MDJ Creations A Quantum World: Swatch & Review


It’s my first normal review post of 2020, replete with more pictures than you’ll ever need, and for me this is a special one. I have worked with Melissa of MDJ Creations before and when she reached out and offered to send me her most recent collection, A Quantum World, I was all over that! MDJ Creations is an indie brand that has been around for quite a while and they are one of the few indies that do not release a million collections a year, which I appreciate! I also love that her collections tend to stick around. Of course, the most important thing is the quality. Melissa is not afraid to play with a variety of finishes and she always nails it. A Quantum World features gold flakies, colorful circle glitters (I love when she uses these, see my recent swatch of the old Music of the Night), and lots of holo!

All swatches today are over Ünt Ready for Takeoff base coat and the MDJ Creations Smooth Finish fast dry top coat which I was also provided with. I have had mixed experiences with this top coat, so we will see how it goes this time! All photos were taken in natural lighting, unless specified.


MDJ Creations Divine Energy, 2 coats plus top coat

We are going to start off with one of my favorites from this collection! Divine Energy is described as a “deep blue-ish purple with electric blue sparks and a soft wavey colorshift shimmer of magenta copper & fiery golden amber,” and it does also have holo in it, as you will see. The shimmer is what makes this polish extra awesome and sadly I could not fully capture how magnificent it looks in person.


MDJ Creations Divine Energy, 1 coat

Divine Energy is a darker color, so the base is a little sheer to let all those other elements shine through. The formulas was so smooth and easy to control. I found that I did not have to do much extra manipulation to get the glitters evenly distributed. This polish has a stronger, almost vinegar-y smell compared to the others in the collection. Maybe it’s the pigment? I have heard some people have similar complaints about purples and blues.


MDJ Creations Divine Energy, 2 coats

I thought for sure Divine Energy would need three coats, so I went in with a fairly thin second coat. That brought this one completely opaque, much to my surprise! The second coat deepens the color which really lets that shimmer in the base glow and shine through. The glitters in this one are chunky so pull out your favorite thicker top coat.


MDJ Creations Divine Energy, 2 coats plus top coat in direct light

All of these polishes have a dusting of holo. I don’t know if it’s quite a linear holo or not, but it is definitely there!


MDJ Creations Divine Energy, 2 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

I hope you can see that amber, copper-y shimmer shining through!


MDJ Creations Divine Energy, 2 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

I tried so hard to get the full depth of this polish captured, but it’s pretty much impossible. If you think it’s pretty here, know that in person it is SO much better!


MDJ Creations Dark Wave, 2 coats plus top coat

Dark Wave is my other favorite polish from this collection and it really brings the whole collection together, featuring elements that each of the other polishes have! Melissa says, “the deep dark black base comes alive in a cosmic display of golden silver holographic flashes & electric blue sparks,” and I am also 99% sure it has some of that shimmer that Divine Energy has. Y’all know I love golden flakies and they just look so good in this!


MDJ Creations Dark Wave, 1 coat

The first coat of Dark Wave is sheer, but you get a really good amount of flakies and glitters. Just like with Divine Energy, I found I needed to do a little manipulation to place the glitters where I wanted them, but not a ton. The base is so smooth and easy to work with.


MDJ Creations Dark Wave, 2 coats

Dark Wave is actually opaque in two coats! Perhaps if you have a lot of free edge you might need three with this one and Divine Energy, but it was solid for me at two. The flakies and glitters are just jam packed in this one and I love how they look in this base. You will need to pull out your favorite thick top coat because the glitters are a little chunky.


MDJ Creations Dark Wave, 2 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

See what I mean? I think that shimmer is in here! There is also holo, I forgot to mention that.


MDJ Creations Dark Wave, 2 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

Seriously, how cool is this polish? I love how everything works together, but none of the elements stand out more than the others and you get an awesome, sort of galaxy-ish look. Love love love!!!


MDJ Creations Golden Rule, 3 coats plus top coat

Golden Rule is the most versatile polish in the collection, because you could wear it on its own or as a topper! It has gold flakies, holo, and possibly some gold shimmer to help fill in the gaps.


MDJ Creations Golden Rule, 1 coat

As you can see, at one coat Golden Rule is just sheer enough that you could wear it over another polish. Because this polish has a clear base and is mostly flakies, you do need to work with it a little longer than usual to get an even distribution of those flakies. It’s not just like slapping on a cream polish.


MDJ Creations Golden Rule, 2 coats

I think some people will be fine with wearing Golden Rule in two coats. In person, it is so reflective that you can barely see those gaps between the flakies. You also need to make sure to manipulate them around to most effectively cover those balder spots from the first coat.


MDJ Creations Golden Rule, 3 coats

I think Golden Rule looks perfect in three coats. It’s so reflective that I struggled to get an in-focus picture, many apologies. You can also see the little sparks of holo better as it builds up, though I suspect if you put this one over a dark base they will come out to play, too!


MDJ Creations Golden Rule, 3 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

Mmm, look at those delicious flakies!


MDJ Creations Golden Rule, 3 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

As you can see, this is not the type of polish that gets absolutely, 100% opaque, but you will be so blinded in person that it will look like it is!


MDJ Creations The Traveler, 2 coats plus top coat

Lastly, we have The Traveler. It is described as “a mystifying deep red with cool undertones of violet and magenta with blue sparks and warm golden copper colorshifting overtones with glittery sparkles.” This one is so deep and yummy, it’s like super beautiful raspberry jam. In person, I would definitely put this in the red camp though the shimmer makes it look pinker and you could argue for categorizing it as pink.


MDJ Creations The Traveler, 1 coat

The Traveler is the most opaque out of all these polishes in one coat. The base color is a little uneven here, but you actually cannot see my nail line all that well. This is a nice medium consistency formula that delivers lots of delicious glitters with just one coat.


MDJ Creations The Traveler, 2 coats

I think a second coat is essential for The Traveler. It darkens the base up, which makes all the other elements stand out very well! The base color is also evened out at this point. Just like with Divine Energy and Dark Wave, you will want to use a thicker top coat to completely smooth out those glitters.


MDJ Creations The Traveler, 2 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

Yes, this one has the holo too! Hopefully you can see that shimmer in there even better.


MDJ Creations The Traveler, 2 coats plus top coat in direct lighting

I just love how this one looks, it makes me long for fall (yeah, I know we just had it).

Many thanks to Melissa for letting me experience this collection! All of the formulas are gorgeous and I am super excited about using Golden Rule as a topper, gold flakies are all you need in life to be happy. If you just want to grab a few, I would pick Divine Energy and Dark Wave out as being the most unique, dynamic, and insanely gorgeous. But you cannot really go wrong!

xx, Ashley

This collection was sent to me for review. I did have to make a purchase to receive these. You can find the MDJ Creations shop here.


6 thoughts on “MDJ Creations A Quantum World: Swatch & Review”

    1. I got major tip shrinkage with the last bottle of this top coat that I used! I have never had that happen before with any top coat, including the first bottle of this I tried. I have not gotten around to trying this one out more because I’m trying to use up another top coat, hopefully I’ll have an update at some point this year!


      1. Interesting! I placed an order with MDJ, and opted not to include the top coat based on your feedback. Thank you for writing back!

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