First Impressions: MUA Nail Polish


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a first impressions post. I mean, my last one was in April 2019, yikes! And I was going to pretend like I had not missed a few weeks of blogging, but on review that seems like a crappy thing to do. I intentionally took the weekend of February 16th off because it was a holiday weekend for me and I wanted to enjoy hanging out with my family! But there is no real excuse for the past couple weekends, my brain just turned off and forgot about the blog, I guess. But all that aside, today we are going to look at the last polish I got from the UK that I have yet to wear: MUA (MakeUp Academy) Plum Noir. To be honest, I finished going through all those polishes ages ago, I do not know how this one kept getting put off. It has been so long that I’m pretty sure MUA does not even sell polish anymore. Oops. I am sharing with y’all anyway since I unexpectedly loved wearing this color, it felt just right in the early days of February when I had it on.

For this manicure I used a-england The Ridgeway base coat and topped with SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro top coat. Once again, I am still figuring out my mini ring light so the lighting and hand poses are going to be even more all over the place than they usually are. Thanks for sticking around for the ride!


MUA Plum Noir, 1 coat

The tiny MUA bottles have a slightly shorter than usual brush to match! I have short nails and small nail beds so this was not a problem. The brush does fan out really well too so I think most people would find it fairly easy to use. Plum Noir looks a little squishy but it has a wonderful creamy formula. It also has really great coverage, there is no VNL but the color is a little uneven and not dark enough.


MUA Plum Noir, 2 coats

A second coat of Plum Noir darkens it up to match what you see in the bottle! The formula is really excellent and stays exactly where you put it; that does not mean, unfortunately, that if you are watching a documentary and painting while distracted that you are not going to end up with some polish in your cuticle area. The polish goes where the brush goes, that’s all I’m going to say! The polish did not self-level super well, so you would definitely want to grab your favorite thicker top coat to finish things off.


MUA Plum Noir, 2 coats plus top coat

I really enjoyed this little polish! The formula was quite robust and had lots of shine even without top coat. I had thought of this as a fall color, but it is dark enough that I definitely also like it for the winter months. I cannot remember what the color selection of the MUA polishes was, but I kind of wish I had gotten more. If they all had formulas like this, they are worth having.

Did you ever try MUA polish? Do you have any winter favorites?

xx, Ashley

I bought this polish myself, probably at Superdrug or Boots, cannot remember because I got it in 2016! MUA is not yet Logical Harmony Approved. They could be cruelty-free, could not be.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: MUA Nail Polish”

  1. It is okay, colour wise. I loved MUA polishes they had some great colours and collections. But not seen them about in years! It was probably Superdrug, I don’t remember Boots selling them? Or did they? I know mine all came from Superdrug anyway!

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    1. I cannot find any information about the polishes on their website, so I am assuming they have been discontinued. It looks like they had some nice blues and greens, sad I missed out on those :[


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