OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid: Blogstravaganza Fall 2019


OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid, 2 coats plus top coat

You guys… it’s the last post in my series on OPI’s Scotland collection! We have made it through the eleven polishes I purchased and I’m proud of any of you who have stuck with me through the series. Although let’s be real, when you’re looking at colors this gorgeous you cannot exactly call it a chore. We finish it all off with a final purple, a purple so dark that your non-nail polish friends will be skeptical when you tell them it’s purple. OPI calls Good Girls Gone Plaid an “alluring amethyst” which prompted me to google “amethyst” and I suppose it is an okay description. Some amethysts can be dark and it certainly looks darker when the crystals are all layered up. Fine OPI, I’ll accept it.


All of today’s swatches are in natural lighting and are over a-england’s The Ridgeway base coat. I used SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro as my top coat where noted.


OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid, 1 coat

Good Girls Gone Plaid has a nice, thicker formula. It might be the thickest formula of the collection. Because of this, the polish does not run but you also cannot go too thin with your coats or else it will streak. The coverage is decent, I definitely have some light spots that need to be covered up but nothing terrible.


OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid, 2 coats

Good Girls Gone Plaid is, well, good in two coats! It reaches full opacity with two coats and dries fairly smoothly and with lots of shine. I had to clean up some bits around my cuticles and did not experience any staining at all, yay!


Left to Right: OPI Skating on Thin Iceland, OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid, OPI Viking in a Vinter Vonderland

I’m sure everyone wants to see this one in comparison with Lincoln Park After Dark but I do not actually own that one. I think it’s been too hyped up for me at this point. I do not have any dupes, but I am hoping these comparisons will give you a feeling for the color. Skating on Thin Iceland leans more red like Good Girls Gone Plaid, but it is much lighter. They could be part of a vampy gradient mani. Viking in a Vinter Vonderland is the same level of dark, but it is obviously more blue-leaning than Good Girls Gone Plaid.

I do not have any vacation photo to share today. Instead, I want to give a shoutout to polishpick.com because without them, I probably would not have gotten all the polishes I wanted from the collection. They sell OPI at the most affordable price I have seen, the shipping was quite quick, and they clearly know how to pack nail polish to prevent breakage. If I ever again decide to go this crazy over an OPI collection, they’re going to be my first and only stop!

What polishes did you end up picking up from this collection? What have been your favorites?

xx, Ashley

OPI is not cruelty-free. I bought my bottle from polishpick.com.



2 thoughts on “OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid: Blogstravaganza Fall 2019”

  1. Looks good and dark. Haha yeah ” a purple so dark that your non-nail polish friends will be skeptical when you tell them it’s purple” very true 😉

    I really want this collection, because a Scottish collection is just so cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I originally got the collection solely because it was a Scotland collection, but I ended up being so impressed with all the formulas! It really is OPI at their best.


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