Hand & Nail Empties: July-September 2019


Today we are all aboard the catch-up express, because I have my third quarterly empties to share with you and it is December. Yeah, I know, a bit late that. Maybe you can get some last minute stocking stuffer ideas, let’s turn this into some holiday inspiration! I got through a good variety of things this time around and have a bonus trash section of things I had to toss before finishing. Like last post, I tried to organize the items into logical groups, with the hand soaps coming in last like usual. Let’s jump right in!


The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Nail Varnish Remover: This was my last bottle of my favorite, spendy, nourishing nail polish remover. I’ve talked about it a million times, first here.

Swisspers Premium Cotton Rounds: These are really great cotton rounds, they are very sturdy. I’ve only ever had them fall apart when removing a chunky glitter. They are also cruelty-free too, who knew? I am already working on another bag.

Baroness X Acetone Antidote in Pineapple Express: These acetone antidotes have made me less sad about The Body Shop’s polish remover going bye-bye. They make my non-acetone remover very gentle and smell amazing. The Pineapple Express scent was absolutely wonderful, pineapple mango tropical goodness. I would definitely get it again!


Simple Pleasures Berry Frost Scented Foot Lotion: I got this in a gift set with some fuzzy socks for Christmas last year! The lotion worked fine, it would not heal your feet over time, but for the day you applied it your feet would stay moisturized. The scent was not very noticeable. I would not seek this out, but would not hate using it again!

Addison & Gates Mango & Lychee hand cream: I got this from World Market having smelled the soap and being a fan of the scent. The packaging is also super cute, zebras! The hand cream worked fine, I had it at my desk at work. The scent was a little too strong for my preference and it smelled weird after a few seconds out of the tube. I would consider getting the hand cream again because it was good enough for work and was cheap, but not in this scent.


DIY Hand Butter: I followed this recipe from Humblebee & Me to apply before going to bed when my hands were particularly dry. It’s thick and a little greasy, but it works wonders. I have already make another jar of it for winter!

Baroness X Royal Oil in Clockwork Orange: I grabbed this pen of cuticle oil from Baroness X with one of my acetone additive orders. The pen is supposed to be refillable, which is awesome for me because I like to make my own cuticle oil and pens are the best for keeping cuticle oil in your purse. Their oil worked great, I have nothing bad to say about it. The Clockwork Orange scent was good, but not stunning enough to order again.


Bath & Body Works Lemon Grapefruit gentle foaming hand soap: These hands soaps are too harsh for me in the winter, but my hands do just fine with them in the warmer months. BBW always does way more scents in the foaming soaps than the nourishing. Lemon Grapefruit was a delightful, light and tart citrus scent that I would gladly let grace my sink again.

Bath & Body Works Peach Gingerade gentle foaming hand soap: This was a wonderful juicy, yet light peach scent. I loved this one way more than expected, probably my favorite of the three! I hope they have it again some time.

Bath & Body Works Pineapple Lime gentle foaming hand soap: I am a HUGE pineapple freak and this scent was very sub-par. I also love the scent of lime, so I expected this to be juicy, sweet, and refreshing, but it was more refreshing than anything and had a mint note. It was much too light on the pineapple and lime, I would not get this one again.


As a bonus, I have a couple items I did not finish, but did throw away. I made a cuticle balm based on this recipe, which I did not end up liking as much as my usual, but had to throw it away because I re-used this tin a few too many times and the lid ended up getting very stuck. I did not cry about it, to be honest. I also tossed this sample bottle of MDJ Creations Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat. This used to be my favorite top coat, but for some reason this time around I got tip shrinkage almost every time I used it. I am very sad to give up on it, but I need a top coat that performs consistently.

Cruelty-free: 2, Indie: 3, Not cruelty-free: 5

Re-use: 2, Recycle: 5 bottles, Trash: 5 lids & 5 whole containers

What have you used up recently? Any recommendations?

xx, Ashley


8 thoughts on “Hand & Nail Empties: July-September 2019”

  1. How many back-up bottles of the TBS remover do you have left?

    What the heck is an Acetone Antidote?! I want my removers to smell like a pineapple mango tropical goodness too!

    As much as I love scented hand creams, I refrain from using them at work just in case. I even keep unscented hand creams in my purse so not to offend people on the subway.

    I finished a few hand creams recently – massive tube of L’Occitane Shea one that I kept by my bed, a couple of small ones for my purse from Consonant skincare. I’m still slowly purging my nail polishes… maybe it will be a January activity to go through my bins thoroughly. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was my last bottle of TBS remover!

      Acetone Antidote is magical, it’s a little vial of oils and humectants (and fragrance, if you so choose) that you add to your regular nail polish remover. It just adds a little boost of moisturizing ingredients so your skin does completely dry out. Some people add it to 100% acetone, I actually add it to my Sally Beauty non-acetone remover because I still find that stuff harsh.

      My current hand cream at work is unscented, I agree that it is definitely safer that way!

      Good luck with your purge! I’m still at the point where I just need to stop buying so much :]

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I shall have to check out those magical Acetone Antidote! I still use acetone removers because they work… but I do mix in glycerin.

        A moment of silence for the last bottle of TBS remover…

        Liked by 1 person

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