First Impressions: Lime Crime


I have been, over the past week as I have prepared this post, a bit hesitant to put it out in the world for a couple reasons. Reason #1 is that Lime Crime does not actually sell polish anymore so you cannot get it easily. That made me feel a little bad until I stumbled upon Reason #2 which makes Reason #1 seem stupid. Reason #2 is that Lime Crime is a SERIOUSLY controversial brand. I really wish I had known that throughout all these years that I have lusted after their bright polishes in the cute unicorn bottles. Just Google it. I don’t even know where to begin with it, but just know that Lime Crime is not a great company and the point of this blog post is not to suggest here that you support them in any way. I just want to review an obsolete nail polish. Knowing what I know now, I don’t even feel bad that Lime Crime did not directly profit from this polish ending up in my hands (it was a gift and I am 99% sure the person who got it for me had to search a little far and wide to find it). If you like fun colors and looking at stuff that’s hard to find, read on! If you feel that Lime Crime should not be talked about in anything but a 100% negative light, then I get you. Go ahead and get yourself out of this blog post. There are plenty more you can feast your eyes on :] I chose, of the two Lime Crime polishes I own, to take Peaches & Cream for a test drive first.

For this mani, I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails as my base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat.


Lime Crime Peaches & Cream, 1 coat

Before I comment on the formula, I want you to look at my index and middle nails. That is as color accurate as my photos are going to get. As I added more coats, the brightness/whiteness of this polish really freaked out my camera. Normally I would take some pictures in different lightings, but those ended up just as terrible. This polish is not as yellow as it looks on my ring and pinky.

The first coat of Peaches and Cream went on very smooth. I did get streaks when using a thinner coat, so don’t be afraid to leave some polish on your brush! The polish dries very shiny despite the fact that it is in a frosted bottle.


Lime Crime Peaches & Cream, 2 coats

Peaches and Cream is so close to opacity in two coats. I tend to do thinner coats, so I can still see a few streaks/spots that look lighter than the others. The formula is super easy to work with. It is thinner than I prefer, but does not run so I can’t complain!


Lime Crime Peaches & Cream, 3 coats

A third coat of Peaches and Cream seals the deal if your second coat did not. Perfectly opaque!


Lime Crime Peaches & Cream, 3 coats plus top coat

I really enjoyed this polish; it was unique to my collection and the formula was a joy to work with. Had I known about all the Lime Crime controversy before I probably would not have been interested in these polishes at all. But, I was able to add another beautiful orange to my collection. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

How do you feel about Lime Crime? Did you grab any of their polishes while they were still around?

xx, Ashley


7 thoughts on “First Impressions: Lime Crime”

  1. I found the entire little pastel candy colored collection of LC polishes on Hautelook maybe 3 years ago now. I didn’t know ANYTHING about them, but I did consider getting rid of them after finding stuff out. Now, I am actually glad I kept them. I’ve heard conflicting things about the Hitler costume the owner was photographed in. Some saying she did it to pay homage, others said it was just a distastefully insensitive get up for a costume party. Others still saying she was actually dressing up like the worst monster she could think of for Halloween. She has behaved unprofessionally with people who apparently disagreed with her or challenged the authenticity of her products. Idk. I think ultimately, the internet is an unforgiving place and I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt that she has changed (whether she was truly a bad person, or just an immature poster on the internet like many others before and since her time). That all aside, she has stepped down from the brand’s leadership as far as I know. Phyrra Nyx made a video talking about why she was going to start using LC products again. It might be a worth a view. Thanks for the swatch. I need to dust mine off.

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    1. Thank you so much for your perspective! I would completely agree about the internet being unforgiving, I think if someone can own their mistakes you can’t really ask any more of them.

      I did read about the ownership change, which does make using LC products feel better! Which colors do you have? I have Pastelchio in addition to this one and am excited to try it!


  2. I’m still on the fence for Lime Crime as well. I admit I love their aesthetic and they’ve done quite interesting things over the years. I like to think Doe Deere has changed, but I feel like I’ve read about her not doing quite great things even recently, and though she’s no longer CEO, she still gains money from the company, so I might just pass for now. There are so many other great companies out there that I don’t have to question 🙂
    And well, you’ve already got the polish, and money already went to the company, so there’s no point at wasting it now! It’s a beautiful color, and we can appreciate that outside the polish. Love a good neon!

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    1. Dang, maybe some people just do not learn :/ and that is so true, especially in the polish world, there are oodles of great makers that will never put themselves even near her position!

      I am really liking these bleached neon type colors, so fun to wear!

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  3. This is such a fun bright for summer! tbh I hadn’t heard of any controversy regarding Doe Deere {I think I actually interviewed her for my blog like 10 years ago – before Lime Crime had any notoriety}; but I’m sad to hear that they haven’t been in the best light as of late. :/


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    1. It would be really fun as a pedicure color :]

      Yeah, it is too bad because Lime Crime is such a fun brand! I think Doe Deere is complicated, like most people, but maybe her complications went a little too far and a little too public.


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