Bonita Hues of Blue: Swatch & Review

Bonita Hues of Blue

The first time I tried Bonita polish, it did not go so well. A lot of people disagreed with my first impression of this brand and, to be perfectly honest, it does not surprise me at all that I managed to pick the one polish that really sucked. Because so many people I trust really rate Bonita polishes, I knew I was going to give them another go. The opportunity arrived when I was at Ross sometime last year and spotted this trio of Bonitas, called “Hues of Blue.” (Although two of them are green? I suppose green is a shade of blue in a way, it is blue + yellow…) I know that none of these colors are wildly unique, but blues and greens are my kryptonite and what better way to get a polish brand back into your good graces than by picking colors you know you are going to love? This is a spoiler, but this time around my experience with Bonita was absolutely fantastic! It probably helped that I picked creams, but these are some primo creams with formulas that really outperform the price tag. Read on to acquaint yourselves with these beauties!

All swatches today are over Zoya Get Even and topped with Seche Vite where noted. For some reason, I went with a white background for these swatches instead of black. It’s good to switch it up every now and again, right? :]

Bonita Light Green

Bonita “Light Green,” 2 coats plus top coat

The first polish we have is this delightful, minty green. Unfortunately, none of the polishes in this collection were named. Boo. So I will just be referring to them by  descriptor names. Though I will also share the names I made up for them in my personal database; I’ve always wanted to try my hand at naming polishes. This one I call In My Ele-mint. Please tell me that no one has used that one yet!

Light Green 1.jpg

Bonita “Light Green,” 1 coat

This lovely green had amazing opacity on the first coat! With just one swipe, my experience this time with Bonita was infinitely better than the first. It is on the verge of being a OCW but I found it better to use thinner coats; if you check out my index nail you can see some of it ran down the side. The brush was similar to the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear brush so it is a nice medium width and you do not have to wipe too much polish off it to get thinner coats. My only complaint about this polish is that it did not self-level.

Light Green 2

Bonita “Light Green,” 2 coats

This polish was easily opaque in two coats! It still is not smooth here but dig out your favorite thick top coat and this one will be looking glossy and perfect in no time. Really, for a color this light I am happy that my only complaint is the lack of self-leveling! It could have been a streaky, watery mess.

Bonita Bright Green

Bonita “Bright Green,” 2 coats plus top coat

The next lovely polish I have to show you is this wonderful bright green! It is reminiscent of greenery, the Pantone color of the year, but it is much more blue-leaning. My room at my parents’ house is painted a very similar color, so obviously this color is up my alley. I named this one “You Green a Lot to Me,” and really, this color DOES mean/green a lot to me; it is Ashley in a bottle!

Bright Green 1

Bonita “Bright Green,” 1 coat

Once again, I goofed on a swatch. This time I dented it trying to pick a bit of fuzz off. >sigh< This is how you know I am not a professional. Ignoring that, this polish had really excellent coverage on the first coat. It is slightly more sheer than the mint, but still nice and creamy. This brighter green also dried more evenly and smooth.

Bright Green 2

Bonita “Bright Green,” 2 coats

Just like the mint, this polish is beautifully opaque in just two coats. It looks so much smoother pre-top coat, too. I have A LOT of love for this color, y’all. Seriously. If I did not have 50 billion other polishes to wear this would be on my nails all the time.

Bonita Blue

Bonita “Blue,” 1 coat plus top coat

Rounding out the set, we have the one actual blue in the Hues of Blue collection. It is what I would call a teal-royal blue. It is not a true teal, not enough green in it, but it is definitely greener than true royal blue. I named this one Feeling Blue-tiful.

Bonita Blue 1

Bonita “Blue,” 1 coat

This one is a OCW! I tried to use thinner coats, but it just turned out so opaque; I think you would have to put out a lot of effort to make it a two-coater. This one has a nice, smooth formula like the bright green. It does appear slightly more teal in person than in these photos, just a heads-up.

Needless to say, Bonita are now back on my nice list. The pastel mint and blue just “blue” me away with their opacity. All of the formulas were well-behaved and I would happily paint my nails with them all day. This was another swatching session that just left me feeling super happy and excited! I do not like having negative opinions of nail polish and am pumped that I have finally gotten to experience the quality Bonita can deliver!

Have you tried any Bonita polishes? Any favorites?

xx, Ashley

You can visit Bonita on their website here. I bought this pack at Ross.


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