Hand & Nail Empties: April-June 2019


I’m really loving doing these empties posts quarterly! I have eight products to share with you today (although my list says I used up ten things… I did not keep two of the hand soap bottles, oops!) and none of them are base or top coats this time around. I have a bunch of those going at the moment, so definitely expect more of those to be reviewed in the future. Otherwise, if you are looking for some moisture or some clean for your hands and nails, come along! I grouped them by product type this time. Let me know if you like this format better, I used to just group the products together and post them in the order I used them up. I think putting like things by each other makes more sense, especially if you are only interested in one category.


My DIY Cuticle Balm and Vibrant Vinyls Cuticle Oil in Smells Like Teen Spirit

I like to make my own cuticle balm! This one is a different formula than my usual; I followed one from Mountain Rose Herbs and I do not like it as much. It works, but the texture is much softer and more of a thin greasy than a waxy greasy consistency. The essential oil blend is fantastic, though, I have already used it in a foot butter I made (I used lavender where it calls for lavender or sandalwood).

The Vibrant Vinyls cuticle oil worked great, though it smelled like Fruit Loops, not like any Teen Spirit deodorant I ever had (though I would have loved this scent in a deodorant). I got it in the Polish Pickup during whenever they did the 90s theme. My only complaint was the dropper bottle type is not very purse friendly. It does actually have a really small tip compared to most, but I would prefer a pen. I have a refillable pen now so the packaging won’t stop me from buying their oil in the future! I would actually really love to try the base and top coat from Vibrant Vinyls; if you have any sticky base coat recommendations for me, let me know! I have never tried one before and I would like to.


Philosophy Hand Cream in Raspberries and Cream and Jenna Hipp Essential Nail & Hand Cream

The Philosophy hand cream worked okay, definitely not something I would reach for in the winter, but it was fine for spring. It has a more watery texture than my favorite Soap & Glory Hand Food. The scent was not as good as I wanted it to be, it started out tart (yum) and then, at least on my skin, quickly became more sour. Not much creaminess to it. I would not go for anything in this particular scent in the future.

Jenna Hipp saved my life. This is the thickest hand cream I have ever used and it has a super weird consistency, almost slightly waxy at first, but boy does it save your skin. It sinks in pretty quickly and is one of the few creams I truly use over my whole hand (usually I don’t apply to my palms because of the grease factor). I used it over the winter and I only had one instance in which my knuckles cracked and bled (the year before was way worse). Then, at the end of May I got very ill and I ended up using the rest of my tube up as I salvaged my hands from all the washing. I have two more tubes of this and never, ever, want to go through another winter or illness without it! New favorite!


Pelindaba Lavender Foot Soak

There is a Pelindaba Lavender shop in Southern Oregon and as soon as I walked by it, I knew I had to go in! It has basically everything in lavender… candles, cleaning supplies, soaps, skin care, you name it. I picked up a milk bath and this foot soak. It was really simple but effective, essentially just epsom salts and lavender essential oil. I got about four uses out of it and my feet felt very refreshed. I could easily make something like this myself so I probably will not be purchasing it again, but it was nice to have on hand!


Baroness X Acetone Antidote in Huckleberry Mandarin

Ever since the tragic death of my favorite Body Shop nail polish remover, I have been adding these awesome little bottles of magic to my non-acetone remover from Sally Beauty and it has really saved my skin. The Huckleberry Mandarin scent is amazing, it does not clash with the scent that the remover already has and instead makes it better and more bearable. I would 100% get this scent again, it’s yummy and a little sweet.


Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Raspberry Sorbet and Boardwalk Vanilla Cone

I actually used up four hand soaps during this time (see earlier comments about being sick) but only saved two of the bottles because let’s be real, saving your empty product containers is not normal and I straight-up forgot. I’m not going to review the formula of these because I have done that in earlier empties, just going to talk about the scents. Raspberry Sorbet was a little sweet and a little tart, just a perfect refreshing dessert scent. Boardwalk Vanilla Cone is not a scent I would get again. Sometimes it smelled awesome when I used it, just delicious and creamy, with the scent of fresh waffle cones making me drool. Sometimes I would smell a kind of burnt plastic note that really ruined the whole experience. It’s just not for me (or anyone, I would think).

Short(er) and sweet! I know we’re at the end of July, but the empties are already stacking up for the next post. What have you used up recently? Anything you can recommend?

xx, Ashley

P.S. There will definitely not be a blog post next week because I will be on vacation!

None of the links are affiliate links and I bought all products above with my own hard earned cash.


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