OPI Red Heads Ahead: Blogstravaganza Fall 2019


OPI Red Heads Ahead, 2 coats plus top coat

Happy Sunday, everyone! Have you been hitting those deals hard this weekend? I’ve picked up a few gifts, but the only nail/hand related sale I shopped for myself was at Unicorn Magic Skincare. I was planning on trying out their products in the spring, but decided to stock up during the sale. Why not? I really need to learn to restrain myself during the year with polish and candles until the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Anyway, I’ve fallen behind on the  OPI Scotland collection, so today we are looking at Red Heads Ahead, which is probably the most vibrant polish in the collection. OPI says this color “shines like the auburn locks of a Scot.” Now, I will admit that I have not looked at every person in the world’s hair, but I have never seen a living human being with hair this naturally red. I would say this a classic, juicy red that leans on the darker side of medium-toned. I have some comparisons at the end that I think really show where this color falls in the red spectrum.


For the swatches you see, I used a-england The Ridgeway base coat and SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro top coat where noted.


OPI Red Heads Ahead, 1 coat

Since OPI is basically a red polish producing machine, I had pretty high hopes for this one and they were met! The formula for Red Heads Ahead is very smooth and highly pigmented for a color with a slightly juicy look to it. There is still a little visible nail line, but the coverage is very even with little patchiness or sheer spots.


OPI Red Heads Ahead, 2 coats

Two coats is all you need to get Red Heads Ahead to perfection. All visible nail line is covered up with the second coat. It such a classy red, I bet this one is a crowd pleaser.


Left to Right: OPI Coca-Cola Red, OPI Red Heads Ahead, Essie Shall We Chalet?

I did not have any dupes for Red Heads Ahead, so I thought I would pick out a red that’s close but obviously lighter and one that’s close but obviously darker. Coca-Cola Red, an OPI classic, is poppin’ in comparison to Red Heads Ahead. Essie’s Shall We Chalet? is just a hair darker, more of a winter red than a holiday party red.


A poorly taken, awkward photo of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in Glasgow. I particularly loved the Ancient Egyptian art and their collection of impressionist art. It’s not a red head, but it is red!

I’m not the biggest fan of reds, but this one is nice and I am happy that I have no dupes for it! The formula is absolutely stunning, though I feel like OPI really should have their red formulas down at this point considering they unleash a flood of them upon us every year. It’s not a color I’m itching to get on my digits again, but I am glad I have it.

What are your favorite OPI reds? Or reds in general?

xx, Ashley

OPI is not cruelty-free. I bought my bottle from polishpick.com.


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