Butter London Glazen: Mermaid + Oil Slick Swatch & Review


Long time, no see! I have worked on at least three different posts before this one and scrapped them all. I know, you’re probably surprised that I have standards, but just know I have the ability to produce worse content than what you’ve seen!

If you’re reading this on the Sunday that this post is published, then you will be reading this while I am in Las Vegas, and what better way to celebrate that than with flashy polishes? Butter London added some new polishes to their Glazen line (the ones with the gold caps) earlier this year and I grabbed the two most interesting ones. Both Mermaid and Oil Slick are completely unique to my collection and fantastic additions to Butter London’s line. I really feel like we are getting a good taste of the polishes Butter London are capable of, harkening back to the time of more unique treasures like Two Fingered Salute and Inky Six. Butter London is getting their groove back (or maybe they never lost it).

All swatches you see today are over Deborah Lippmann All About That Base and topped with Seche Vite where noted.


Butter London Mermaid, 2 coats plus top coat

These photos are a lighting disaster and I think I am finally on to a good solution to that. However, these were swatched weeks ago so I can only offer my sincerest apologies. Butter London calls Mermaid, our first victim today, a “sparkling cool sage glitter.” My eyes see a seafoam greeny, blueish color with either silver or very light gold flakes. They definitely have a warmer quality to them and I found this more flaky than glittery.


Butter London Mermaid, 1 coat

I found Mermaid sheer and a bit uneven on the first coat, but my goodness is it reflective and bright! The microglitter/microflake/whatevers are like little disco balls. The base color is barely visible at the moment.


Butter London Mermaid, 2 coats

Surprisingly for me, Mermaid was opaque in just two coats! The base color comes through better with a second coat but it is still super blingy. There was the slightest of brushstroking, but it is really hard to tell here. I would take a little care with this one if you are a perfectionist.


Butter London Mermaid, 2 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

I told you, this is one bright, reflective polish. If you like to exercise at night, slap some of this on your nails, no reflective tape needed!


Butter London Oil Slick, 3 coats plus top coat

I thought that Mermaid was going to be my favorite of the two, as oil slick-type colors have been done by everyone on the planet. But not like this. Butter London’s Oil Slick is badass and I adore it! They call it an “iridescent chameleon shimmer” which could describe so many things. Come on, dude. I see it as a raisin-mauve base with flakies that shift in the cooler realm of colors: think teals, greens, blues, that sort of thing. I think this one is actually more mermaid-y than mermaid.


Butter London Oil Slick, 1 coat

The base is very sheer with just one coat, but it allows the flakies to have the prominence that really makes this polish. How much prettier would Essie’s Dressed to the Nineties have been if they had just made the base a tad sheerer?


Butter London Oil Slick, 2 coats

It is harder to see because of the flakies, but Oil Slick is still not at complete opacity in two coats. The base color built up well and so did the flakies. Delicious! The formula is absolutely perfect, by the way, I had no issues with running and it spread like butter. Slightly gritty butter because of the flakies ;]


Butter London Oil Slick, 3 coats

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this picture makes me go mad, I just love the contrast between base and flakies so much! It is a super dynamic polish even in lower lighting. I will say, it is a chameleon in respects to its appearance in different lightings. I shouldn’t have bashed Butter London for their description. Watch:


Butter London Oil Slick, 3 coats plus top coat

Honestly, if you don’t want this one yet, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe it’s time to get your eyes checked?

If you buy just one, get Oil Slick. Mermaid is pretty and totally worth having if you like what you see here, but I can’t even think of an indie that I have seen that is quite like Oil Slick. It is perfecto. Get thee to butterlondon.com and toss a bottle, maybe three, into your cart. It is ten dollars well spent!

What are your favorite Butter Londons? Have you tried any from the Glazen line yet?

xx, Ashley

Butter London is cruelty-free. I bought my bottles at Butter London’s online shop.


2 thoughts on “Butter London Glazen: Mermaid + Oil Slick Swatch & Review”

  1. Oil Slick is gorgeous. It’s like a nail polish form of MAC Blue Brown pigment.
    Funny, I just applied a Butter London polish – one that’s been in my collection for a while but my first time wearing it: Wallis. I think it’s a unique shade from BL.
    Hope you’re enjoying Vegas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One time, I found Wallis at TJ Maxx and decided against buying it for some reason – I regret that so hard now, I hope you enjoyed wearing it! :]

      Vegas was crazy, I’m glad I got to go but I am also very happy to be home!


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