MDJ Creations Phantom of the Opera REMIX Collection Swatch & Review: Part I


I have a super, fantastic, mega-ultra awesome post for you all today! This week, you are getting a sneak peek at a yet to be released collection from MDJ Creations, an indie polish maker that I have long admired. I wore one MDJ’s polishes from the old Phantom of the Opera collection and hinted strongly that I would love a re-release so I could grab the ones I missed. Melissa decided to do one better and release an ENTIRELY NEW collection based on Phantom of the Opera and she was kind enough to send me all of them (and more) to share with y’all. I am completely overwhelmed by her kindness. One of the extra goodies were some macro lenses, which I have been meaning to get for ages! This post is the start of my experimentation using them! I will of course give you my honest review of everything, but as Phantom of the Opera and nail polish are my two religions, you know I will be a bit biased. It is an eight-piece collection called The Phantom of the Opera REMIX collection and it will be releasing on Friday, October 19th at 5:00 PM CST. I have the first four to share with you today (the top four in the photo) and the next four on Wednesday. There are six polishes named after songs and two after the main characters. I am going to go in song order and do the two leads last. I’m going to shut up now and get to the pretties.

All swatches today are shown over Deborah Lippmann’s All About that Base and are topped with MDJ Creations Smooth Finish Fast Dry top coat.


MDJ Creations Think of Me, 2 coats plus top coat

I don’t have any official descriptions for these polishes, so my apologies to Melissa if I undersell them. The first song (besides the intro) and first polish I have for you is Think of Me. I would describe this as a red-violet holo. It’s one of those berry colors that you cannot put into one category: is it red? Is it purple? Who cares, it’s pretty!


MDJ Creations Think of Me, 1 coat

Think of Me is ALMOST a OCW. If you use thick coats it probably will be for you, but I got a few lighter spots. It goes on super smooth and easy. The holo is really strong, as you will see when I show you the direct lighting photo!


MDJ Creations Think of Me, 2 coats

It is probably no surprise to you that Think of Me is 100% opaque with two coats. The color evened out and deepened a bit for me. It does dry a tad dull, as do most of the polishes, so have your favorite top coat handy (or grab a bottle of the MDJ one when you make your order because it’s really good).


MDJ Creations Think of Me, 2 coat plus top coat under direct lighting

Look at all the holo goodness! This is such a perfect color for fall and the holidays.


MDJ Creations Angel of Music, 3 coats plus top coat

Angel of Music is a silver holographic. I cannot tell if it’s a microglitter (doesn’t feel gritty enough), but the particles seem too “big” to be just the usual holo dusting. This is such a perfect, ethereal polish. It reminds me a bit of that sparkling dress Christine wears in the 2004 movie version.


MDJ Creations Angel of Music, 1 coat

You get very dense payoff with just one coat of Angel of Music, which makes me question whether you could use this as a topper. It is incredibly easy to apply. The holo is already blinding at just one coat.


MDJ Creations Angel of Music, 2 coats

Angel of Music is building up nicely. It already looks opaque in some lightings because of how sparkly it is. None of my photos convey how glitzy this one is.


MDJ Creations Angel of Music, 3 coats

I think Angel of Music is as opaque as it’s going to get with three coats. Nail line is mostly hidden after three and is pretty much invisible in person.


MDJ Creations Angel of Music, 3 coats plus top coat under direct lighting

I have to repeat: this doesn’t make Angel of Music look half as sparkly as it is. It is not a shy polish! I should have done a direct lighting photo after just two coats to show you the sparkle.


MDJ Creations Music of the Night, 2 coats plus top coat

Music of the Night is one of my favorite songs of all time, so of course it is represented by the prettiest, most interesting polish in the collection! My bungled description: a teal blue holo with a deeper blue/indigo/purpley shift-flash thing going on. Just look at the photos and know that this one is a chameleon. You’ll see different colors depending on your lighting.


