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No one tagged me, but seeing as I have temporarily lost the source of my blog content (the all important spiral notebook that I keep everything in), I thought I would piggyback off Stashy’s post and answer the 25 questions that she answered! I have shared so little about myself here, hopefully you can get a better idea of who I am past NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!!! (Though to be honest, that is a big part of me, do not underestimate its impact on my life :P).


Food for thought (this is the kind of stuff that makes me laugh).

1. Why did you start blogging?

There are very few people in my day-to-day life that understand the nail polish love and nothing is better than the internet for getting connected with fellow crazies (no offense to you all).

2. What does a perfect day entail?

I would say watching an amazing soccer game, but the really good games are the ones that give me slight anxiety, sooo…. a morning walk at the beach, an afternoon strolling around a city or a beautiful hike, and an evening in a hot tub or warm bath staring up at the starry sky and getting some reading done.


A photo I took from the medieval walls of my favorite city in the universe… York!

3. What’s your earliest memory?

My parents had a largish piano in their home when I was quite young, and what I believe is my earliest memory is the piano being moved out. (My mom is surprised I remember anything about the piano so I’m thinking that is probably the earliest.)

4. Do you (or would you) share your passwords with a significant other, and why or why not?

Depends on what the password is for, I suppose. But then I again, if I trust someone enough to be in a relationship with them then there’s really no reason to not trust them with a password. The only passwords I would not share are work-related because I do have access to private info and I would get fired immediately!

5. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?

Hmmm, I really don’t know. Either Winnie-the-Pooh or Scooby-Doo. Those two frequent the most in my memory.


6. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

I would change it to my middle name! I am not going to say it here for privacy reasons, but it is a name you can find in Arthurian legend, which the Welsh and nerd parts of me appreciate.

7. What are five things you like about yourself?

I like that I am curious, stubborn/dogged, have a love of learning, can laugh at pretty much anything, and am both a detail and big-picture person.

8. What’s one thing you would change about yourself?

I would be a little more naturally optimistic. It’s healthier for you!

9. You get an all-expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world (can only choose one place) with no budget. Where would you go and what would you do?

Egypt! There is so much to see, I really would need a limitless budget to do all I want to.

10. What made you choose your job/profession (or major if you’re still in school)?

It is a more unique field to be in and I actually found a group that would hire me to do one of the things I enjoy.

11. Would you rather be a great singer, or a great dancer?

I’ve recently had this problem where I will be crossing a street and as soon as I am almost in the next lane over, a driver will decide that’s good enough and turn into the spot I just was 2 seconds ago. Thanks, dudes! I have decided that if I develop some sick dance moves and cross the street while performing them, people will be too distracted to decide to turn early and almost hit me. (I don’t live in a big city, btw. I would fully expect this kind of rude driving in Portland, but where I live it is really just unacceptable.)

12. What fictional place from a book or movie do you wish existed?

I really like the whole universe that the Disney film Treasure Planet is set in! How cool would it be to sail through space on a ship? Plus, I like the weird mix of historical and futuristic going on. I’m ready for it to exist at any time, space pirates and all.

treasureplanetworld13. Is there anything you’ve tried that you would never do again?

Formally speaking in front of a group of people, there is nothing I hate more! On days I had to give presentations in school I always hoped I would get hit by a bus or something on the way there.

14. What personality trait do you wish you had?

I don’t know if there is a specific word for it, but I wish I was the kind of person who was more at ease with people I don’t know. Quick to warm up instead of slow to warm up!

15. Do you have any bad habits?

I cannot go a day without something sweet, I cut exercise first when stripped for time, I eat bagel chips dipped in cream cheese as an entire meal, it can take me years to respond to messages, I flip off bad drivers (trying to replace this with giving them the two-fingered salute since it’s meaning is lost on most people but not on me)… so, in short: yes! But who doesn’t have bad habits?

16. What is your ideal meal?

A three-course meal consisting of cheesy bacon fries and/or poutine, chicken pad thai, and a grilled black bean and cheese burrito. I could eat pad thai for every meal, same with potatoes and black beans. And cheese. Mmmmm…

17. Would you rather give up TV/movies for a year, or give up social media for a year?

Definitely social media because I’ve been watching films much longer than I have had any kind of social media account so I know I can live without it.

18. Are there any websites you visit every single day?

Wikipedia (because I always need to know things) and Live Soccer TV so I can keep up with games.

