Hand & Nail Empties: October-December 2019


I feel like I just did one of these posts… because I did, I posted my last one so late! Thanks for hanging in there with me, this should be the last 2019 wrap-up post I have to share and then we will be on to some more “normal” reviews. I did not use up as many products this time around, but there is some good stuff in here. These are my last empties of 2019.


Cuter Cuticles Smurfberry Cuticle Oil: This is the second Cuter Cuticles oil I have used and I think they work great! However, after my current cuticle oil I am banning myself from the rollerball style applicators. They seem like a convenient form of cuticle oil to keep in the purse, but they do get a bit leaky if not kept upright, which really sucks.

Baroness X Acetone Antidote in Hänsel und Gretel: I have talked probably every emtpies post this past year about my love for the Baroness X acetone antidotes. They work fantastic. I liked the scent of this one in the bottle, but found that the natural scent of my nail polish remover outcompeted it and all I can smell is a kind of weird flat spice scent, so I would not get this scent again in an acetone antidote. It would probably be wonderful in a cuticle oil or something where it is not competing against another smell.


The Body Shop Berry Bon Bon hand cream: I know I keep saying that I do not like these little hand creams, but I keep ending up with them. I think this one is from my TBS advent calendar last year! They are fine if your hands are just a little dry, but for the dry winters here they are a no. The Berry Bon Bon scent was wonderful, both tart and sweet. I am disappointed it did not return this year.

Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing Hand Creams: Trader Joe’s has an amazing hand cream formula! It’s probably the next best, thickest product I have come across. I still think the Jenna Hipp hand cream was more effective for keeping chapped winter hands at bay, but since those appear to be discontinued Trader Joe’s is going to be my new go-to. The ginger scent was limited edition for fall, I believe they have had it two years in a row now, and it is so light and zingy, I would definitely grab a tube again. The winter citrus scent came in my advent calendar and they NEED to bring us a full size tube of this next year. It smelled so happy, almost like orange Tic Tacs. Somewhere in between orange Tic Tacs and real oranges. I want to slather my entire body in this scent, tbh. I flew through this tube, I wanted to use it after every hand wash at home and just about did.


Bath & Body Works Toasted S’more Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: Even though fall (and the dryer cold days) had started, I managed to finish up a fall-scented foaming hand soap before my skin started to dry up. I have mentioned in past posts that during the colder months I find foaming hand soaps to be too drying to use. The S’mores scent was okay, I am not sure I like having a gourmand scent as a hand soap. Something about this one felt a bit off to me, I probably would not get it again.

Bath & Body Works Spiced Apple Bourbon Nourishing Hand Soap: Spiced Apple Bourbon, on the other hand, was wonderful! It was warm and apple-y and spicy, a perfect cozy yet a tad sophisticated scent for fall. I would 100% get this scent again! The nourishing hand soap formula is much gentler on my hands, perfect for winter.

Cruelty-free: 3, Indie: 2, Not Cruelty-free: 2

Re-use: 0, Recycle: 3 bottles, Trash: 3 lids & 4 containers

Another shorter empties post in the books! I haven’t used up any top or base coats for awhile because I have quite a few going at once. Yes, I do need three different base coats! Its all about having the right tool for the job. I am thinking there will be at least one top coat in the next quarter, but we shall see! Coming up next on the blog will be my Holo Taco comparison post, which was supposed to go up in December. I am hoping it will be helpful if you already have some holographic top coats.

What have you finished up recently?

xx, Ashley

The Body Shop and Trader Joe’s are cruelty-free.


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