First Impressions: YSL La Laque Couture


YSL Rouge d’Or, 2 coats plus top coat

I have this thing about spending money on nail polish… I just cannot bring myself to buy a polish that is over $10 a bottle. It doesn’t matter what size the bottle is, but $10 is my limit for a single vessel of polish. For this reason, I have very few higher-end polishes in my collection. Luckily, discount beauty stores exist and scrounging around in them landed me this bottle of YSL polish. Rouge d’Or is a delightful orangey, coral-y red filled with a fine gold shimmer. If you’ve been following me a while, you might know that orange + gold is one of my major weaknesses!


YSL Rouge d’Or, 1 coat

Unfortunately I wore this over a month ago and forgot to note which base and top coats I used for this mani, please forgive me. However, I did not forget to note how awesome the formula of Rouge d’Or is! As you can see, it is mostly opaque with just one coat and has really even coverage. The only reason I ended up using two was to cover up some nail line. The gold shimmer is visible at one coat, but is not super strong (no duochrome-type shift here). Rouge d’Or dries slightly unevenly, there are little brushstorkes through all the shimmer that did not smooth out. Although it did not self-level well, it did dry really quickly which surprised me!


YSL Rouge d’Or, 2 coats

It is definitively opaque in two coats! I also noticed that with a second coat Rouge d’Or dried to a much smoother finish; some polishes apply better on top of themselves and this was clearly one of them. YSL lacquers have a paddle brush of a medium width and it was a cinch to paint all of my nails with it.


YSL Rouge d’Or, 2 coats plus top coat under lamps

I think I can safely say that this polish exemplifies what a high-end polish should be; unique, perfectly formulated, beautifully packaged, and a delightful painting experience. If I ever find another discounted YSL polish in a pretty color, it is definitely coming home with me (please let me find Bleu Cobalt… it looks divine!).

Have you ever tried YSL polishes? Any favorites? What other higher-end brands do you adore?

xx, Ashley

YSL Rouge d’Or appears to be part of their core collection if you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: YSL La Laque Couture”

  1. Thank you for sharing, I was actually surprised how “cheap” the YSL nailpolishes are (compared to Chanel) – I mean even though they are twice the price of an Essie nailpolish, they are not that much more expensive then OPI, so was actually thinking of treating myself to one of them..especially after reading your postive review, and love the color too:) /Mary

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