Hand & Nail Empties: July-December 2017


I hope you all are surviving post-holiday winter! It has gotten a bit wetter here so my hands are finally not cracking open every time I bend a knuckle. I’m not going to lie, I accidentally got blood on many things during December because this kept happening without my noticing. I don’t think any of these things were important. If they were, someone is in for a shock!

Since you all seemed to like my first empties post, I’ve decided to make it a thing! Today’s second installment covers things I used up during the second half of 2017. Weirdly, there are no top or base coats in here. I have a couple that are on the brink of being dead, but as a cheapskate I have to use them until it is truly impossible to get any more out. There is only one repeat from last time, and it is something you will probably be seeing in future installments as well!


The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Nail Varnish Remover

This is the repeat product. You can read more here, but basically this is my favorite nail polish remover and I’m super sad that it is gone forever. I do have a few more bottles left, so it will be making a few more appearances.


Rica Cuticle Oil Pen in Blood Orange

I don’t think Rica’s cuticle oils are available any more in pen form, but I quite enjoyed this one. It felt a tad bit more greasy than the Color4Nails oil I used before, but it still absorbed nicely. The scent intensity was also perfect, I got a hint of oranges every time I used it. If I ever purchase from Rica again, I would probably get another one of these. They had A LOT of scent choices!


True Blue Spa Paraffin Super Softening Hand Lotion “Look Ma, New Hands”

This was my favorite hand cream (not referring to it by name because it’s too dang long) before I discovered Soap and Glory’s Hand Food. It was the first hand cream I ever used that I could put on my palms without making them feel greasy for more than a minute or so. I think the wax content really helps seal in moisture and help heal chapped hands. Bath and Body Works stopped stocking the True Blue Spa line at my local store, so that in combination with my desire to not use products containing petroleum by-products (which paraffin is – any little tiny thing I can do to get myself away from fossil fuels in this world of gasoline and plastic) has made me decide not to repurchase this hand cream, though I still have a tube or two left.


The Body Shop Spiced Apple Hand Cream

I’m not very fond of these little hand creams from the Body Shop, for reasons I talked about in my last empties post. It did not help when my hands got severely dry at the end of fall. The Spiced Apple scent is wonderful, though, and I was a little surprised that The Body Shop did not bring it back for the holidays this year. It was kind of a staple of their holiday releases, and a good one at that. I will not repurchase any of these little hand creams, but I would get other things in the Spiced Apple scent were it to be brought back.

That was very short and sweet! I imagine the next post will be a bit longer. Would you guys like to see hand soaps included in these posts? I do go through a lot and they’re not really specialty hand care because everyone (I hope) uses them. Just a thought! Also, would you like me to include the things I use up that I have made myself? I make my own cuticle balm, sometimes blend my own cuticle oils, and I have been experimenting with making body butters to use on my hands at night. Just another thought! Anyway, hopefully I will be seeing you again shortly as I should be posting every Sunday. The key phrase there being “should be.” Enjoy the rest of your week!

xx, Ashley


6 thoughts on “Hand & Nail Empties: July-December 2017”

  1. Ouch, I recently had my skin split on my knuckles too! I slathered on that Body Shop argan oil solid and that helped a lot. No trail of blood for me…

    So sad that Body Shop nail polish remover is gonzo – so typical they discontinue your favourite. What ingredients make it special? Do you think you could DIY it or find a dupe?

    I tried my first Body Shop hand cream recently (Rose) and I didn’t care for it either. I thought I’d been missing out but I guess not! :/

    And all of my comments are about The Body Shop for some reason. šŸ˜†

    Yes please include hand soaps and your DIY stuff! I never knew you made your own cuticle balms and oils – have you shared a recipe before?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I need to start using some heavier duty hand creams again, right after this post went up my hands dried up again! Cursed myself šŸ˜›

      I love how moisturizing the remover is! Normally I slather my cuticles and skin around my nails with cuticle oil before I remove my polish so I don’t get so dry, but with the TBS stuff I didn’t have to. I think some indie polish makers have some oil thingys you can add to normal remover to get the same effect. I need to see if I can whip up something like that! Also, for a non-acetone remover, that stuff works super fast, better than other non-acetone removers.

      I did like the Hemp hand cream from TBS except… it smelled so nasty! I thought I would get used to it by the end, but I hated it more by the end of the tube. Good to know about the Rose stuff, I’ll be avoiding that one.

      I have not shared a recipe yet! I really like my current cuticle oil recipe, but I am always tweaking and experimenting with oil blends :] I will start collecting hand soap bottles for future posts, thanks!

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      1. SO funny you mention TBS Hemp hand cream – I just tried it for the first time last week and it is NASTY! What were they thinking? “Hmm I think people would like their hands to smell like an overdone hobo, yep!” o_O


  2. Isn’t that how it works, when you find something you love and then they discontinue it?? šŸ˜­ that nail polish remover sounds amazing. And I haven’t tried the Hand Food yet! I’ve been using up all the lotions I had stockpiled and then I’ll have to pick that up to try!

    Liked by 1 person

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