OPI Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me: Blogstravaganza Fall 2019


OPI Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me, 2 coats plus top coat

I hope you all are having/have had a great weekend! Today we are going to talk about the third purple OPI decided to grace us with this fall. I think the name, “Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me,” is one of the better puns, but I don’t really care for it. I guess I loathe unsolicited male attention. On the contrary, I love this color and have pretty much nothing else like it! OPI says this shade “evokes the flora of Scotland all day long.” Of all their little descriptions, that was the closest thing I could find that actually sort of got close to the color. I would describe this shade as a raisin-y mauve metallic.


For all of the swatches you will see today, I am wearing a-england The Ridgeway as my base coat and SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro as my top coat, where noted.


OPI Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me, 1 coat

Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me has a thinner formula like most metallics do but I did not find it to be runny. I got pretty decent coverage with one coat; there are a few lighter patches but it is obvious this is only going to need two coats. I also did not get many visible brushstrokes despite the fact that I never try to control for them with the first coat.


OPI Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me, 2 coats

Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me is perfectly opaque in two coats. None of those light patches are left and I did not experience any dragging, which happens for me more frequently with metallics.  I did apply the second coat down the sides of my nails first and finished with a stroke down the middle to try to minimize brushstrokes, but they are not very apparent regardless.


OPI Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me, 2 coats plus top coat in natural light

This is not just a slightly more interesting granny color, it has depth, glow, and is a perfect fall shade, even a little bit edgier than you might expect it to be.


Left to Right: Butter London Cor Blimey, OPI Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me, China Glaze Glamcore

Once again, I have no dupes. Cor Blimey is way more grape toned. The shimmer in Glamcore is a similar hue to Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me, but it is in a dark, dark base.


This is another roadside photo of Scotland, this time of a rock outcropping with some purple flowers. I don’t think that is thistle, but it’s what I have.

I don’t know if many OPI collections to date have had such fantastic, consistent formulas. I know I mention this every ding dang post, but it needs to be said. There have been many times where I really felt like I was paying for more quality than I was getting with OPI. I always hate it when a drugstore polish outperforms a “salon” polish. So far, every shade in the Scotland collection has been worth every penny (no, I did not pay full price for these thanks to polishpick.com, but even if I had I really could not complain). Thank you, OPI, more of this!

xx, Ashley

OPI is not cruelty-free. I bought my bottle at polishpick.com.


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