Palate Polish Spring/Summer Haul Part II

Palate Polish Cookies & Cream, 1 coat over Cauliflower, Pistachio, Spirulina Smoothie, & Lavender Macaron

Hey friends, long time no see! This post was supposed to be up last week after my camping trip, but then the wildfires hit (not only Southern Oregon, but all of Oregon). I evacuated for one night and let me tell you, never want to experience that kind of terror again. If you even THINK about saying “Can 2020 get any worse?” just stop yourself because YES IT CAN! But, I digress, I have had these swatches for possibly months now and I am really excited about these polishes, it’s time for you to lay your eyeballs on them. This is the second Palate Polish haul I did earlier this year. They had a 5 for $50 sale and you know I can’t pass that up!

I’m going to start with the first polish here, which is the black and white topper Cookies & Cream. This is one of my new favorite toppers and probably my favorite of the black and white ones I already have. It has a variety of black and white circular/hex glitters, which means you can see the base underneath really well and it gives a splattered polka dot effect. It also looks fantastic over… everything? I think the only colors it won’t look good over are plain black and plain white, but hopefully someone will prove me wrong. It has a great density in one coat which is so key for me in a good topper. I put it over the other cremes I got in this haul!

FYI, all the swatches are over a-england The Ridgeway and topped with Seche Vite where noted.

Palate Polish Pistachio, 2 coats plus top coat

Next up, we have a more unusual color for me. I mean, I know I’m a green freak, but this one is quite yellow. Palate describes Pistachio as a “chartreuse green” which is exactly what it is! It is definitely on the green side of chartreuse, some can be more yellow than green.

Palate Polish Pistachio, 1 coat

Pistachio covers pretty well in just one coat. It is slightly sheer, or maybe squishy would be a more apt description. You are definitely going to need a second coat, but I cannot imagine you will need three. The formula was on the thinner side of creamy, but still creamy and easy to control.

Palate Polish Pistachio, 2 coats

Two coats brought Pistachio perfectly opaque, I have no streaks or visible nail line left! I wore this one fairly recently and just loved it, such a funky color. Could be good in a Halloween mani: cat eyes, witches, potions, slime…

Palate Polish Spirulina Smoothie, 1 coat plus top coat

Next up, we have Spirulina Smoothie which just makes my heart siiiiiiing. Palate describes it as a “dusty blue” while I would personally call it a dusty teal. This polish is SO GOOD. The color is coming off a little bit brighter and greener than it is in person because my camera, like me, likes the green tones. But even if we just focus on the formula, then whew, we’ve got a good one. ANOTHER good one, I should say!

Palate Polish Spirulina Smoothie, 1 coat

I didn’t mention this earlier but I probably should now: before these swatches I had been wearing a glitter polish without a peel-off base coat and the removal shredded my nails, those glitters were tough SOBs. So all those little bits you see are pieces of the top layer of my nails sticking up, nothing to do with the polish. The polish is just excellent. Spirulina Smoothie only needs one coat to be fully opaque! It has the creamiest, most delicious formula. I always wear polishes in two coats if wearing on their own, but it’s always good to know which ones are OCWs if you want to do some topper layering. This one will look good under so many things and of course is absolutely brilliant on its own. Perfect for the upcoming fall!!!

Palate Polish Lavender Macaron, 1 coat plus top coat

Lavender Macaron is our other OCW in the haul (spoiler alert?). It is described as a “pastel muted purple” which is exactly what this lovely is. It has that slight bit of dustiness to it that makes it a lot like actual lavender. It is coming off a little more blue here than it is in person. I’m sorry that there’s two photos in this post that aren’t 100% color accurate, I guess I was not trying that hard the day I did the swatches, usually I mess with lighting more. I’ve never eaten a lavender macaron, but would be down for it. Tried a lavender shortbread cookie last year and it was actually quite good!

Palate Polish Lavender Macaron, 1 coat

I already said it, but I’ll say it again: Lavender Macaron is opaque in just one coat. WHAT?!?! Definitely was not expecting THAT with a pastel. Just like with Spirulina Smoothie, this one had such a creamy formula. It also self-levels incredibly well and dries with such a shine you’ll have a hard time telling which nails you’ve already top-coated.

Palate Polish Cauliflower, 3 coats plus top coat

Last, but certainly not least, we have Cauliflower. This polish is described as a “creamy off-white.” I have a thing for off-whites unless they are pinkish/coral off-whites. This one is a yellowy off-white. Yellowy enough that I actually consider it a super-duper pastel yellow in my collection just so I can pretend I have more yellows.

Palate Polish Cauliflower, 1 coat

Cauliflower’s formula has a nice consistency to it for a lighter shade; it’s on the thin side of creamy. It covers surprisingly well and I found a little manipulation actually helped to cover streaks and not create more, score! Again, my shredded-ass nails are peeking through, sorry.

Palate Polish Cauliflower, 2 coats

Cauliflower was SO CLOSE to opacity for me in two coats! Honestly, I think most people would be happy here but I think my streakiest nail, the index, still needs a third coat so I went ahead and did a third coat on all nails just in case.

Palate Polish Cauliflower, 3 coats

I got complete opacity in three coats, which is exactly what I would expect for a color this light! I’ve used worse from OPI, just sayin’.

Well guys, I think I scored pretty darn good over these two hauls. Everything in this one should still be available, possibly out of stock, but not discontinued. My top picks are Cookies & Cream (if you don’t have a black & white topper, let this be the one for you), Spirulina Smoothie, and Lavender Macaron, but honestly you can’t go wrong. Now that we’re getting into the colder months, I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for more sales like this because I actually don’t have a lot of Palate’s darker colors and I don’t think I own a single red from them yet, weird!

Hope you all are staying safe! If you have fresh, non-smoky air where you’re at, go ahead and go outside and take a deep breath for me, okay?

xx, Ashley

Palate Polish is cruelty-free! You can purchase their polishes here and be sure to look and see if any of your favorite local boutiques stock them. Support those small businesses!


7 thoughts on “Palate Polish Spring/Summer Haul Part II”

  1. 1. So glad you were able to return home after the evacuation… that is super scary, but I am glad that you are home safe. ā™”

    2. Dusty teal! You are totally right… changing that now.

    3. We gotta get you some reds bb!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am so relieved too and happy you haven’t had to evacuate! :]]]

      I genuinely don’t know how I haven’t ended up with any reds, darker reds are my fave and you have some good ones!!!


    1. Thank you Ananka ā™„ļøā™„ļø I don’t like being dramatic in a negative way, but yeah, this year has really been the pits.

      Yes, these ones have such good formulas! I really scored with this haul šŸ˜€


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