Holo Taco Unicorn Skins: Swatches

It’s now officially summer, let the misery commence. My air conditioner is working overtime, the threat of forest fires lays heavy on us all, a lot more super pasty legs are out on display… Southern Oregon at its finest, folks. Today I’m going to show off Holo Taco’s Unicorn Skins. They were released earlier in the spring, but the collection consists of two creme polishes and three toppers that can, and should, be used all year round! Unicorn Skins are iridescent flakies that shift between multiple colors, so they can look wildly different depending on what base color you put them over. While I do own some polishes that feature these types of flakies, I have never actually owned any iridescent flakie toppers until this point, so this collection has been super fun for me! I find myself constantly scheming which polishes I’m going to put them over; I can see these getting a lot of play time. Holo Taco has changed me into a topper person, I guess. Let the fun begin!

There are three Unicorn Skins to show you. I put one coat of each of them over all four of the cremes Holo Taco has released so far in a sort of gradient skittle mani. You will see them for all swatches left to right/top to bottom in this order: One-Coat Black, Indigo Away (included in this box), Royal-Tea Blue, and Not So Milky White (also included in this box). I used two coats for each creme except One-Coat Black where I just needed one (shocker). All swatches were done over a-england The Ridgeway base coat and topped with Seche Vite.

Holo Taco Solar Unicorn Skin

Solar Unicorn Skin is one of my two favorites, it looks amazing over every color here except white. It has kind of autumn leaves vibes; I see pink, red, orange, gold, and green. The flakies are so fiery and really contrast with all these base colors. I would be very interested to see how it looks over, say, an orange or a gold. Yummmmmm.

Holo Taco Aurora Unicorn Skin

Aurora Unicorn Skin is my other favorite. It has Northern/Southern lights vibes, shifting from teal to blue to purple to pink. I love that it almost melds with the blue toned polishes here, it is a mermaid look! I cannot wait to put this one over every single darker blue that I own.

Holo Taco Cosmic Unicorn Skin

Finally, we have Cosmic Unicorn Skin, which may have the most unique color shift of the three. I see pink, copper, yellow, and green, but there also may be purple tones as well! It’s almost like the pastel version of Solar Unicorn Skin. This is my least favorite of the three, but that isn’t saying much because it is the only one so far that I have worn in a full mani! I really like this one over Royal-Tea Blue, I think it looks more interesting over “lighter” colors as opposed to the dark, almost black shades.

These are, and are going to be, super fun for me to play with! I think that the amount of flakies you get in just one coat is perfect; they’re not so densely packed that the base color hides, but they also did not skimp. I also like the variety of the color shifts, I think between all three flakies we have the whole rainbow covered and more! I would be interested to layer them on top of each other, see what that does. However, they are quite magnificent on their own and as someone who does not own polishes like Essie’s Shine of the Times, they are a very welcome and unique addition to my collection.

What are some of your favorite toppers?

xx, Ashley


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