Spring Has Sprung: Deborah Lippmann I Like It Like That


I always look forward to Deborah Lippmann’s new collections; they are one of the few higher-end brands that consistently releases polishes that are actually interesting. They do not shy away from crellies, cool glitter mixes, duochromes, contrasting shimmers, etc. The spring collection this year was a little lackluster for me, but I think that made today’s polish, I Like It Like That, stand out even more. It is a teal/purple duochrome shimmery metallic. It fits in with some of the other dreamy, ethereal shimmery polishes that have been found in other collections this spring (Essie’s Tiers of Joy comes to mind). I had a lot of fun wearing it and, yes, it is a compliment grabber. People notice it on your nails!


For my mani I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as my base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat where noted.


Deborah Lippmann I Like It Like That, 1 coat

I Like It Like That is very sheer with just one coat. The coverage is so even that I suspect you could easily layer this one over other polishes for fun effects. The formula is super easy to work with and control, which is good because you will need to be careful with your brushstrokes. It is very reflective, you can see the shift already.


Deborah Lippmann I Like It Like That, 2 coats

The opacity is starting to build up very well! The brushstrokes become more visible as opacity builds so be careful. I might have used too thin a coat here because I got some extra sheer/low spots.


Deborah Lippmann I Like It Like That, 3 coats

I think I Like It Like That is 95% opaque in three coats. I really detest doing four, so I stopped here. In person it is so flashy and reflective that you cannot see your nail line as well as can be seen here. The color at this point also looks exactly like it does in the bottle. Which is different in every lighting. Don’t even try to tell me my photos aren’t color accurate because this one is a chameleon.


Deborah Lippmann I Like It Like That, 3 coats plus top coat

Deborah Lippmann is always a mainstream brand I watch and lookout for new collections; polishes like this are why! The Gel Lab Pro line makes application so easy with their paddle brush; it doesn’t totally justify the higher price, but I’m a hardcore DL fan so I pay up. I already have my selections from their new summer release as well, so keep your peepers open for that one. There are some beauties!

What Deborah Lippmann polishes are on your wish list?

xx, Ashley

I purchased my bottle from Deborah Lippmann’s website. Deborah Lippmann are cruelty-free.




2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung: Deborah Lippmann I Like It Like That”

  1. Oh I’m like moth to flame on these kinds of sheer duochrome colours. I always have the intention of using them as toppers but they end up looking a bit dated because of the frostiness and the tendency to show streaks. I do like how you were able to built up to 3 coats here – 4 coats would have been preposterous! 😛
    This shade reminds me of the Sephora Formula X in Moon Glow but without the glass fleck effect.
    I’ve been eyeing Deborah Lippmann Stargasm from a previous collection but I think I have similar shades already – I just keep gravitating toward the same things over and over… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean – I have to stop myself every time I see a green/blue/purple oil-slick type multichrome. It’s such a pretty combination, but no one needs 20 of the same thing!
      I wish this one had glass flecks in it, would have made it a tiny more interesting. They do have a teal shimmer glass fleck in the summer collection though, it’s gorgeous!


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