Pretty Serious Cosmetics Rainy Days Collection: Swatch & Review


The perfect time to review a polish collection is always when said collection and said brand are no longer available, right?! I am a master blogger, kids, take notes. Sadly, Pretty Serious, the maker who is featured in today’s post, is taking the rest of the year off while they revamp the brand, so you will not be able to snag any of these polishes for the time being. We do not yet know what the future is going to bring for Pretty Serious, but based on past collections like this one, Rainy Days, we know it’s going to be quality. I think Pretty Serious really took that quote, “Whatever you are, be a good one,” to heart because their polishes are magnifique. I have a few floating around (and scored a bunch more in their clearance sale) but never purchased a full collection until this one. I mean, look at it. If you are in any way familiar with my polish tendencies, you can see this was made for me. This post has a lot of pictures, so get your tea/beer/cat on lap/whatever, sit down, and enjoy the ride.

All swatches today are over Butter London Nail Foundation and topped by Seche Vite where noted.


Pretty Serious Misty, 2 coats plus top coat

Misty is the first lovely polish up to bat. I would describe it as a murky mint with perhaps a drop of seafoam green and sage. There really is nothing else like this in my collection, everything else I have is either too blue, too green, or much more greyed out. Misty is quite lively on the nail.


Pretty Serious Misty, 1 coat

Misty has a thinner formula that almost looks like a crelly. I say that because the lighter spots look squishy. With just one coat you do get some streaks, but not bad. Make sure to wipe the brush stem off really well so you get full control of the formula.


Pretty Serious Misty, 2 coats

Misty really builds up well, it looks stellar with a second coat! It self -levels well and dries with a great shine… perhaps that crelly quality really is there! I found Misty was easier to control on the second coat, it did not feel as prone to running.


Pretty Serious Cloudburst, 2 coats plus top coat

Cloudburst is another polish in the blue-green family. I would call it a muted turquoise, although it is still quite a bold color. Let me put it this way: I have seen colors in this family that are much more in-your-face than this one is!


Pretty Serious Cloudburst, 1 coat

Cloudburst has a wonderfully creamy formula. If you use thicker coats I could see getting this opaque in one. It does not run or anything like that, the kind of formula we all hope for when we crack open a new bottle of polish.


Pretty Serious Cloudburst, 2 coats

If you do not get Cloudburst opaque in one, you are definitely going to get it opaque in two! The formula is very reminiscent of those classic Butter London creams that apply like… well, you know… butter! It also self-levels super well, even those stupid peeled off bits at the tip of my index finger are less visible.


Pretty Serious Overcast, 2 coats plus top coat

Overcast is what I would call a wet concrete grey. It is definitely grey, but it has brown tones to it like clay.


Pretty Serious Overcast, 1 coat

Overcast has a thinner formula (consistency like Misty), but it is really opaque with just one coat. My picky eyes see a few light patches, but is an impressive formula overall.


Pretty Serious Overcast, 2 coats

Overcast performs like Cloudburst. If you don’t like the opacity at one coat, you are definitely going to be satisfied with the second coat. Overcast dried super shiny, but I needed top coat to smooth out all those flecks from my dying, drying-up base coat. In my notes, it says this polish is “a master at self-leveling” but it does not seem that evident here. I must have done a super sloppy application when swatching!


Pretty Serious Pluviophile, 2 coats plus top coat

The purple in the collection is the lovely Pluviophile, which I would describe as a muddy mulberry tone.


Pretty Serious Pluviophile, 1 coat

Pluviophile’s formula is a nice, medium consistency. No fear of running with this one. The coverage was decent, there were a few streaks but nothing unusual.


Pretty Serious Pluviophile, 2 coats

As with all these polishes so far, Pluviophile is easily opaque at two coats. The formula is super easy to use. I found that the polish dries a little darker on the nail than it appears in the bottle.


Pretty Serious Petrichor, 2 coats plus top coat

Petrichor is the one true blue in the collection. It does not lean green to my eyes in any way. I would call it a denim-slate blue. It is dusty, but still has a prominent color.


Pretty Serious Petrichor, 1 coat

Petrichor and Misty have similar formulas. On the first coat, both look like crellies and the color you get is lighter than what you see in the bottle. I got really even coverage with this coat, not many streaks or light spots.


Pretty Serious Petrichor, 2 coats

Surprise, surprise, this polish is opaque in… two coats! Petrichor darkens up to match the bottle color with the second coat. I’m still kind of amazed at how even the coverage is with this one, I have dark colors from some mainstream brands that are streaktastic in their crelly formulas and need 3 coats beyond all logic. Dark creams that need 3 coats kill my soul. Pretty Serious has got my back!


Pretty Serious Precipitation, 1 coat plus top coat

Lastly, we have the surprise stunner of the group, Precipitation! Precipitation is a darker, bold teal.


Pretty Serious Precipitation, 1 coat

Without even trying, I got Precipitation opaque in just one easy coat. You could almost feel this coming based on the wonderful formulas of the former five, but I was still pretty amazed. It is a buttery, creamy polish that is super dreamy to apply. I think if I am able to get it opaque in one coat with my thinner coats and without even trying to, you definitely would be able to. It also dries super shiny, but I always recommend top coat.

Since this entire collection was pretty much made for me, I cannot pick a favorite. I do hope the Pretty Serious revamp brings us back some old favorites like these, because if not you may need to do some destash hunting. I’m not letting go of my bottles, sorry!

Did you get your hands on any Pretty Serious polishes? Pick any up during their super duper clearance sale? What do you think of the colors? Tell me whatever you like :]

xx, Ashley


3 thoughts on “Pretty Serious Cosmetics Rainy Days Collection: Swatch & Review”

  1. Eh, even if the brand is taking a break, maybe your post will help out people who might be reselling or swapping for these Pretty Serious polishes, ya never know? 😉

    You’re saying you don’t own any polishes like Misty but I swear I’ve seen you review similar shades before! o_O I think this collection is missing a GREEN to really play into your colour palette.

    My favourite of the bunch is Overcast – it looks so chic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I have to confess that when I say I own nothing like it, I mean I own no dupes 😛 There are probably a few color cousins in my collection. I did review that Essie fall collection that had a blueish greenish color in it, so you are not wrong.

      A green really would have rounded out the perfect-for-Ashley-ness. Something greyed out and mossy would have fit perfectly.

      Overcast is an amazing grey, classy yet a little unique.


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