MDJ Creations Music of the Night, 1 coat

I found Music of the Night sheer with the first coat, but super easy to paint with. The color looks a bit murky but has a lot of sparkle.


MDJ Creations Music of the Night, 2 coats

I thought Music of the Night was going to need three coats to build up the depth of the color, but it is totally opaque in two. As if the color was not pretty enough, the formula is perfection too! I’m in love.


MDJ Creations Music of the Night, 2 coats plus top coat under direct lighting

Music of the Night is really the hardest color to pin down. Here it looks almost periwinkle!


MDJ Creations All I Ask of You, 3 coats plus top coat

The sweetest song in the musical gets the most delicate polish. But don’t let the word “delicate” fool you, it’s got some stuff going on. All I Ask of You is an icy blue holo with a gold to pinky purple shifting shimmer.


MDJ Creations All I Ask of You, 1 coat

All I Ask of You is a tad sheer and light, but it applies really evenly! It could be a fun one to layer with. The holo and shimmer really shine through.


MDJ Creations All I Ask of You, 2 coats

The lighter base builds up super well! I think most people could get this one opaque in two. I really messed up my index finger so I will be doing a third. This is another one that is super blingy in person and hard to capture right.


MDJ Creations All I Ask of You, 3 coats

The third coat barely made a difference on all my nails besides the index. I really love the shift in All I Ask of You, it is noticeable and so sweet and pretty. Just like the song!


MDJ Creations All I Ask of You, 3 coats plus top coat under direct lighting

The holo just adds such a pretty touch to this one, it looks even more heavenly!

All-I-Ask-of-You-macro All-I-Ask-of-You-direct-lighting-macro

MDJ Creations All I Ask of You, macros under indirect and direct lighting

This is the first polish that I actually got decent macros of! I can tell this is going to be a learning experience, but I’m up for the challenge. Plus, I know you all are thinking, “You know what Ashley’s posts really need? Even more pictures!!!” I am always happy to deliver 😛


MDJ Creations Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat

I want to give a shoutout to the MDJ Creations top coat! This post would not have been possible without it. I did purchase this one with my own money because it sounds like Melissa really put a lot of work and experimentation into this one. It does dry really quickly with a smooth finish. The consistency is thicker but super easy to spread out. This might be the Seche Vite replacement I have been looking for. Nothing against Seche Vite, but I would prefer my top coat to be either from a cruelty-free brand or an indie maker.


Macro Lenses for phone kit

Melissa sometimes stocks this cute macro lens kit in her shop and wanted me to use and share with you! It is fool-proof to use: screw your lens of choice into the clip and clip over the camera on your phone. The hardest part for me was just getting to used to shooting with it and figuring out the best angles and such. I have actually been meaning to get something like this for awhile so I’m glad this required me zero effort!

I’m not going to choose a favorite polish because they’re all my favorite in different ways. This collection is so timely as the colors are all gorgeous for fall and winter. They’re also all perfect for the musical, if you’ve seen it! I wanted to go on about how each colors fits with each scene and song, but this post would have been a million times longer so I tried to not get into that. Join me on Wednesday for more polishes and goodies, and remember to scoop up your favorites (or the whole collection) on Friday at the online shop.

xx, Ashley



6 thoughts on “MDJ Creations Phantom of the Opera REMIX Collection Swatch & Review: Part I”

    1. I know a lot of people who aren’t fans of the musical, so I take no offense :] The book is wonderful, I wish the musical incorporated a few more elements from it…

      The holo is really strong in all of them, MDJ Creations has a lot of good ones outside this collection!


  1. Think of Me in direct lighting is so beautiful! I’d just walk around with a flashlight aimed at my hands all day. 😆
    All I Ask of You is probably my favourite of this set – it looks a bit like an Opal stone in polish form. I’m obsessed with Opals…
    That’s also really neat that the shop stocks phone macro lenses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am the kind of person that will take any opportunity with good lighting to inspect sparkly nails, but I think you’re on to something with the flashlight at all times 😛


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