A Year of Polish… Here’s to Another!


Another year… New Year’s does not hold too much significance for me, but I thought that on this New Year’s Eve, I would to take a moment to reflect on my favorite polishes of 2017! First, I’ll start out with my favorite polishes that were released in 2017 and then we’ll look at my favorites that I discovered/wore for the first time in 2017. There are a lot more of those, as I am super behind on wearing all my polishes! The post should not be too wordy today, mostly lists and links.




That might not be a complete list, but it is everything I remembered to write down! I am going to try to do the same for next year, as well as try something new. For 2018 I am challenging myself to wear only untried polishes. These are the rules I’m giving myself: a) Untrieds are defined as any polishes that I have never worn or have only worn to swatch for the blog (not worn as a full mani). b) A new glitter or topper can be worn over a polish I have already worn. c) An old glitter or topper can be worn over a new polish. Rules (b) and (c) ensure that I am always wearing at least one untried polish at a time. I am not going to give myself any exceptions for holidays or other occasions where I have polishes that I usually wear… it is good to break with tradition every once and awhile! Feel free to join me in this challenge, I will be using the hashtag #ayearofuntrieds on Instagram. If you join in, please do the same, though I imagine I will be going at this one alone. I hope none of you have as monstrous a pile of untrieds as I do!!!

What were your favorite polishes of 2017, both new releases and new discoveries?

xx, Ashley


2 thoughts on “A Year of Polish… Here’s to Another!”

  1. What a shocker, all those greens! 😆
    My goal in 2018 is to get my hands on a Cadillacquer polish!
    I loved all the shifty ones released late in 2017 including Essie Social-Lights and China Glaze Sin-Derella.

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    1. Ooo, that’s a lovely goal to have :]

      I agree, there were a lot of beautiful glowy, shimmer, shifty polishes this year! But I think I only got around to wearing the OPIs (Turn on the Northern Lights, Feel the Chemis-tree). Social-lights is sitting in my mountain of polishes to wear :]


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