First Impressions: Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color


Maybelline Surreal, 2 coats plus Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (more like Insta-Bubble)

The only Maybelline nail polish I had ever seen before stepping out of the country was the Color Show line (which I have strangely never tried). I randomly saw this polish at Superdrug and decided I should grab it, even though there was a chance I would be able to find it at home in the US. Good job I got a bottle because I have not seen these anywhere, and believe me, I have been on the look out (did I sound too much like Trump there with the “believe me”? yikes…). Maybelline’s very long-named Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color is, surprise, not an actual gel polish. It is one of those “gel-like” polishes every brand these days feels compelled to make. They claim seven days of no chips, as long as you do top coat touch ups. Hmmm, okay. I don’t do wear tests, so what you’re going to see is an application review. Not even concrete could last seven days on my nails!


Maybelline Surreal, 1 coat

The instructions for this polish said to apply a thin coat first and then a thicker second coat. Here you are seeing my very thin first coat, not sure I could have done it any thinner while still getting coverage all over the nail. It definitely looks patchy, though I think it would have looked a lot better if I had went in with a more normal, medium coverage coat. It is a crelly formula, but dark enough that I could see it being a two-coater. The paddle brush on this polish is HUGE, think Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, but possibly even wider. I did not compare them side-by-side, but dang, it was not easy painting my pinky! Luckily it was pretty easy to wipe polish off the stem of the brush so I didn’t have to worry about blobs of polish dripping down all over.


Maybelline Surreal, 2 coats

Here is my thicker, second coat and it is definitely opaque. If you look at the left sidewall of my pinky, you can see that I flooded it a bit. That damn brush. I do not hate it or anything, but it does make it a tad more difficult for smaller-nailed folks like myself. That second coat looks fairly smooth on its own and definitely super shiny. The color does dry down a bit darker in hue than it looks in the bottle, but it also somehow looks more vibrant on the nail than I was expecting based on the bottle. It seems a little bit dustier before you paint it on.

Over all, I am satisfied with this polish. I really liked the color and thought the formula was fine; there does not seem to be any good reason to do the thin coat-thick coat steps, it would definitely be opaque in two if you painted with it normally. The brush didn’t cause my heart to sing, but I can (mostly) deal with that. If I saw a super pretty color in this polish line, I would not hesitate to pick it up!

Have you tried this line of polish from Maybelline? What about the Color Show polishes? Any favorites?

xx, Ashley


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color”

  1. Oh interesting – I never really see Maybelline polishes around me, anymore, though I know the Color Shows are still around (online and stuff). I used to love the old Maybellines – they had some awesome shades even though the formulas could be quite bad, haha. Some were fab, though (Wet Shines, Coloramas… I am really dating myself, here.)

    I tried one or two Color Shows and didn’t like them. I wish Maybelline would get more into the polish game again!

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    1. I totally remember the Wet Shines, I know I had a bottle when I was younger :] it really does feel like Maybelline has become more boring with their polish offerings, even the Color Show line did have some interesting collections a few years back. I remember liking the look of the ones with the black and white glitters in the color bases, but never got any of them…

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  2. I still have exactly one Maybelline Color Show polish that I got on a whim when I saw it on clearance. I feel like I should try more permanent drugstore polishes but it’s so hard with so many collections coming out all the time to pick up something random. But this blue is beautiful and I love it ok you!


  3. I’ve not seen this line in Canada either – we also only have those crappy Color Show ones. I found a really good mannequin hands type of shade from the Color Show line but the wear time was mediocre. I am also very averse to the bottle / cap shape of them.
    Hmm I would NOT like this super wide brush – they’re only good for the thumb or the big toe!

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