Fall Favorites: Essie Dressed to the Nineties


Essie Dressed to the Nineties, 2 coats plus NYC Shine in a Minute Grand Central Station

This will be my last fall post of the year *waterfall of tears*. Except… I’m not really THAT sad because Christmas is my favorite holiday. Now that US Thanksgiving is over I am in full Christmas mode! Christmas music playing 24/7? Check! Every surface of my living space covered in festive penguins? Checkity check. The most cheerful, happy, warm feeling I am going to ever have this winter? CHECK!!! I’m now going to take a moment to reflect and look back fondly upon fall 2017 (which we are still technically in… the winter solstice isn’t until the 21st of December). This year gave us some awesome new nail polish releases like Essie Dressed to the Nineties. Essie’s fall collection had some interesting shades; I picked up As If! and Girly Grunge too, but I opted to wear Nineties because it is so interesting. It is a deep purple (but NOT black) with a dusting of turquoise, greenish shimmer and I enjoyed having it on my digits.

I wore Dressed to the Nineties over Butter London Nail Foundation.


Essie Dressed to the Nineties, 1 coat

The formula of Dressed to the Nineties had a nice, medium consistency but it seemed to dry a tad quickly/drag because I got some patches when I tried to manipulate the polish a little more on the nail (see my index nail). I think it could be a lot more opaque with one thicker coat. The shimmer isn’t super obvious when you stare at it from the same angle, but the minute you start shifting your nails around that shimmer comes to life!


Essie Dressed to the Nineties, 2 coats

I found that the second coat of Dressed to the Nineties did not drag as much. The color evened up and really darkens it to a vampy purple. Yum. The level of shimmer is the same here as with the first coat. Would I love it if the shimmer was more in-your-face? Of course! But I have a love for the subtle green here. I love green in its many forms :] My only gripe with this polish, besides the way the first coat applied, is that it does not really self-level. Oh well, I was going to top coat it any way so it matters little.


Essie Dressed to the Nineties, 2 coats plus NYC Shine in a Minute Grand Central Station under lamps

So that’s a wrap on fall polishes for this year! I want to know what some of your favorites were! I would also like to know if you snagged any polish during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales. Be proud of me: I only shopped Palate Polish’s BOGO on Monday. It was super tempting to hit up Deco’s sale because those little polishes are pricey, but I decided to support an Oregon-based polish instead and only add a little to my avalanche of polish instead of a lot.

xx, Ashley

You can visit Essie on their website here. I bought my bottle at Ulta.



3 thoughts on “Fall Favorites: Essie Dressed to the Nineties”

  1. I love Fall nail polish colours! I really should switch over to the holidays now given it’s only 4 weeks away! I’m not huge on decorating like you 😆 but I do really enjoy Christmas music, I have a whole playlist!
    What, I have NOT caught wind of this nail polish. WHY? I need this, pronto. I just love contrasting subtle hidden shimmers – this season it seems like all the brands are offering a few twists.
    Funny story: I ran into some old coworkers on Black Friday at the mall and they saw my Sephora bag and asked how many nail polishes I bought. I bought NONE! I actually did not buy a single polish during Black Friday shopping – weird.

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    1. Since it is still technically fall, there is no reason to switch over to holidays colors yet if you don’t want to. I’m just a Christmas freak :]

      I agree, it especially feels like OPI and Essie have been stepping it up a little more and giving us some unique-er polishes.

      You either showed great restraint on Black Friday or the polish deals were seriously lacking. I was a little disappointed that Zoya didn’t do 70% off again like last year.


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