Rimmel 60 Seconds Chameleon Colour Collection by Rita Ora: My Picks (Part 1)

Rimmel Chameleon Colour

(Yikes, that’s a heck of a title, isn’t it?) I always love writing blog posts and I always love swatching for them, but sometimes I get a little extra excited and giddy about what I have to show you. This is one of those times, because Rimmel’s little polishes occupy a big spot in my heart. To be honest, I do not know exactly why. Their 60 Second line tends to have thinner formulas and colors that are probably dupable. But the bottles and names are so adorable! I seriously regret not picking up Loosey Goosey Dancin when I was in the UK (yes – I even had the bottle IN MY HAND and decided that I didn’t need it. Stupid past me, of course I needed it!). The name alone… anyway, I was randomly browsing feelunique.com a few months ago and saw that Rimmel had dropped a new nail polish collection. Rimmel polishes seem to have disappeared from the US so I paid about £21 for shipping to grab a few of these new colors (and a few older ones, too, but those are for another time).

I cannot find much press about this new collection but from what I can gather, there are 12 new polishes. Feelunique had 10 of them. At the time I placed my order, there were no swatches floating around so I had to guess based on the website pictures. One turned out to be a color I would never have grabbed in person, but oh well. That is what you get for being overeager.

All of my swatches today are over Zoya Get Even. I decided to not use top coat, which was an incredibly stupid decision. They are shiny on their own, but they are quick-dry polishes which means they have a super thin formula. The two creams did not dry with a smooth finish, so I apologize for the even-more-sub-par swatch quality today.

Rimmel Urban Chameleon

Rimmel Urban Chameleon, 2 coats

We are going to start off with the polish from this collection that makes me drool. I could wear this color for the rest of the year. And beyond. It’s a darker, dusty, camo-ish sage green with a very fine silver shimmer running throughout. There are not too many greens in this hue out there and this one is really elevated by that shimmer; it gives the polish a pearlescent sheen. I could just stare at it all day. I kind of want to lick it. £21 shipping is totally worth it for a color like this.

Urban Chameleon 1

Rimmel Urban Chameleon, 1 coat

The formula on Urban Chameleon was predictably thin, but it also felt creamy. This polish looks molten while you are applying it because of that shimmer; it is truly an experience. Rimmel polishes have paddle brushes and they are fantastic; you need to apply some pressure to get the bristles to fan out, which is great when you have small nails! I always hate it when I barely press down with the brush and suddenly my nail is a pool of polish. That is not going to happen here, the brush is so easy to control. All of this aside, even if Urban Chameleon had the most terrible formula in the universe it would be worth it for the color. I want to wear it all day, every day for eternity. Paint my car with it. Be buried in it.

Rimmel My Grey

Rimmel My Grey, 2 coats

This is a nice color to chill with after all my gushing; meet My Grey, a lovely medium-toned grey that leans a teensy bit blue. It looks like a stormy sky to me. I bet most brands have a color like this in their collection, but I’m quite happy to have Rimmel’s version. That’s what happens when you’re obsessed :]

My Grey 1

Rimmel My Grey, 1 coat

My Grey’s formula was thin, but not runny, and surprisingly opaque on the first coat. To my eyes, it dried a bit darker than it appears in the bottle, though it kind of looks the opposite in the picture because of the shadow from my hand! One thing I noticed about this collection is that the second coat when on very smoothly. I have talked about this before with other quick-dry polishes, but sometimes when you apply a second coat the first coat feels “grabby” and it makes application more of a drag. Not so with these, it felt like applying normal polish.

Rimmel Hot Metal Love

Rimmel Hot Metal Love, 2 coats

Next up, I have the one polish in the collection that I would not have picked up if I had seen it in person. Hot Metal Love is a chrome-metallic pink. In all the pictures I saw online it looked lavender, but c’mon Ashley, it’s called Hot Metal LOVE. What color do most people think of when they think of love? Purple probably does not top the list. In this polish’s favor, it actually does look pinky-purple to me in some lights so I do not TOTALLY hate it. It will be a good pedicure color for me. I know this one and the next one are going to be the most opinion-dividing polishes in this post because of the finish; I can understand the dislike and frustration with brushstroke-y chromes, but I do love the look.

