Breezy VoxBox Review (NOT NAIL RELATED)

Note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes!


Hola friends! I decided to make a post about my most recent VoxBox because it had some interesting products in it and because it does include a foot cream, which is kind of nail-related. All together, I received:

  • Profoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream
  • Origins A Perfect World SPF 40 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea
  • Origins A Perfect World Age-Defense Eye Cream with SPF 20
  • Sour Punch Bites Ragin’ Reds
  • Sour Punch Straws Pineapple Mango Chili
  • Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  • Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect Hair & Scalp Conditioner
  • Nair Wax Ready-Strips

Below I will go into detail about each, but I wanted to let you know what all is involved upfront so you can decide whether you want to read further or not. I tried to be as brief as possible in my reviews without compromising on info. I tend to ramble on a lot, trying to cute back on that a little to improve my writing!

Profoot Heel Rescue

Profoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream

First up is this foot cream from Profoot, which I have been using every day up to today since June 9th. You are supposed to apply it to clean feet morning and night. I really like the pump dispenser because there is less a chance of contamination of the cream. I also like that it is fragrance-free; I much prefer no fragrance to something gross and it’s a nice break from the 10 billion peppermint foot products out there!

Profoot sample

Heel Rescue is on the thinner side for a cream, but it does require quite a bit of massaging to get it to absorb and even then, I usually end up putting on my socks before all traces of the white cream have completely vanished from the surface of my feet. My feet look very normal after using this, which is a good thing because they usually look dry and nasty. I honestly do not know if it is because of this product specifically or because I have been consistently moisturizing my feet twice a day! I probably will not purchase this myself because I could make a foot butter myself, but it has been a good lesson in what consistent moisturizing can do!


Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer and Eye Cream

There is no way that I am going to refer to these products by their full names, because YIKES (see list above). These Origins moisturizer and eye cream boast SPF and white tea as age-defense factors; preventative aging, put more simply. Both the moisturizer and eye cream are thicker, which I did not like at first but got used to! My excitement over the eye cream increased when I saw that the two active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, so the spf is mineral-based!

Origins Sample 1

top: Eye Cream, bottom: Moisturizer

The moisturizer with spf is, unfortunately, not mineral-based. It also has fragrance added to it, which is annoying. The scent is a good citrus scent and it does appear to be all essential oil based, but fragranced skin care annoys me; what’s the point of having a scented face? The eye cream has no fragrance, another bonus! Can you tell which one I like more? :]

Origins Sample 2

top: Eye Cream (dabbed on), bottom: moisturizer (gently massaged)

The thick texture of both products means they take a bit of massaging. For the eye cream, I would dab it until I could tell it was not absorbing much more and then I very gently used my ring finger to smooth it under my eyes. It is worth noting that the eye cream is slightly tinted, perhaps to counterbalance the white minerals. For these reason, I am not sure this would be unnoticeable on darker skin tones. The spf in both has been very effective, I have gone on several hikes with these as my only face spf and have not burned, so they have worked for me. I definitely prefer the eye cream because of the ingredients, though I do have to use makeup remover on my eyes every day (I rarely actually wear makeup) because the eye cream tends to build up; I assume it’s the minerals?


Sour Punch

Sour Punch Bites & Straws

Next up, we have the products that disappointed me the most. I am a sour candy-aholic, I LOVE sour stuff! With a name like Sour Punch, I had high expectations. But eating these is like eating messier fruit gummies. The sour sugar coating stuff is useless. Sour Punch? These are not even a Sour Pat on the Back, more like Sour Friendly Wave from Across the Street. They are quite flavorful and you can tell that the different colors in the Ragin’ Reds packs have different flavors. The straws have some kind of chili in them which makes them spicy (although it does not have a chili flavor, it’s all fruit). But for something called SOUR punch, I would at least expect them to be as sour as spicy. Nope. I think I need to go buy some Warheads Extreme just to re-experience what true sourness is like.

Head and Shoulders Repair and Protect

Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect Shampoo + Conditioner

I find it a little strange that they chose to include Head & Shoulders in a VoxBox. Maybe dandruff is a more common problem than I know. I do not struggle with it, so the shampoo and conditioner have not done anything beyond the ordinary for me. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean and the conditioner makes my hair feel softer. They have a slightly sweet melon scent, which I do not love but it is soft and not too noticeable. The shampoo instructions say to shake it before use, which is a little weird, but not as weird or annoying as the cap design. It is just a hole in a flat lid, which means that when you dispense the liquid it smears all over the lid. The conditioner lid is designed the same way, but since conditioner is much more viscous the same problem does not occur.

Nair Wax Ready Strips

Nair Wax Ready-Strips

This was actually my first waxing experience – I just choose to shave everything. These strips were super easy to use; I used one to remove some fuzz between my eyebrows – not quite a unibrow but on its way there. I cut the strip to the size I wanted, pressed it very firmly against my skin, and ripped up quickly. It was painless; it actually hurt more a bit after when my skin had this slight tingly, burning-ish feeling. My biggest complaint about this sample was that it came with four strips and only one wipe to clean up left over wax! I probably won’t repurchase just because I do not feel a need to wax instead of shave, it seems like more of a waste of material (all that packaging vs. a razor that gets tossed every month and soap packaging that gets recycled).

This was the most interesting VoxBox I have received so far! I was able to test all the products simultaneously because they were for different parts of the body and it got me interested in Origins and into an Origins store – hopefully the masks I bought turn out awesome! I am going to be using the shampoo, conditioner, and foot cream to the very last drop and that will be quite a while thanks to the full-size products. The only disappointing thing was the “sour” candies and the lack of nail polish, but other than that this kind of variety is what I want from a box of samples! I will be happy to continue testing stuff for Influenster in the future!

Have you tried any of these products? Any recommendations from Origins?

xx, Ashley

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.



4 thoughts on “Breezy VoxBox Review (NOT NAIL RELATED)”

  1. Yesss, I’m sick of all the minty foot creams! I’m using an unscented one right now and it’s great. I’m digging how the Profoot one has a PUMP!
    I’ve never tried Sour Punch – I don’t think it’s available here. How disappointing they’re not that sour.
    I use Head & Shoulders shampoo in the winter time to help my itchy scalp! And I really like their shampoo – it makes my hair really bouncy. My favourite is the green apple version.
    That Origins eye cream sounds good – I’ve not come across a mineral SPF eye cream before! My favourite Origins product is their cleansing oil – really effective and gentle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not against mint as a scent, but you would think the makers of foot creams would all stop using the same scent! Unscented ones are a nice break from the norm :]

      I am still really excited about the Origins eye cream, I wish the facial cream had been at least partly mineral spf. I just put their cleansing oil on my to-try list, it looks awesome based on the ingredients! Thanks for the rec :]


  2. Your description of the sour candies cracked me up šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ I grew up constantly eating Sour Punch products so it’s disappointing that their new products aren’t that good. Maybe the original red straws are just better!

    Liked by 1 person

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