Cadillacquer Gentleman Of Crime


Remember that series I started last year where I share reviews of individual polishes I wore from my favorite brands? And by series, I mean the one post I did? ๐Ÿ˜› Of course you do, because you are super cool and have been eagerly anticipating the next installment, right? Okay, enough with the self-depreciation and sarcasm. Today we are going to add to what will hopefully be a more successful series on my blog this year and take a deep dive look at another Cadillacquer polish. Cadillacquer is not the only favorite brand I have, but damn, they are good! Also, I swear I don’t only wear Cadillacquer’s crellies, it just so happens that this post features another one. Before we get into the review, you need to know that there’s going to be a new hand pose. I bought a mini ring light and honestly cannot figure out any other way to position my hand as of yet when using it, so we’re going to have to muddle through some awkwardness on my new journey as I figure out best how to use the thing!

For today’s swatches, I used รœnt Ready for Takeoff as my base coat and SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro as my top coat where noted.


Cadillacquer Gentleman Of Crime, 1 coat

Gentleman Of Crime is a navy blue crelly with multiple sizes of sky blue matte glitters and some small metallic red (or possibly magenta) glitters. The base is quite sheer on the first coat. I suspect this is because it is a darker base color and you want to be sure that all those delicious glitters inside will still be visible as it builds up. That being said, I find that the glitters do not really pop here. The formula was easy to use, I did not do any glitter placement whatsoever and did not experience any runny-ness.


Cadillacquer Gentleman Of Crime, 2 coats

The base is a bit more opaque here, but still sheer enough that you are definitely going to need another coat. I think the glitters start to stand out more with the second coat and you’ve got that layering going on so the glitter payoff looks really good!


Cadillacquer Gentleman Of Crime, 3 coats

After three coats the base looked completely opaque to me in person, although I admit it does look a tad sheer under these bright lights. The glitter payoff and layering looks perfect at this point! Remember to not use thick coats when applying crellies because you could drown out the glitters; if you need to use a thick coat, do it on the first one.


Cadillaquer Gentleman Of Crime, 3 coats plus top coat

Gentleman Of Crime definitely needs a nice, thick top coat to completely smooth out those glitters. It also adds an extra dose of shine, although the polish was pretty shiny on its own!

I almost wore this one on 4th of July last year because of the blue and red thing it has going on, but I think I much prefer it as a winter polish! The deep blue base is absolutely beautiful and I love how the glitters look, the little red/magenta glitters add a fun depth and sparkle to the otherwise blue polish. Cadillacquer makes my favorite crellies, the color combos are always so fun and I know I will have a hard time deciding which one to pull out next!

xx, Ashley

Cadillacquer Gentleman Of Crime appears to have been discontinued :[


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