Hot Metal Love 1

Rimmel Hot Metal Love, 1 coat

Hot Metal Love is super close to being opaque in one coat! There were a couple sheer, lighter patches but I could see someone getting this done in one. Just be careful with those brushstrokes. Other than brushstrokes, application was easy. It was an expectedly thin formula; metallics and quick-dries tend to be like that.

Rimmel Pedal To The Metal

Rimmel Pedal to the Metal, 2 coats

Pedal to the Metal is the last polish I have to show you from this collection. It is the icy blue version of Hot Metal Love! It was not quite as blue in person as it looks here; for whatever reason, my camera loved this polish and really made it look more saturated. You can tell it is blue, but not as much as you can tell here.

Pedal To The Metal 1

Rimmel Pedal to the Metal, 1 coat

There was little difference between the application of this and Hot Metal Love, except Hot Metal Love looked more opaque on the first coat. Pedal to the Metal definitely needs a second; you can see visible nail line. Again, watch your brushstrokes. These polishes do not dry so lightning fast that you have no time to manipulate them. Take your time and apply like you normally would.

From a collector’s stand point, this is not a wildly unique collection. The real stand out is Urban Chameleon; I have not seen many hues of green like it and it is just deliciously beautiful. I imagine it will look gorgeous on a variety of skin tones! From a Rimmel fan’s stand point, I like that they mixed it up a bit in this collection. 99% of their polishes are cream finishes and I like seeing the metallics and shimmers. feelunique.com is having a huge sale right now and, because I am paranoid that Rimmel polishes will go away forever, I MAY have panicked and bought a couple more polishes from this collection (Ora-ngy Vibe, Partner in Lime, and Too Cool) as well as some other Rimmels that I have had my eye on. Almost spent as much on shipping as on polish, but hey, at least I’m not addicted to heroin or something more life-threatening. Just wallet threatening :]

Have any of you tried Rimmel polishes? Can you find Rimmel where you live? – I especially want to know this from my Canadian friends because there is a teeny tiny possibility that I could be going to Toronto in October and you know I’ll be hitting up Shoppers and London Drug… if I can find my precious Rimmel polishes there I will be ecstatic! (Also, looking on Rimmel’s Canadian site it looks like Jean Coutu carries Rimmel as well… good things to know!)

xx, Ashley

Rimmel polishes are few and far between in the US, but you can visit their US site here. I bought my bottles at feelunique.com.



7 thoughts on “Rimmel 60 Seconds Chameleon Colour Collection by Rita Ora: My Picks (Part 1)”

  1. Like you said, I’m sure there are dupes but these are all beautiful shades that I would pick up in a minute if I saw them in stores! I follow Rimmel’s Instagram and I’m so jealous we can’t get the polish readily 😥 I can’t wait to see the other shades!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely remember seeing Rimmel polishes at the drugstore a few years ago because that is how I got my first one. I wonder what happened? I wish they would bring them back, they are actually reasonably priced if you’re not having them shipped from the UK :]

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not typically a fan of quick dry polishes as I find they chip faster on me. And I’ve read opposing reviews about the quality of the Rimmel polishes… I don’t own any. BUT, that Urban Chameleon shade is gorgeous! I’m surprised how much I’m drawn to it since I’m not too into green polishes. Your infatuation for that colour is hilarious! 😆 Great score off Feelunique – I’ve not ordered off there before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe that about quick-dry polishes, the formulas are always so thin! I don’t keep polishes on long enough to really notice…

      To be honest, Rimmel is not superb quality. My love for the polishes is a little bit in the realm of the incomprehensible, even to me 😛

      I have had good experiences with Feelunique, though I have only ordered polish and the shipping is very yikes for that :[ but they have coupon codes and sales frequently so it’s good site to peruse every once in a while!


  3. I believe I own one Rimmel polish..I used find them all the time here but now that you mention it I haven’t lately! To me, the polishes weren’t too bad but they also weren’t too great, in the middle. I love these colors though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sad that they seem to have disappeared here :[ I agree with you, Rimmel polishes are not exactly high quality, but for whatever reason I love them A LOT. Perhaps it’s a good thing that they are harder for me to get now :]

      Liked by 1 person

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