Fall Favorites: OPI This Isn’t Greenland


OPI This Isn’t Greenland, 2 coats plus top coat

There is pretty much nothing I anticipate more in the nail polish world than the release of fall collections. Fall colors can be muted, bright, vampy, bold, shimmery, or dusty, but there is something about them… the colors always feel closer to nature, but perhaps I’m just thinking that because nature really goes all out during fall. OPI is one of the brands that killed it this year with their fall release and I was both terrified of and excited by this particular green. I was not sure if the muted, yellow-tinged sage, green khaki color of This Isn’t Greenland would suit me, but I enjoyed every second that I had it on my nails. It was somehow classy and fun, possibly the closest a green is going to get to being a neutral.

I wore OPI This Isn’t Greenland over Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and topped it with NYC Shine in a Minute Grand Central Station.


OPI This Isn’t Greenland, 1 coat

This Isn’t Greenland has a thinner formula, but it is not runny and it is more opaque on the first coat than I would expect given the consistency. Like you would expect with a thinner formula, it does not self-level well. I really love this color, but prepare yourselves… the next picture is giving off mega lobster-hand vibes, I am not sure how I screwed up the lighting so badly for that to happen!


OPI This Isn’t Greenland, 2 coats

Yikes! How I managed to get non-red hands pictures for the other two and failed for this one… the true sign of a terrible blogger. Ignoring the horrendous skin tone, if you look at the polish you can see it is completely opaque with a second coat and a tad bit smoother. A tad. I could see some people needing three coats as this almost has a crelly-ish formula, which means over-manipulating the polish is a big no-no.

I think the best thing this polish has going for it is the color, and that is a big reason it is one of my new favorites! Although it looks mighty similar to Zoya Ireland, I cannot help but love this neutral green. It looks a lot better with a top coat on so I can forgive the formula. It may also look better if you tend to use thicker coats. Honestly , it could have been a 3 coat mess and I still would have felt so satisfied having This Isn’t Greenland on my nails. You know when a color just gets you? That’s this polish for me.

What do you guys think? What colors from the Iceland collection have you been loving?

xx, Ashley


6 thoughts on “Fall Favorites: OPI This Isn’t Greenland”

  1. LOL yes, it’s easy to get lobster hands with these shades! I still think it looks nice on you! The formula is a bit wanting though, huh? I just got a mini Iceland set, and hope to try them soon. I usually hate OPI minis, but it was cheap 😀

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    1. Thank you, at least the lobster hands isn’t apparent in person! But it is frustrating for photos 😐

      There are so many amazing colors in this collection, I’m sure your set has a few that you’ll love!

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  2. Too bad about the formula. So odd about the colour balance in that 2nd photo – your camera just wants to give you a Christmas look (green nails, red hands!)
    I haven’t paid much attention to Fall releases this year because I don’t want to get tempted! 😛

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