Olive Ave Polish Deciduous Fall 2020: My Picks Swatch & Review

I know that fall doesn’t technically end until the winter solstice, but in my USAmerican mind the day after Thanksgiving signals the start of Christmas/winter, so this will be my last fall blog post of the year. Compared to last year, I REALLY slacked. But hey, if one of the terrible things that happens to me this year is that I don’t keep up with my blog very well, then I’m walking on sunshine. I reviewed picks from Olive Ave Polish’s spring collection earlier this year and was just delighted with them (I did swatches for the summer release too but never got those posted). I made my initial purchase because I wanted to support Walker aka Olive Ave Nails, who is definitely one of my favorite nail YouTubers, but at this point I’m buying her polishes because they are genuinely SO GOOD. While Olive Ave only has three collections total thus far, this one has got to be the best. The formulas on the ones I grabbed are S T U N N I N G. Couldn’t ask for better cremes! Best of all, she plans on keeping her collections stocked much longer than just seasonally, which is the number one way an indie polish brand makes its way to my heart. I understand releasing a bunch of LEs from a business perspective, but it’s a bit exhausting as a customer. Let’s luxuriate in these polishes today and, hopefully, for many years to come!

I always swatch with base coat and today I used Zoya Naked Base, which is quickly becoming my favorite base coat of all time. You will notice that in previous posts, my nails get dried out during swatching and some of my swatches end up with little visible bits of my destroyed nail beds popping up. That has not been happening since I’ve started swatching with Naked Base and I’ve noticed my nails are almost… hydrated? after removing the polish. It’s kind of magical. And let’s not forget that it is a lot colder and drier right now than other times of the year I swatch! Okay, sorry, this isn’t a Zoya review, I just had to put that out there. My top coat, where noted, is Dimension Nails Quickie.

Olive Ave Joster, 1 coat plus top coat

Josler is our first rich creme of the group! It is described as a “deep teal” although I personally would call it a teal blue. I feel like it’s unmistakably blue with some green in it, I don’t think you would mistake this one for a green. In my mind, in order for something to be teal or a true blue-green it has to toe that line so hard that you can’t possibly put it into either the green or blue camp. I feel really comfortable putting this one in the blue camp.

Olive Ave Josler, 1 coat

Josler is opaque in just one easy coat! That’s what we call a OCW, a one-coat wonder. It covered super evenly with a thinnish coat. I say thinnish because the formula is very creamy which means you can only paint on so thin a layer. It’s such a rich color and the fact that it has such great opacity makes it great under a topper. I have worn it under Pahlish Goldsmith, it was fall perfection!

Olive Ave Olive, 1 coat plus top coat

No I did not make a typo, Olive Ave Polish now has a polish called Olive! I mean, she had to, right?! Olive green is such a quintessential fall color, definitely ideal in their inaugural fall collection too. It’s a creme polish and it’s one of those olive greens that is not overly yellow, I think a lot of people will find this one flattering. Not that it matters, if you like green, wear green!

Olive Ave Olive, 1 coat

To my naked, albeit not exactly perfect, eyes this one looked opaque in one coat in person. Of course, now that I see these photos in higher resolution I can tell that there are a couple lighter patches near my cuticle on my middle and ring nails. Ugh. But that doesn’t change how nicely this polish applied. It was creamy and easy to work with. I also want to point out the shine, top coat barely improves the shine! I should have done a second coat for opacity, it would have been quite an easy thing to do but I didn’t because I thought it looked fine.

Olive Ave Patterson, 1 coat plus top coat

Finally, we have Patterson, which is such an interesting color. Is it red? Is it orange? I’ve probably overthought this one, inspecting my bottle in various lightings, but I call it a red. It’s a red with a lot of orange, but still red. Olive Ave describes it as a “fiery persimmon red orange cream” which totally validates my thoughts. Red-orange, not the other way around!

Olive Ave Patterson, 1 coat

It’s another OCW!!! This was actually the first polish from the collection that I swatched and I was like ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, okay, wow, can’t top this! It has such a rich color that has totally even coverage in one coat. The formula is neither too thick nor too thin, Goldilocks would love it!

Another set of winners here! Walker has pretty quickly mastered the creme formula and really delivered in this collection. There are three other polishes available that I did not review, but I really only want to buy polishes I’m going to get excited about wearing instead of simply being a collector. Like I mentioned earlier, Josler already made its way onto my nails in a full mani. Are you surprised that the blue called my name the most? No, you’re not. :]

What were your favorite fall polishes or colors this year?

xx, Ashley

I bought my bottles from Olive Ave Polish here. It looks like they do ship world wide, you can find out more about that in their FAQ.


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