes and I did not think that a swatch session was a good time to start experimenting with other top coats. Luckily these polishes have a good shine on their own!

Jenna Hipp Rose Tart

Jenna Hipp Rose Tart, 2 coats

You all know that pink is not really my thing, but if any season is the perfect time for pinks it is spring. I felt contractually obligated to put one in this post. Rose Tart is bold but not too bright; we are not getting into neon territory here. China Glaze Kiss My Sherbet and Essie B’aha Moment are the newer releases that inspired this selection.

Jenna Hipp Jenna and the Giant Peach

Jenna Hipp Jenna and the Giant Peach, 2 coats

Jenna and the Giant Peach is one of the few pastel-ish shades in my selections. This one is just a little brighter and/or more saturated than some pastel oranges I have seen. Oranges have been sadly lacking in spring releases this year, OPI No Tan Lines is the closest thing. I love orange so I stuck this one in here.

Jenna Hipp Marshmallow Fondant

Jenna Hipp Marshmallow Fondant, 3 coats

This is the other more “true pastel” I selected because these shades of yellow are the only yellows I like! Anything more saturated is just ew, no thanks. Morgan Taylor released a lighter yellow this year, Days in the Sun. Both Morgan Taylor and Orly seem to be the only brands that went a more traditional, pastel route with their collections.

Jenna Hipp We Are Mint to Be

Jenna Hipp We Are Mint To Be, 2 coats

I know this swatch is terrible, a couple dried flecks of polish from the lid made their way on to my nail and I was too lazy to re-do it. I feel like mint is a shade you either love or makes you want to run away screaming into the horizon. Mint is forever one of my favorite shades and I really love We Are Mint To Be. It is a nice, bright pop of color that again, is not near the neon territory. My selection was inspired by China Glaze Too Much Good Fling.

Jenna Hipp I Surf With Boys

Jenna Hipp I Surf With Boys, 2 coats

The spring collections this year  overwhelmingly had pastel blues (OPI Suzi Without a Paddle, Orly Forget Me Not, Morgan Taylor Gaston and On and On). I do not actually have any Jenna Hipp pastel blues, so this brighter, beachy blue is what I went for!

Jenna Hipp Violet Eclair

Jenna Hipp Violet Éclair, 2 coats

Finally, I threw in Violet Éclair to mix things up a bit! This glowy, bold purple was inspired by Zoya Millie. I could have gone the pastel purple route, but this is a much more interesting purple, don’t you think?

What are your favorite polishes and colors for spring? Are you a fan of pastels or do you roll your eyes every time you see a new spring collection chock full of them?

xx, Ashley


5 thoughts on “Spring Color Palette (Jenna Hipp edition)”

    1. I think I have worn all the polishes in that set you got and they are mostly 2-coaters, a couple 3-coaters. I love the little bottles so much!

      I have some of the hand creams and haven’t tried them yet! I’m kind of bummed that the scents aren’t different, because I hunted all over to collect each tube 😛 glad to hear they’re good, I usually love shea butter based hand creams!


  1. Aw I like Spring – it’s probably tied with Winter for me. I like Fall the best. Summer the least! 😛
    Jenna and the Giant Peach is surprisingly my favourite of the bunch!
    And yes, I do roll my eyes at the pastels for Spring “trend”… it comes around every damn year, people, it ain’t no trend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Summer and spring might be tied for my least favorite, haha. Summer always seems nice and then it gets hot and… yuck.

      Haha, that is very true! Pastels are more of a tradition at this point.


  2. It’s hard to choose which I like, tied between We Are Mint To Be & I Surf With Boys..blues and greens are my go-tos. I hear you with the weather lately..Spring is normally something I look forward too, but it’s just been so gloomy and rainy..ugh.


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