OPI Nailed it by a Royal Mile: Blogstravaganza Fall 2019


OPI Nailed it by a Royal Mile, 2 coats plus top coat

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re back with post #3 in my series on the OPI Scotland collection. Today I have one of the “exclusives” of the collection, Nailed it by a Royal Mile. Both exclusives dry in a matte finish and, to be honest, should have been part of the full collection! I like a collection that mixes up the finishes. This one brings the purple count up to four, so I hope all the purple lovers out there are satisfied! Nailed it by a Royal Mile looks blue in a lot of my photos and, while it is a bluer purple as opposed to a red-er purple, it is definitely 100% purple. I tried so hard to find a light set up where the color appeared accurate, but this polish wasn’t going to give me a win.


For today’s swatches I used a-england The Ridgeway as my base coat and SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro top coat where noted.


OPI Nailed it by a Royal Mile, 1 coat

Nailed it by a Royal Mile is very opaque in just one coat. I only have a bald spot on my ring finger because I did not get enough polish on the brush. Application is very easy if you go in for a coat that is not thin. It is a matte finish, but I found I had plenty of time to work with it before it dried. It does dry faster than creams, but not exceedingly so.


OPI Nailed it by a Royal Mile, 2 coats

If you were not able to get it opaque in one coat, I would be surprised if you did not get it opaque in two. I struggle to get matte finishes to look good on their own, but this one dries fairly evenly. The second coat really helps with a smoother finish.


OPI Nailed it by a Royal Mile, 2 coats plus top coat under direct lighting

If you add a top coat, you get a nice shiny shimmery polish. I prefer with top coat, but I can totally recommend leaving it off if you like a matte nail.


OPI Nailed it by a Royal Mile under natural lighting

Even under natural light, it still looks blue in my photos. I promise it is purple!


Left to Right: Zoya Isa, OPI Nailed it by a Royal Mile, a-england The Blessed Damozel

I do not have many mattes to compare it to. Zoya Isa is a shimmer and looks similar in tone, but has a lot more going on. a-england The Blessed Damozel is a straight-up metallic. It has a lovely formula like Nailed it by a Royal Mile, but it is a warmer purple. No dupes in my collection.


Some veiws in Edinburgh from the Royal Mile – a stretch of road that takes you from Edinburgh Castle to Holyroodhouse Palace.

I love a darker, jewel tone polish in any fall collection. Because Nailed it by a Royal Mile dries matte, it’s a little more unique addition to any collection. If you do not like matte polishes, it looks fantastic with top coat and I enjoyed wearing it that way.

Do you like mattes? How do you feel about the number of purples in this collection?

xx, Ashley

I bought my bottle from polishpick.com. OPI is not cruelty-free.


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