First Impressions: Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects


Collection Peacock, 2 coats plus Seche Vite

Hello friends, and welcome to another episode of how in the heckin’ heck do you hold this dadgam bottle. Seriously, do not pay attention to the way I am holding the bottle picture-to-picture because the inconsistency is truly astounding. I am not going to blame Collection for that, though, because this polish is stunning. This is my first (and only) Collection polish and I really wish I had picked up more. Maybe none of the other colors are this amazing. Definitely not true, Cosmic Stars and Touch of Glamour look b-e-a-utiful! I think this is the second blue-green polish called Peacock that I picked up while in the UK and it’s definitely my favorite of the two (no offense to Seventeen, I thoroughly enjoyed wearing that one). Pictures cannot accurately convey the beauty of this polish, but we’re going to look at some anyway.

My base coat today is Butter London Nail Foundation.


Collection Peacock, 1 coat (pinky finger = klutzy blogger)

Collection’s brush is of a medium width and I think the formula of this polish would be thin if it wasn’t absolutely packed to the brim with flakies! It is a lovely teal stuffed with silver flakes. Don’t you just want to lick the screen? Those flakes make the formula super easy to control; the polish stays where you put it. This is one of those polishes that looks even better on the nail than in the bottle, which is pretty friggin’ spectacular. Peacock is such an Ashley color, it’s ridiculous. It does lean a tad more green in person, just so you know. Coverage is good at one coat, but the sheer base means you will want another coat just for more color oomph. And more flakies. Yum!


Collection Peacock, 2 coats

Mmm mmm mmm, just look at all those lovely flakes! Peacock is definitely opaque in two coats. It does dry slightly lumpy because of all the flakes. I think a normal top coat will be enough to smooth it out, the flakes do not eat top coat like glitter. Gosh dang y’all, this polish is the prettiest pretty to ever pretty. Proper English is not enough to convey my love. I wish I could give you ALL a bottle of this because WOW. You need it in your life! It is shimmery even in indirect lighting, truly one of the best nail polish finds ever.


Collection Peacock, 2 coats plus Seche Vite

Ughdasjlkdskjl. Do I really need to recap how I feel about this polish? I know all my raving probably seems crazy, but you NEED to at least see this polish in person. I got my bottle at either Superdrug or Boots… probably Superdrug because I went to those more often. And, just so you know, there is one downside to this polish… it takes a zillion years to scrub all the flakes off your nails. I might try the foil method next time I wear this, but I am a tad afraid that the base will stain my nails if it gets to soak. Hmmm… but really, such a minor flaw, and totally worth it. Get thee to a store that sells Collection. Do yourself a favor.

Have you tried Collection’s polish? Any other stunning beauties that I need?

xx, Ashley


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