19. What makeup/fashion trend do you wish would come back?

These days, I’m not even sure what isn’t back. I suppose I wish every guy would dress like the Peaky Blinders lads because damn, they always look so good.


Nobody looks better kicking ass than these guys.

20. What celebrity or celebrities would you like to be friends with?

This guy isn’t really a celebrity, but Wired did some videos with the dialect coach Erik Singer. He is so fascinating, intelligent, and clearly a nerd who is in love with Heath Ledger (very relatable). I’ve watched the best two videos at least 5 times and constantly force them upon other people. He would be such an interesting person to be around!

21. Do you believe in soulmates? Why or why not?

No way, I find that concept horribly depressing. If there’s only one person in 7 billion for me, that means I’m going to have to leave the house more and it just isn’t worth it ;]

22. What’s something that you want to see in your lifetime?

I would just REALLY like there to be no war at some point. Would love it if my tax dollars weren’t going towards murdering people and bombing hospitals and destabilizing foreign governments, which leads to more of the former two things. It would be so great if the US could stop acting like it knows best and if people could just solve their differences some other way, you know? I would also like to see the wealth gap shrink. I ask for such simple things :]

23. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Someone once told me something like: “The path you take in life may be slower and more winding than others, but you will be able to do anything you want because of it.”

24. What is one thing in your life you wish you could do over?

I really wish I would have gone to a dermatologist about 5-6 years earlier than I did. Biggest mistake ever was me thinking it was just my lifestyle causing my severe acne and that I could bring it under control myself without an expert opinion.

25. What is the most memorable book or movie that you’ve written or watched?

I could do an entire blog post on this topic, I LOVE films and books! Since I gave a downer of an answer for question #22, I will not talk about the books that have made me look on the world as a terrible place and instead about favorite fictional books. I think that Wolf Hall and its sequel Bring Up the Bodies are two of the best written books possibly ever. If Hilary Mantel could write my thoughts (not the content of my thoughts, but the way I think them) my life would be so much more poetic and beautiful. I am itching to re-read them even though I have a Leaning Tower of Pisa of books to read and I only read them 3ish years ago. It probably helps that they center around Thomas Cromwell, who is my #2 favorite historical figure, but anyone could write a book about him. Not anyone could do it with the thoughtfulness that Hilary Mantel does and the world really is a better place for it. I enjoyed the BBC mini series based on the books, but, as the ancient proverb says, the books are better!


This book isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, it is one of the best experiences your brain will ever have.

I should have some normal content for you all soon! My notebook of notes is not back in my hands yet, but I did some swatching on Saturday and took notes on my computer, which I am less likely to leave behind :] Thanks for taking the time to read and, please, answer the questions yourself if you so desire! I would love to read your answers.

xx, Ashley


3 thoughts on “Random 25 Questions Tag”

  1. “An apply a day, you die anyway” 😆 It’s true though…

    No one in my real life truly gets my love of makeup either. But I guess I don’t understand their love of shoes, or cooking. 😛

    Scooby-Doo also ranks high on my list of favourite cartoons! ❤

    I really like this: am both both a detail and big-picture person. That’s a fantastic trait to have!

    Hmm I’ve never seen the movie Treasure Planet – now I need to. Sounds amazing.

    Speaking in front of people isn’t my favourite thing but I do it quite regularly. I even took courses in university to help me improve (they filmed me and critiqued my speaking and mannerisms… a bit traumatizing for me back then) BUT I will say that my confidence in public speaking is good now. Last week I spoke to our whole division (400 ppl) and people came up to me to tell me I did a good job. No getting hit by a bus…

    I too, eat something sweet daily. I just can’t live without it…

    Ok, I’m going to watch that video you linked of the dialect coach Erik Singer. Sounds interesting…

    Glad you did this tag! I enjoyed getting to know you better! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I second that, I have no idea how people like cooking so much! Eating is great, but spending hours in the kitchen? Noooope.

      I bow down to you, throughout all my school and university years I had to give speeches and it never got easier. I got better, but hated it more and more. I do find that I don’t mind teaching/instructing, just not a formal presentation-type person :]

      I’m curious if you ended up watching the dialect coach videos!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I did end up watching a few of Erik Singer’s videos! Really fascinating stuff, and it really got me to appreciate how difficult it is to do accents… I could never do it myself!

        Liked by 1 person

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