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I wish I had more morals and ethics when it came to nail polish. When buying other beauty products, I obsessively check labels and research ingredients because I like knowing these things. But when it comes to nail polish, I often knowingly buy from brands that are known to animal test and honestly do not care if the label says “5-free.” If it is a pretty color, my money is gone. In an effort to be more aware about where my money is going, I decided to go through my stash and, using Logical Harmony’s cruelty-free brand list, check out which polishes I have that are actually cruelty-free. I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the brands that popped up on the list, so I decided to share it with you! There is nothing wrong with being a more informed consumer, right?

All of my swatches are over Zoya Get Even and topped with Seche Vite, unless noted. I did do my research on Logical Harmony back in March, so it is possible something has changed since them. I did re-check everything, but… to err is human. I have also included info on where each polish is made, just so you are not only staring at pictures! Alright, let’s go!

B Complete Midnight

  • Brand: B.
  • Color: Midnight, 2 coats
  • Made In: China

Barry M Damson

  • Brand: Barry M.
  • Color: Damson, 1 coat
  • Made In: UK

The Body Shop Blue Abyss

  • Brand: The Body Shop
  • Color: Blue Abyss, 1 coat
  • Made In: France

Butter London Petticoat

  • Brand: Butter London
  • Color: Petticoat, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

Ciate Superficial

  • Brand: Ciaté
  • Color: Superficial, 1 coat
  • Made In: Luxembourg

Color Club Route 66

  • Brand: Color Club
  • Color: Route 66, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

Deborah Lippmann Mermaids Dream

  • Brand: Deborah Lippmann
  • Color: Mermaid’s Dream, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

Deco Miami Slay

  • Brand: Deco
  • Color: #slay, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA???

Gosh Frosted Soft Green

  • Brand: Gosh
  • Color: Frosted Soft Green, 2 coats sans top coat
  • Made In: France

LACC 1966

  • Brand: LACC
  • Color: 1966, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

Milani Sardina

  • Brand: Milani
  • Color: Sardina, 1 coat over Deco #slay
  • Made In: USA

NARS Algonquin

  • Brand: NARS
  • Color: Algonquin, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

Orly Jealous Much

  • Brand: Orly
  • Color: Jealous, Much?, 3 coats
  • Made In: USA

Pacifica Hustle

  • Brand: Pacifica
  • Color: Hustle, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

Palate Blue Maize

  • Brand: Palate Polish
  • Color: Blue Maize, 1 coat
  • Made In: USA

Picture Polish Live Love Polish

  • Brand: piCture pOlish
  • Color: Live Love Polish, 2 coats
  • Made In: Australia

Sonia Kashuk Grey Matter

  • Brand: Sonia Kashuk
  • Color: Grey Matter, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost

  • Brand: Wet n Wild
  • Color: Caribbean Frost, 2 coats
  • Made In: China

Zoya Tilda

  • Brand: Zoya
  • Color: Tilda, 2 coats
  • Made In: USA

If you got through all that, you probably deserve a medal. Which brands surprised you the most? I did not expect to see Gosh, Milani, or Wet n Wild on this list! It’s nice to know there are actually a variety of drugstore cruelty-free polish options. This also makes me think, if all these companies can survive without animal testing, what excuse do the rest have? Because I’m terrible, I will continue to buy from all brands but it sure would be lovely if the OPIs and Essies of the world would follow by all these examples.

xx, Ashley



6 thoughts on “My Collection: Cruelty-Free

  1. OMG so many pretties! Too many to mention, I love them! TBS one is especially gorgeous.

    Cruelty-free is a great bonus, but I admit to doing what you do… I don’t really care too much about 3/5/10-free, either, though it seems like everyone’s at least 3-free, these days. (Whenever I wear/swatch my old polishes, I try not to huff. 😷)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a helpful compilation! Very handy to know what brands are cruelty-free – I’ve never thought much about it from a nail polish perspective.
    That NARS Algonquin is stunning! I bet it was an limited edition… right?
    I’m surprised about Milani and Sonia Kashuk – those drugstore mainstream brands aren’t ones I’d associate with cruelty-free.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the NARS polish was from a holiday collection a few years back… I actually found it at TJ Maxx so it might still be floating around out there.

      It’s definitely nice that there are more cruelty-free drugstore brands than expected! I think those companies deserve a little more credit, because they certainly do not have to be.

      Liked by 1 person

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