Fall Favorites: OPI Alpaca My Bags


Hello friends, we are going to try out this every two weeks schedule because, for the time being, I am just not finding the time to swatch! That is a good thing, though, because it means I’m out doing other stuff and generally enjoying life (well, at least enjoying not being at a desk for 8 hours). I hope all my US friends had a delicious Thanksgiving and that you all survived Black Friday. This will be my last fall post of the year because now that Thanksgiving is over it is officially Christmas time – WOO HOO!!!!! Christmas is the second most wonderful time of the year; the first is fall because it leads me to wear colors like this one. OPI’s Alpaca My Bags was the one polish that I needed to have from the Peru collection. It is moody and saturated and clean and cool. I love it lots.


My swatches today are over Butter London Horse Power base coat. Yes, you might see more bottle shots in upcoming posts because I am having fun with my new macro lens!


OPI Alpaca My Bags, 1 coat

Alpaca My Bags has a very smooth formula and it turned out more opaque than I thought it would. The formula has a bit of a squishiness to it and it is probably never going to be a one-coater, but I was happy nonetheless. For whatever reason, this polish smelled a lot stronger to me than most OPIs do. Either I was super sensitive the day I swatched it or there is a weird pigment in there.


OPI Alpaca My Bags, 2 coats

The second coat of Alpaca My Bags goes on even more smoothly, buttery, and easily than the first coat. It also self-levels well, though clearly it also settled into my ridges (no ridge-filling base coat today). It is perfection, the kind of formula OPI should be pumping out every time.


OPI Alpaca My Bags, 2 coats plus MDJ Creations Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat

A good coat of top coat smoothed things over, though you cannot really improve much on the shine. It does that just fine on its own. Overall, I thought this polish was worth every penny and more. It is the highlight of the Peru collection for me (if Ayahuasca Made Me Do It was in the core collection, that would have to be my real favorite). The closest color I currently own to this must be Essie’s Poolside Service, which is a decidedly darker and more teal cousin. I hope OPI decides to keep this one around in the core collection, it is very unique yet wearable.

What polishes have been your favorites from the Peru collection (whether you own them or on your wish list)?

xx, Ashley

You can visit OPI on their website here. I purchased my bottle from Ulta.


2 thoughts on “Fall Favorites: OPI Alpaca My Bags”

  1. I love the smokey quality of this shade!
    I had not paid attention to the OPI Peru collection but now looking at swatches online, that “Grandma Kissed a Gaucho” colour is a crazy bright purple! The shade “My Solar Clock Is Ticking” is lovely too.
    I haven’t worn polish in over a week because I’ve been sick… can’t wait to wear something glittery for new years. 😀
    Happy new year Ashley! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy new year (half a month late, ooops)! Hope you got to wear that something glitter 😀

      I really want My Solar Clock is Ticking, it was always sold out in my local shops. My favorite shade from the collection was Ayahuasca Made Me Do It, and I have no clue why it was an Ulta exclusive. Such a gorgeous, wearable green deserves to be in the main collection! Plus, you know how I feel about greens :]


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