Society Wit Ode to the South: My Picks Swatch & Review


This post was supposed to go up in June, but then the Women’s World Cup happened (I say that as if it was something completely unpredictable and out of the blue which it totally was not). For a US American, I am a soccer freak. Every day there were games, I made sure to watch at least one. But let’s be honest, sometimes I watched more. And then there were the days where there were World Cup games AND a Portland Thorns game. I’m pretty proud of myself for not also watching the Copa America and Gold Cup games too (actually I did watch the Gold Cup final, haha). But none of this has anything to do with this collection, so Imma shut up.

Society Wit was launched by the wonderful Meredith, who is a total swatchaholic on Instagram. Her account is such a good resource and the amount of swatches she drops at times is truly amazing, I wish I was more like that. Not surprisingly, she has a pretty good idea of what makes a good polish and she channels that knowledge into collections of stunning, gorgeous creams. Now, there are few polish finishes I do not like, but a good cream polish is one of the most relaxing and satisfying things to apply to your nails ever. Doing this while knowing you supported a small business that is providing quality polishes for only $9 a bottle might just be the best feeling on Earth. I have several polishes from a few different Society Wit collections, but this time around I am just going to show off my picks from the recent spring/early summer collection, Ode to the South. Society Wit collections tend to stick around for a while, so I am extremely confident you will still be able to get these. In fact, I think you can still grab all of their collections!

For all of last month’s today’s swatches I used Deborah Lippmann All About That Base except on Hostess with the Mostest because for some reason I just started going to town without base coat. My top coat, where noted, is Seche Vite.


Society Wit Charleston Charm, 2 coats plus top coat

Charleston Charm is a “light pastel blue shade” and there is a story behind this one! Apparently on the fancier, older homes that have those amazing porches in Charleston, this shade of blue is a common color for the ceiling. Crazy!


Society Wit Charleston Charm, 1 coat

This polish has a super creamy formula, but I did find it will streak more if you over-manipulate it (which I have a tendency to do). This is polish doesn’t want to be micromanaged, I respect that.


Society Wit Charleston Charm, 2 coats

I floated on this coat with minimal strokes and did not have any streaks visible to the eye (stupid camera and lighting, it looked fine in person).


Charleston Charm is the only polish I have any comparisons for (new blog feature alert!) and strangely, both are Essies and neither are dupes for it, though they could be dupes for each other! On the left is Essie Mint Candy Apple (blue), in the middle is Charleston Charm, and on the right is Essie Blue-la-la. Charleston Charm is more powdery and slightly lighter than those two and the formula is light years better.


Society Wit Ribbons & Bows, 2 coats plus top coat

Ribbons & Bows is a “light lavender shade” and has the honor of being one of the very few pastel purples in my collection.


Society Wit Ribbons & Bows, 1 coat

I’m not sure why it dried so uneven, might be because of my window air conditioner? I need to not swatch upstairs during the warmer months… anyhoo, this first coat went on super easily. It really has great opacity for a pastel with minimal streaking. Like with Charleston Charm, you don’t need to manipulate it much. These polishes know what they’re doing.


Society Wit Ribbons & Bows, 2 coats

The formula is just so creamy, I LOVE it! My second coat just glided on to sweet, sweet opacity. I did have some comparisons, but they were all so horribly different I’m not even going to bother.


Society Wit Hostess with the Mostest, 2 coats plus top coat

You know I had to get this one! Hostess with the Mostest is a minty shade which puts it in the blue-green family, my fave. Society Wit describes it as a “feminine pastel turquoise with a tiny hint of mint green,” which I would agree with. It’s coming up slightly more green here than it is in person.

Hostess-With-The-Mostest-1-coatSociety Wit Hostess with the Mostest, 1 coat

Always swatch with base coat, kids, otherwise your dry-ass nails will be exposed! The formula is creamy and dreamy. I did get some lighter spots, but I imagine it would have been more opaque if the polish has something that was not my ridgey nails to sit on.

Hostess-With-The-Mostest-2-coatsSociety Wit Hostess with the Mostest, 2 coats

Luckily, Hostess with the Mostest applies much better over itself. My recommendation is the same as before: use just 3-4 strokes max per nail, you really do not need to play with it.


Society Wit Easy as Pie, 1 coat plus top coat

This picture is terrible quality, I really had a time and half trying to photgraph it. Weirdly enough, I just wore it and had the same issue with my pictures. Cleary there’s something weird with this shade and my skin color. This color is called Easy as Pie, and it is described as a “vibrant red-pink cream” with an emphasis on the red. It’s a berry-ish red, delicious!


Society Wit Easy as Pie, 1 coat

Society Wit says this polish is opaque in two coats, but they be lyin’ because I got it opaque in just one! Ha! (I’m just messing around with the lying comment, clearly the fact that I got it opaque in less coats is a very awesome thing.) If I can get it opaque in one, you definitely can! The formula, again, so creamy. Just like the best Butter London polishes, just the way creams should be. Buttery perfection. Easy as pie, you might say.

I’m not going to choose a favorite because these are already my picks of the collection, they’re all my favorites! The quality of these polishes is just so consistently good (unlike my swatches, lmao) and I cannot recommend them enough. I have worn a polish from the Equestrian collection and it’s the same story, opaque in 2 coats of goodness. The moral of the story is: if you see a Society Wit color you like, then you should probably just get it because you aren’t going to find anything better.

Have you tried Society Wit? Who makes some of your favorite creams?

xx, Ashley

I bought my bottles from Society Wit’s website.


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