First Impressions: Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor Going Native

Morgan Taylor Going Native, 3 coats plus Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip

Remember when I did that post about the Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast polishes? You would think that after doing all that swatching, Morgan Taylor would no longer be eligible for a first impressions post, but I had not worn a full Morgan Taylor mani until I put on the beautiful, soft teal lusciousness that is Going Native. This is one of my new favorite colors ever, despite the formula not quite being what I was expecting.

Going Native 1

Morgan Taylor Going Native, 1 coat

Morgan Taylor describes Going Native as a “sea green cream.” I don’t think I agree with a single word of that description, but it definitely has a tropical vibe so at least they got that vibe down. To my eyes, this is a very light teal, a color that is between the realms of green and blue. The formula is more crelly-like, surprising for a color that looks so rich in the bottle. It is an easy polish to apply, but looks so watery and streaky on the first coat.

Going Native 2

Morgan Taylor Going Native, 2 coats

The second coat deepens and smooths out the color considerably from the first coat, but there are still a few lighter spots and it is definitely still sheer. Lots of vnl going on here.

Going Native 3

Morgan Taylor Going Native, 3 coats

This is pretty much as good as it gets. Going Native is still a tad more sheer than I would prefer, you can see my nail line if you squint and/or see my nails close-up under bright lights. This whole blogging thing distorts your view of opacity a little, the camera and lights can see what the eye would not normally. Going Native self-leveled splendidly and it is very shiny on its own.

Based on my, err, “love” of the formula, you might expect I am disappointed with this polish. While I do wish it had just been a simple cream formula, I am head-over-heels in love with this color! It has this dusty quality to it and it is just one drop of green away from not being in the teal/turquoise family. I do not have any other color like and I loved wearing on my nails! To me, the sub-par formula is worth this gorgeous color in the end!. It is going on my favorites list.

Have you tried any Morgan Taylors? Any favorites? What polishes do you love despite formulas that are perhaps not the best?

xx, Ashley


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Morgan Taylor

  1. I’ve only heard of this brand but not laid eyes on it around here. What a pretty colour! I can understand why you can overlook the less than perfect formula for the colour.
    A lot my sheer polishes fall into the camp of “ooh if you weren’t so pretty, I’d get rid of you!”… 😆

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    • Morgan Taylor polishes are not easy to find, I have bought all of mine online. Ulta carries them now, but my local store has such a poor selection that I usually end up at Loxa Beauty. I tried to find out if they ship to Canada, but their website isn’t very helpful 😐


    • Ooo yes, this would be a good time to try them out. I have Let Them Eat Cake and Best Face Forward waiting to be worn in my stash :] I really want Making Waves (be still my heart, what a blue!) and Under the Stars. Looks like they have a fall collection out too!

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