OPI Nice Set of Pipes: Blogstravaganza Fall 2019


OPI Nice Set of Pipes, 2 coats plus top coat

Strap in kids, the blogging is about to get serious! I would like to have all these posts up before December, so I am going to attempt two blog posts a week. Attempt being the key word there, y’all know my track record. We have another lovely purple to look at today; purple lovers, we really have gotten exactly what we deserve with this collection. So many darker purples and pretty darn good hue variety among them, too, if I do not say so myself. Nice Set of Pipes is described by OPI as a “gray purple” which is kind of true. I see it more as a darker blue-leaning purple. It is not particularly dusty, though it is a tad dustier in person than you’ll see in my photos.

All swatches today are over Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock base coat and topped with SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro top coat.


OPI Nice Set of Pipes, 1 coat

The first coat of Nice Set of Pipes is incredibly opaque, it is pretty much a OCW if you don’t mind leaving a polish at just one coat. The formula is not as thick as I would expect based on the opacity. As you can see, I flooded the cuticle of my ring finger by using a little too much polish. I like to keep it real.


OPI Nice Set of Pipes, 2 coats

If Nice Set of Pipes was not completely opaque for you in one coat, it will be with two! I want to note that though this is a dark polish, it does not look black at all. It does dry down a little darker than the color in the bottle but is very noticeably purple.


OPI Nice Set of Pipes, 2 coats plus top coat in indirect natural light

Nice Set of Pipes dries very shiny on its own, but I always recommend a good top coat. Make that polish shine and last! You can see how dark it is better here.


Left to right: Butter London Violet’s Revenge, OPI Nice Set of Pipes, Butter London Marrow

Once again, I had no dupes! I have so many purples, so I’m not really sure how this happened. Marrow is the closest I could find, but it is red-toned instead and has a faint silver shimmer that gives it a more glowy, pearly finish.


Okay, so I don’t have any pictures of bagpipe players. I have a weird thing about taking pictures of people I don’t know; I don’t like doing it, especially without their permission, even if I know the point is to take a picture of them. So instead enjoy this failed attempt at an artsy shot of Jedburgh Abbey, which probably boasted a pipe organ at some point. A different set of pipes. Maybe. I know very little about monastic life.

I like this color for both fall and winter, it is so cool and dark, yet still fun because it’s purple! As far as my personal collection goes, I am happy to have yet another polish that stands on its own. The formula is also pretty stunning if you do not load up your brush with too much. As far as formulas go, so far this collection has been excellent. Not a dud yet!

What are your favorite fall purples?

xx, Ashley


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