Deborah Lippmann x Grey Jason Wu

Deborah Lippmann x Grey Jason Wu

A couple, possibly a few, months ago Deborah Lippmann announced a little collaboration with Jason Wu as part of his new line, Grey. I’m not entirely sure what makes Grey different from his usual fashion line because the prices still make my jaw drop. There must be more people out there than I think who are willing to drop $400 on a sweater. That makes me want to go on all kinds of rants, but we’re here for the nail polish, not Ashley’s diatribes. I do not really know what made me buy Grey Day, the name of this little number, because it kind of looks like a grey that every brand has. Surprisingly, I actually own nothing like it! Money well spent. It walks the line between a few different types of greys and I love it lots. I mean, it’s grey, of course I wasn’t going to hate it…

The base coat under today’s swatches is Butter London Nail Foundation and my top coat is Seche Vite.


Deborah Lippmann Grey Day, 1 coat

The first coat of Grey Day went on splendidly. The formula is a good middle consistency and is so damn close to being opaque in one coat! This polish fits into the Gel Lab Pro line, so it has a paddle brush that tends to get too much polish on it, watch out for that. My one gripe with this polish are those little bits you see. I have no clue why they appeared. The polish was smooth as I painted it on, but those bits appeared as it dried; perhaps some parts of the polish dry faster than others? Or maybe my base coat did not get along with this particular formula. It’s super weird, I have never had this happen with any polish before.


Deborah Lippmann Grey Day, 2 coats

Grey Day applied smoothly again, but a few little bits still appeared while it was drying. The polish would have been smooth and level on coat #2 if it were not for those pesky little weirdos.


Deborah Lippmann Grey Day, 2 coats plus top coat

Because I am the worst blogger ever, I smooshed my index finger after applying top coat and did not bother to redo it. Ignoring that, you can see that a thicker top coat pretty much smoothed everything out. I found one other review of this polish and they did not say anything about getting weird little specks. Hmm. Perhaps Deborah Lippmann and Butter London just do not play nicely together.


Essie Now and Zen (index and pinky) vs. Deborah Lippmann Grey Day (middle and ring)

Since you all probably have a billion grey polishes already, I wanted to do a little comparison for you. I was super surprised that the two closest polishes in my collection, Butter London Vapour and Essie Now and Zen, were not close at all. I’m sure there’s a dupe for it somewhere, but not for me. I thought more of you would have Now and Zen, so here’s how they look side-by-side. Now and Zen is more concrete, while Grey Day looks softer and more blue. Both are worth having (Now and Zen is one of my all-time favorites).

I am glad I have this polish for the unique factor in my collection, as I am a ravenous grey polish lover. In the future, I will be curious to try Grey Day out over different base coats. It could be the base coat causing those little bits, it could be that I got a terrible bottle. Have any of you ever had this happen with Deborah Lippmann polishes or am I just special?

xx, Ashley


4 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann x Grey Jason Wu”

  1. Oh man! I’m telling myself I don’t need this but… it just looks so sleek! I just love DL’s cream formulas. I’ve not experienced the pilling bits like this – I use Orly Bonder base coat.
    Good that you don’t own a dupe but I’m pretty sure I have one or two VERY similar shades in my ever growing grey creme stash.

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    1. It is a super beautiful grey! I don’t want to tell you that you NEED it, but… 😬

      I realized that after looking for dupes that I neglected my stash of untrieds, which is full of greys. I probably do own something similar too…


  2. Huh the bubbles are weird! I have noticed I tend to get bubbling if a) the polish is fast-drying and b) if the nail polish is subjected to a bit of breeze as it’s drying, like from an A/C. Maybe it could be that?

    Still, pretty grey! These shades look especially nice with your skintone.

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    1. You know, it might have been my heater. I don’t have central heating, it’s an old gas furnace that blows hot air directly into the living room (where I paint) so that might explain the weirdness. Though that has not happened with any other polishes since it has been cold here…

      Thank you so much, it is a lovely color.


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