Cadillacquer The F Word


Since there are certain brands that I pretty much end up writing love notes to every time I wear their polishes, I decided I need to clog up my blog with my love instead of clogging up my Instagram captions. I personally don’t mind reading a caption that’s actually an essay, but it really seems more appropriate to break down how excellent a polish is here, where I have more room and more pictures! Since I haven’t worn a polish that applies to my First Impressions series for ages (not sure how that happened), I’m trying this out as a way to fit some smaller posts in between collection reviews. They will probably feature my ultimate favorite brands, like a-england, Butter London, Cadillacquer, Deco Miami, Palate Polish, Zoya, etc. I hope you enjoy these more in-depth looks at these polishes.

I don’t really have a name for this series yet, but we’re going to kick it off with Cadillacquer. I cannot stress enough what a creative genius Madeleine is! I swear her polishes are like none other and you can instantly tell it’s a Cadillacquer from the swatch. I think this is especially true with her crellies, they are so unique and she definitely has a certain look that she always creates. The glitter density is always perfect and there are usually just one or two colors of glitter, but they are always in multiple sizes, sometimes multiple finishes (mixing it up with matte and metallic and occasionally holo), and in a base that is either eye-popping or unexpected. Today’s polish, The F Word, is from the Shameless collection. It is a bright grape base with black square glitters, teeny black glitters, teal blue square glitters, and teeny teal blue glitters. I feel like there are just slightly more black glitters than teal blue ones.

I used Ünt Ready for Takoff base coat for all my swatches and the Superchic Marvel Liquid Macro Quick Dry Ultra Gloss top coat (try saying that three times fast) where noted.


Cadillacquer The F Word, 1 coat

With crellies, you never want to glob on thick coats because the base could end up drowning the glitters out. I believe that any good crelly takes three coats to get to opacity (not always true, some are truly good in two, but it’s rare). I find that all Cadillacquers looks fantastic in three thin coats. The first coat of The F Word is sheer, but already has amazing glitter payoff. I did very little manipulation to get the glitters spaced more evenly on my nails – maybe one or two extra strokes.


Cadillacquer The F Word, 2 coats

The F Word actually builds up really well in two coats. The glitter payoff is looking fantastic, but the base is still a bit uneven. If you are going to glob on any coat, make it the first coat because as you start to build the polish up, you don’t want to drown the glitters out. If you go heavy-handed in hopes of getting the base opaque with the second or third coats, you are going to lose that glitter layering, which is the entire point of wearing a crelly versus wearing a polish with a glitter topper.


Cadillacquer The F Word, 3 coats

The base color is completely opaque in three coats! On the nail, the base color looks a little darker and squishier than it does in the bottle. I absolutely love how you can see the glitters, the black glitters especially, throughout the layers. Because the glitters are chunkier, you will definitely need a top coat to smooth out the polish and make it look nice. Crellies are always so funky looking by the last coat, I always think “uck” until I get the top coat on.


Cadillacquer The F Word, 3 coats plus top coat

Ahhhhhh, so much better. The F Word looks glorious in three coats plus a nice thick top coat (I am loving the Superchic Lacquer top coat so far, it is fabulously thick but so easy to apply). I think if you like crellies, you need to get yourself some Cadillacquers or else I truly question your love of the finish. This is actually one of the more tame color combinations, I have a coral red filled with royal blue glitters (Embrace the Madness), a navy with bright orange (Loki), and a light mint filled with bright purple (Apricity). Some of the color combos are unexpected, but that is what makes Madeleine’s polishes so fun and unique.

Do you like crellies? Have you tried any Cadillacquers? What’s on your nails right now? Always love hearing from you!

xx, Ashley

Cadillacquer can be purchased at many online retailers. I got this particular bottle from Whats Up Nails.


5 thoughts on “Cadillacquer The F Word”

  1. I really really want to try Cadillacquers but the shades I’m interested in are also sold out so quickly.
    I do like crellies but they can be tricky. I’m not a huge fan of the types of sparse glitters like this polish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It seems like Cadillacquer has become super popular over the last couple years. I used to be able to bide my time to buy entire collections, but can no longer keep up. Luckily they have a lot of other finishes besides the crellies. Which ones do you like, the flakies? Holos?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like both holos and flakies! I was just wearing good ol’ Essie Shine of the Times last week, one of the earliest mainstream flakies that I can recall. It looked so pretty over a dark GREEN cream (I know, I never wear green, crazy. But for the holiday vibes, ya know? It was one of the discontinued TBS polishes too… called appropriately “The Body Shop Green” 😆 )

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If there’s any time of the year to wear a green, it’s now :]

        I totally forgot about those TBS polishes! I think I have one laying around somewhere…


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